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Chapter 298
January 22, 20X2 (Thursday)
Various Places

Once inside the company, Mei Lin and the kids stared in awe at the modern contemporary interior design of the office . Even the ordinary workers had an executive looking desk that looked so futuristic and had clean lines that would make any minimalist crave to have it . The kids felt as if they were transported into the future where robots were like humans . Chang's imagination spread wider in span causing him to ask his mother, "Does great-grandma have a robot as a helper?"
Grandma Zhao and Aunt Qinyang giggled immediately after hearing the words . Seeing Chang's serious question, Grandma Zhao replied, "Robots are everywhere now, dear child . It helps the cooking and even stores food for us so that the food won't spoil . "
Chang shook his head and said, "Not household appliances . . . I meant, the robots with Artificial intelligence that can speak and act like humans? I've read many sci-fi books from the library and knowing a robot that can process emotion like us would be amazing if they are even capable of doing so!"
Ling Ling did not fully comprehend what Chang spoke, but she knows that robots are cool! If they can see one today, it would be amazing! Aunt Qinyang was on the side supporting herself using the wall as she leaned on it; she was trying so hard to contain her laughter but failing as soft snorts and giggles escaped her lips .
Chang turned to Aunt Qinyang and asked, "Is something wrong, Grandma Qinyang? Do you need a therapist too like Grandpa Jerome?"
As if she had been struck by lightning, Aunt Qinyang's face blanched white in horror . Seconds later, she straightened up and acted like a posh lady with chin up in a haughty manner . Aunt Qinyang then told, "No, I am fine . . . Perfectly normal . "
Grandma Zhao giggled and continued to show Mei Lin the company, explaining the process of selling and buying any type of real estate . After a while, Mei Lin could feel her feet growing tired and the need to yawn constantly bugged her . She had slept for more than eight hours that night so she can be awake and functioning like a normal human being for today, but no, she had to be hit with another bout of her narcolepsy! Giving in, Mei Lin yawned again . Aunt Qinyang and Grandma Zhao looked at each other with knowing looks .
"Are you tired, dear?" Grandma Zhao asked Mei Lin, stopping from her short explanation .
Mei Lin looked at all of the people's concerned looks and replied honestly, " . . . a little . "
Mei Lin did expect that her little behaved monsters would tell on her to their great-grandmother . It was Chang that started the first complaint, "Mom is always sleepy . Father, Ling Ling, and I are always finding her sleeping at weird places . . . She even slept while standing up! I was worried she would fall and injure herself!"
Ling Ling nodded, "She fell asleep reading me bedtime stories too . Dad had to carry her into their room because she would not wake up no matter how much I tried . "

Chang once again said another complaint before Mei Lin had the opportunity to stop him, "She even vomited on some mornings! She thinks we don't notice her running to the bathroom, but we do!"
Ling Ling nodded again, making her ponytail bobbed with her cheeks . Mei Lin felt the heat on her face spread as her embarrassment grew . Now that she had listened to other people aside from Yang speaking about those things, it made her hope that she might actually be pregnant . She remembered that she had already made a note to herself to get checked but have actually forgotten about it! Was this sign of her aging?! No way! She would rather be pregnant than be old and forgetful!
Mei Lin mumbled, "I have been so forgetful lately . . . Have I turned into an old and forgetful lady?"
Aunt Qinyang immediately retorted, "No, You might only be just old and pregnant . "
"Pregnant?" Ling Ling and Chang chorused .
"Am I going to be a big sister?" Ling Ling asked with more excitement than when she was told about the robots .
Mei Lin bit her lips in nervousness . She really hated being hopeful . What if she was checked and then found out that she was not pregnant? What would happen next? Everything will be sad, and lonely, that's what! She refused to be disappointed! Mei Lin wanted to get checked if she knew a hundred percent that she was pregnant! She looked at Grandma Zhao's eyes and said, "It might only be a flu . "
Aunt Qinyang promptly slapped her palms into her forehead in frustration . Mei Lin was just as stubborn as her mother, if not more! It was so obvious, but she still chose to deny it! What kind of Flu would make her forgetful?! What sort of Flu would stay for two months?! Aunt Qinyang and Grandma Zhao were about to say something, but Mei Lin stopped them as she shouted, "Wait a second . I need to pee . "
Hurriedly going to the comfort room, Mei Lin relieved herself for the third time that they have been on the company . Grandma Zhao and Aunt Qinyang knew they needed to be more stubborn than Mei Lin if they wanted her to agree to a checkup . To them, Mei Lin was already guaranteed to be 99 . 9 percent pregnant!