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Chapter 299
January 22, 20X2 (Thursday)
Various Places

"We need to get you checked . " Grandma Zhao said as Mei Lin came back .
Mei Lin froze at the door before she nervously walked to the place where she had sat . Once returning to the comfort room, she had not expected that Grandma Zhao would not forget about their topic and continue to insist . Yang would have changed the subject of their conversation in an effort not to incur her wrath .
" . . . It's just the flu . " Mei Lin mumbled softly . She was defeated with this kind of hard insistence especially from the woman that she respected .
"What if it's not the flu?" Grandma Zhao continued as she signaled Aunt Qinyang to watch and learn with a smirk, "What if it's some incurable diseases? Will you let it go far enough to take you? You are a mother now, these children depend on you and Yang . Do not take yourself for granted because they will suffer in exchange . "
Mei Lin was rendered speechless . What if she had something terrible going on in her body? She had not considered that fact! Horrified, Mei Lin turned white with worry . She had been so careless . . . Maybe, it's one of the reasons why Yang had been so adamant with her going to the hospital or to Dr . Zhang Li Xi in personal . Mei Lin's heart sunk with the thought of leaving her babies . . . and the idea of leaving Yang to himself with ladies vying for his attention without her to secure her spot as the Zhao Matriarch and then her children will be treated like dirt like what happens on romance novels, it sickens her!
Mei Lin stood up immediately and exclaimed, "Let us got to Dr . Zhang Li Xi . I want to get myself checked . Do we need an appointment?"
Grandma Zhao waved her hands and said, "We merely need to show up, and they will move to our whims . Let us go now . "
Aunt Qinyang watched in the sideline in awe . Her mother-in-law had effortlessly guilt trip her niece into a checkup by using her children . It was a low blow but a necessary one, especially with a stubborn person like Mei Lin . Aunt Qinyang had learned more about life than before when dealing with a stubborn person, strike at their most weakest part .
The children were silent as they watched the events and followed like well-behaved kids they were as they walked out of the company and into the car to go to the hospital . The night before, Ling Ling and Chang had been briefed about their mission to help with getting their mother to agree on a checkup by complaining about her sleeping habits and nausea in the morning . Chang had even memorized what their father had written in their small script just so he did not have to adlib and cause the plan to fail . Chang had wanted to complain more about her mother's moodiness but refrained since their father said that it might be a bad idea and would then anger his mother . Chang would rather stay silent than making his mother angry .
Ling Ling on the other hand just needed to nod her head and agree to his words . She was the most excited of the possibility of having a little brother or a little sister that she can play with . Chang prayed that it was pregnancy and not any disease . He has grown to love Mei Lin as his mother, and the thought of losing her made his little heart painfully ache . Chang held his mother's hands with a grip that was asking her to stay .

Mei Lin was silent for the whole ride to the hospital . Her thoughts were too loud for her, and her regrets larger than her mouth to open and speak out the words that stilled in her mind coming from her heart . She had put her significant other, Yang, in a rough time by being so stubborn with this matter that was actually for her own health . Mei Lin admitted that she was being selfish . . . It was not typically so for her . She was never this selfish, but Yang spoils her too much that she had grown to actually be so possessive of his ever waking or dreaming thoughts . Was her love too deep now?
Mei Lin's thoughts completely halt when the white buildings of the hospital where Dr . Zhang Li Xi worked came into view . Her heart lurched at what they will find out soon .
'Please, let me be pregnant . ' Mei Lin prayed that sentence in repeat on her thoughts .