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Chapter 296
January 21, 20X2 (Wednesday)
Zhao Manor

Without knowing the thoughts of Chen Zhong, Yang peaked into the laptop screen to show his face, wanting to taunt Chen Zhong more . Seeing Yang's face on his screen, the hatred inside Chen Zhong breed like an invasive species in the wild . Yang could clearly see how Chen Zhong's face started to grow ugly with every passing second that he stared at the camera .
"What are you staring at?"Chen Zhong snarled like a rabid animal .
"You, obviously . " Yang drawled, his face scrunched up in disbelief and distaste . Yang could not believe that he was being treated so rudely by Chen Zhong when the people that banged and tortured his father was treated so amicably . Where was the justice of this world? So Unfair to treat him like this!
Yang raised his hands to signal his surrender when Chen Zhong snarled at him again, showing his teeth like a dog defending his territory . Yang would not pee on a particular spot and call it his place . No . He is Zhao fucking Yang! He would rather spend his money to buy the land with secured papers so he can file lawsuits to trespassers . . . before he, most likely his bodyguards, would rough up the unwanted visitors of course .
Chen Zhong could not bottle his emotions further and spilled his subconscious thoughts, "Zhao Yang! Where is my mother?!"
Taken aback, Yang asked with wide eyes, "How would I know where your mother is?"
The three dads that were once the center of attention became like bookshelves of the wall as everything shifted between the two sons . Chen Zhong had never lost his control even when his father's head was banged against the table multiple times, but the thought of his mother had exploded in anger . Father Zhao, in particular, shook his head . He knew Yang was talented, and he was exceptionally the most skillful of pissing people .
"I joined Arcadia for you! I know you have my mother! They gave us proof of everything that you did!" Chen Zhong shouted . His voice louder because of the volume of the laptop was set on . He continued, "How can you be so inhumane- to abduct a poor and defenseless lady like my mother! She has done nothing to you!!"
Zhao Yang rolled his eyes, "She did nothing to me, but she did something to Mei Lin . "
Chen Zhong snorted sarcastically, "She took some of my ex-girlfriend's things, and you abduct her?! You can fucking afford more expensive stuff to buy for that woman or are you a cheap ass that you won't even share your money to your woman?!"
Suddenly, everyone was questioning Yang's sanity when Yang's laughter burst out from inside him and into their ears . Even the fire in Chen Zhong was dosed with cold iced water in the form of dark and sarcastic laughter . All were speechless, and only when Yang had explained that they realize his amusement, "You mother did not only take Mei Lin's things . No, she burned them . Your Mother set fire to Mei Lin's studio condo unit and watched as it blazed, and she started the fire knowing Mei Lin was drugged and could not move . Do you think your mother was an innocent lady? She was not only a lier, a gold digger, she was also a cheater, a cougar, and if my bodyguards were not successful with taking Mei Lin out of that burning place, she would have been successful with murder too . If your mother was considered innocent, then I'm a freaking saint . "

Uncle Wu, who was watching all the events in his wall of monitors from Y Building, immediately typed on his computer and made a compressed file full of evidence to support the truth of Yang's words . He was always ready to help anyone in his position, and he would gladly do it! Aside from it was a good use of his time, it was also amusing to see people's shocked faces .
When Yang and his father went out of the torture room together with Jerome, They had broad satisfied grins on their lips . Everyone was amazed that everything that they demanded was readily agreed upon or answered positively by Chen Zhong compared to before . . . It seems that the truth of his mother had mellowed him more . Yang could also notice a spring to his father-in-law's steps as he memorized the list of names written on a small paper that was hidden inside his palms . Yang could feel the deep fascination rolling from Jerome's excited body as if the thought of cleaning the manor excited him . Curious about Jerome's state of mind, Yang decided to pop a statement, "I think Mei Lin is pregnant . I asked Grandmother to take her out and coax her to get a checkup tomorrow . We can use that time to weed out the spies in the manor . "
Jerome Bonaparte almost had whiplashed as he turned back to face his son-in-law with an open mouth of disbelief . He inserted his pinky finger on his right ear and cleaned it, wiping smallest finger on his hands on his pants as he said, "Pardon? I think I heard something about my baby girl being pregnant . "
Yang answered like a smartass, "Not sure yet . She needs a checkup first . "
When Yang went back to the room he and Mei Lin shared, he was clutching his stomach in pain . Damn, Jerome could punch . It was surprising enough that he had not fainted .
"What's wrong with you?" Mei Lin asked as she sat up from the bed . Prideful Yang only shook his head and slowly got into the bed, and spooning Mei Lin's petite frame, encasing her into his warmth . The pain of a strong punch was nothing in comparison to the pain he would feel if he was not allowed to touch Mei Lin again . Yang would gladly take a punch as long as he could still take Mei Lin to his bed every night .