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Chapter 294: 294
January 21, 20X2 (Wednesday)
Various Places

It was a beautiful Wednesday morning, Grandma Zhao and Grandpa Zhao was on the living room of the Manor playing Chinese chest while drinking green tea and eating the biscuits that Yue have brought with her from Japan . It was in this calm state that Yang found them . The door of the room banged, loudly, which caused the two elderly couple to jump in fright and surprise . When they turned and saw their grandson, they merely returned to their game as if they did not see Yang came in with labored breathing and an expression that looked as if he had gone through hell and survived a meeting with the devil .
Yang was a little miffed at being ignored, so he cleared his throat and called out, "Grandma, can you help me with something?"
Grandma Zhao's eyes shifted to Yang a little before returning to the go board . She hummed her curiosity out and motioned for Yang to continue with her hands .
Feeling like a child, Yang grinned as an idea slithered into his thoughts for a small dose of vengeance for his wounded pride . Yang smirked while saying his next words as slow as he could, "I think Mei Lin is pregnant . "
"What?!" Grandma Zhao asked her hands froze mid-air while her head whipped towards Yang's direction fast, ignoring the choking sounds caused by her husband's surprise as he choked on his tea .
"I think Mei Lin is pregnant," Yang repeated it slower than before . In doing so, Yang irked his grandparents as they felt as if he was playing with them .
Grandma Zhao glared hard at her grandchild . She slapped her right hand on the go board, making the small black and white stones to jump and some even cluttered the floor . Yang gulped; he has gone too fat with his mini revenge .
Grandpa Zhao wanted to snicker at Yang's reaction as his wife should how scary she can be, but the prevailing topic must be addressed . " . . . And why aren't you announcing it to the family?"
Yang sighed, showing the same expression as when he came in, "There is no confirmation yet . I tried to convince her to go to the hospital, but she doesn't want to because it might disappoint her if there is no good news . "
"Then drag her to the hospital!" Grandma Zhao rolled her eyes . Zhao men were shameless and stubborn, but sometimes they are too spineless with their wives . She should know; she has been married to a tyrant who spoils her too much .
"If I did, I'll be hated . . . " Yang complained . He had been sleeping on and off their large sofa in the couple month, and he would rather not give Mei Lin reason to send him on the said sofa .
Grandma Zhao and Grandpa Zhao looked at each other in disbelief . They could not believe how their overbearing grandson was under Mei Lin's control . Grandpa Zhao was once again hiding the snickers that were beginning to pass his lips . With love; even the mighty falls .
"And what do you want us to do?" Grandpa Zhao said after clearing his throat a couple of times, to hide his amusement . Grandma Zhao was already facing and giving her complete attention to Yang, eagerly waiting for an answer . As both were now considered retired, the two elders loved to do something more than lazing around .

"If it's possible, I would like Grandma to take Mei Lin out tomorrow and convince her . She is quite moody and saying it directly would make her hood up like a cobra . " Yang pleaded .
Grandpa Zhao looked at his wife with amusement, and Grandma Zhao acted as if she was considering something . He knew his wife already decided to agree but was just putting on a show as her revenge for their grandson's little mischief . Grandpa Zhao marveled at how similar in behavior their grandson was to his wife . Remembering the time that he had thought that of his wife was a man, he knew then that she would be overbearing . Grandpa Zhao shook his head; Yang was almost the exact copy of his wife's personality .
"Please, grandma! Help your grandson!" Yang pleaded as he walked closer to his grandmother, sitting on the chair nearest to her .
Humming, Grandma Zhao pretended to think . After a while of silence that tortured Yang, Grandma Zhao said, "Alright . Tomorrow I will show her the company I have that need supervising . Tell her to come to me so we will discuss details as soon as you can . "
Yang got up to stand in happiness at achieving his task . After saying his thanks, Yang slowly tried to leave the room, eager to return to Mei Lin . Before he could go, Grandma Zhao asked, "What about the children?"
Yang turned back to his grandparents . Having a eureka moment in mid-turn, Yang said, "Will you also take them out? Dad and Father-in-law have been wanting to start cleaning the manor so it would be best if the children are out . Didn't Grandpa tell you this?"
Grandma Zhao raised her eyebrows to look at his husband, who was sweating in nervousness . Grandpa Zhai had not told this information to Grandma Zhao, because he forgot to do so . He felt as if he ages faster when his wife would glare at him so intensely . Grandpa Zhao was getting older; he can have bad days too!
On that night, Mei Lin returned from talking to Grandma Zhao to her and Yang's bedroom with thick files clutched in her arms . She could not believe how much Grandma Zhao's wealth was hidden underneath all of the Zhao fortunes! Mei Lin suddenly felt down . Compared to Grandma Zhao and Mother Zhao, she had no great wealth nor status to contribute to the Zhao family . She sighed; she hated feeling excited, then depressed the next .
Why was she so moody?