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Chapter 297
January 22, 20X2 (Thursday)
Various Places

As the sun rose to begin a new day, the Zhao Manor was busy as Grandma Zhao and Mei Lin were preparing the kids to go out . Father Zhao and Yang had woken up first to make sure the security that will be with the children were the ones that have been with them, longest, and was trusted enough . They had breathed in relief a little when Aunt Qinyang had inserted herself to their plans and demanded that she come with them . Yang knew Aunt Qinyang only wanted to go so she could be there for the checkup .
On the largest guestroom in Zhao Manor, Jerome Bonaparte was busy . His sizeable black suitcase was opened on the floor, his knees planted on the floor beside it as his hands were busy throwing clothes into the floor, looking for that one thing he needed desperately for the cleanup . Jerome knew that his day would be fantastic if he wore that thing that he was looking for . Minutes passed, and the maids outside of the room jumped in surprise when Jerome loudly exclaimed, "FOUND IT!"
Meanwhile, Chang and Ling Ling were excitedly finishing their breakfast . Going out together with people that they now call family always made them more excited than necessary . They had slept so early when Mei Lin had told them of their plans and had also woken up earlier than the maids . Ling Ling and Chang both had their outfits prepared too . It was a breeze to get them to eat, and no unnecessary chatter was heard from them, but their jumping body and broad beaming grins quickly showed their excitements .
"Kids, Let's go . " Once those words left Mei Lin's mouth . The two kids sprinted out of the dining room and into the hallway like there was someone frantically chasing after them . Their laughter echoed into the halls of the Manor causing the large building to feel smaller and warmer than usual .
Aunt Qinyang was the one that led the kids to the large luxurious and protected van that they will be riding . She was just as excited as the kids too but knew how to control her emotions from showing . When she heard the news of the possibility of Mei Lin being pregnant, she had jumped for joy . Aunt Qinyang would not miss this checkup even if it rained, shined, thundered, or had a typhoon .
Grandma Zhao and Mei Lin together with their significant others were waiting outside the car for the rest of the Zhao Family members to bid them a short farewell . Their eyes almost popped out from their sockets as Jerome Bonaparte with his handsome foreign looks strutted to them with a happy persona and wearing something Mei Lin had never thought of her biological father to wear- an orange boiler suit complete with a hard cap .
"My goodness!" comes the horrified shriek of Mother Zhao as she was also behind Jerome to bid the kids a safe outing .
"What? Have you not seen a person on a broiler suit before?" Jerome grinned . He was happy to make mischief especially when it caused more discomfort to Mother Zhao .
Mother Zhao was conflicted . She knew the boiler suit . In fact, she had seen this ugly suit before . Xue Mu Lan had forced Jerome Bonaparte to wear this boiler suit when they were still dating . The fact that Jerome carried it and treasured the ugly thing impressed Mother Zhao . . . but it was still ugly, and that's something she still hates . But Mother Zhao could not believe the love that Jerome Bonaparte showed by wearing that orange outfit she knew they both hate even when the reason for that outfit could not see it being worn again . Jerome might have made a bad choice, but man can he love harder and longer than most people!

Mei Lin could not believe that her father could wear something so silly, "Is that really what you want to wear for the rest of the day?"
"What is there something wrong with it?" Jerome asked while ignoring the silly faces that Ling Ling had made at his orange outfit and the shocked expression in Mei Lin's . The funniest reaction was from Chang, who just looked at him as if he had lost all hope of humanity .
Mother Zhao hurried them out as she could not bear the onslaught of emotions that came as memories of her late best friend buying the ugly thing with her came flooding into her vision . Luckily, Jerome did not tease her . Mother Zhao was glad that the man with an emotional quotient of a pig can understand her mixed emotions with seeing the outfit that had brought them so much joy before but now, just nostalgia and yearning for the person that bought it .
When the van disappeared from their sight, Jerome looked at Mother Zhao and said, "Go to your room and lock it . I will take care of the spies . "
Mother Zhao nodded, and, for once, did not seek to fight Jerome's evident command . Yang followed after Jerome with hesitance, knowing how crazy the man could become, and it would be scarier since he was basically hunting . . . for live people . Jerome took a wakizashi hidden on his back as if that medium-sized Japanese sword was small .
"How? What the?!" Yang sputtered confused . How can he hide something like that and walk as normal? Yang knew there were more weapons inside that boiler suit and he did not want to know . Yang was only sure of one thing, Jerome Bonaparte took being a janitor very seriously .
At the same time, on the car ride to Grandma Zhao's company, Aunt Qinyang and Mei Lin were talking about the company with Grandma Zhao saying something once in a while . Mei Lin could not believe how small Grandma Zhao's company was compared to the Zhao but profited almost the same as the international companies . Any business that involves renting and selling land was a sure price in for money as Mei Lin has learned . The Painter was engrossed in their conversation when Ling Ling tugged on her clothes causing her to turn to her daughter and ask, "What is it, dear?"
"Mom, Is Grandpa alright in the head? I think we should take him to the hospital to be checked . The Matron said that some people have special needs . . . " Ling Ling whispered as soft as she could, but because of her excitement to go out with her mother and great-grandmother, it was louder than she anticipated .
Chang immediately agreed, "Maybe he needs a therapist?"
Mei Lin was left speechless while Aunt Qinyang laughed so hard that tears gathered in her eyes . Grandma Zhao covered her mouth to mask the amused snort that unconsciously sprouted from her lips- these kids are just pure comedy! Grandma Zhao, of course, did not forget the real reason as to why this outing was happening . She only has to figure out how to take this stubborn woman to the hospital without incurring her wrath .