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Chapter 293
January 20, 20X2 (Tuesday)
Various Places

In front of the tv, Mei Lin and Yue were sitting with expressions that showed their disgust and disbelief . Yue, after hearing about the videos, hurried home because she was concerned what the scandal would do to her best friend and her older brother's relationship . Yue had even demanded Hao Chen's help as a spy so she can make sure that she was prepared if Ye Lan was up to something! Of course, she bribed Hao Chen with cookies, biscuits, and anything that can be eaten on the go .
Yue shifted her attention from the tv to Mei Lin and said, "I can't believe how shameless those two are! They are actually claiming that it is not Ye Lan when it is already so obvious?"
Mei Lin sighed, "It is the only thing they can do now . Soon, there will be a scandal much bigger than hers, and slowly the people would forget Ye Lan's . "
Yue crossed her arms, annoyed . She wanted Ye Lan to suffer more . Ever since Ye Lan betrayed her brother, she has been acting all high and mighty that Yue wanted to drag her down and make chaos, but unfortunately, she knew better than to give in to her desires . Her behavior is a reflection of her parents, and she would rather be exiled in the family than cause shame to her parents, who loved her so unconditionally .
" . . . but just because the masses will forget about Ye Lan's news does not mean that it will ever be erased . Aside from that, Ye Lan's credibility is already in question . " Mei Lin added .
Yue nodded in eager agreement . She knew these facts and had also wished for it to happen . After Ye Lan claiming about her brother's involvement with the videos, many people still doubt the Zhao's involvement in the scandal . It was Aunt Qinyang that responded to settle the matter when one reporter had asked her opinion about Zhao Yang uploading the videos .
'My nephew owns a conglomerate with five large companies, he is a husband and is also a new father . He does not have enough time to upload these videos, and even if he did have time, my nephew married his wife, Mei Lin, and not Ye Lan for a reason . Personally, Mei Lin is way better than all his former girlfriends, who we can all call as trash . Some families are just unlucky enough to be trash cans . ' Aunt Qinyang said before putting on her expensive sunglasses and elegantly walked away from the reporters towards her husband, who was waiting for her with a broad grin .
Yue had also grinned so much when she saw her aunt burning Ye Lan like a veteran . The youngest Zhao always aspired to have the same savage wit as Aunt Qinyang . Although her mother had a sharp tongue, not even she could match Aunt Qinyang when it comes to words .
Yue turned her body to face Mei Lin as she grinned, "This event will also mar Ye Lan's reputation in both social and work environments . . . Which means that your company will have less fight with I . A . I Interior Design . You'll be richer than me, so buy me food!"
Mei Lin's eyes widen in disbelief . Her best friend has companies waiting for her to inherit, but here she is, demanding free food . Heck, Yue was more treasured by her grandparents than Yang, if she wanted she could have the same power and influence as her brother!

Mei Lin was about to roast her best friend when, suddenly, the door of the living room opened with a massive bang, and children's footsteps echoed into the two women's ears . Yue's grin grew more broad as Ling Ling ran to her arms in excitement . Chang was instantly beside Mei Lin, sitting on the available seat that was closest to his mother with his large book clasped in his small arms .
"Aunt Yue, did you know I learned how to make tea?" Ling Ling began to prattle the same story that she had already told . Yue snickered and nodded her head to every word that came out from the little girl's mouth .
Chang, having seen the news that his mother and aunt were watching, tugged on Mei Lin's sleeves and asked, "Why is Uncle Hao Chen's family in the tv?"
"When people do something very good or very bad, they will appear on tv," Mei Lin replied, sounding as vague as possible . Chang had a sharp mind so she has to be very careful with her words so he will not learn bad things from her .
Chang tilted his head and asked, "So are they in the TV for very good behavior?"
Mei Lin froze a minute . She knew that Chang would ask her these, but the intelligence and maturity in the little boy's brain always surprised her . Mei Lin doubted she would ever get used to Chang's excellence . She answered, "No . That is why, if you see those two, try to avoid them . "
Chang glanced at the TV, and his eyes began to stare at Hao Ren and Ye Lan, memorizing every inch of their faces . Mei Lin wondered what was inside Chang's mind at this moment . The young mother was taken aback when Ling Ling climbed into her lap and requested, "Mom! Can we take Aunt Yue to dinner?"
Yue's grin turned into a smug smirk as Mei Lin turned to her . Mei Lin almost palmed her face, knowing that Yue had used her daughter to ask for free food . The Hao could be shameless all they want, but nobody could top a Zhao's shamelessness . The Zhao Family's shamelessness is coated with values and morals unlike the Hao's but damn, is their shamelessness infinite!