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Chapter 3

October 22, 20XX (Monday)

Hôtel Emeraude

The gasp that left Mei Li's lips were not heard by the owners of the two joined bodies . If she was not seeing it with her own eyes, she would not have believed it . Chen Zhong, who had promised her tomorrows, is now in front of her; cheating . Three years of their relationship gone in her eyes as she heard Chen Zhong groan again and again as he satisfied himself inside the woman that should be her .

Yue pitied Mei Li as she watched dumbfounded at her cheating boyfriend .

"Mei Li, let's go!" Yue whispered in her ears while tugging her hands outside; carefully manoeuvring her outside but Mei Li stood unwavering on the spot .

Yue gulped knowing Mei Li's attitude . Mei Li is a soft-spoken and gentle woman . Although she looked seductive at initial glance, her attitude was completely different . Mei Li was the opposite of Yue . In this situation, Yue would have already thrown a tantrum while dragging the woman and the cheating man outside for a round of humiliation but Mei Li was not like that . Mei Li was chaos in her own right, not the large and loud storm Yue brings but the silent pandemic like the black plague . Both leaving behind devastation .

Without warning, Mei Li took her phone, pressed the red button to record, and placing it in the side table near them . Yue could only watch with mixed emotions as Mei Li carried out what she had planned .

Mei Li nodded to herself . She went near the bed and clapped her hands three times abruptly stopping the activities . Her eyes showed no signs of emotions; No surprise, no hurt, and no tears .

"Wow, what a passionate show . " Mei Li smiled bitterly, "You guys should have called me earlier so I can enjoy the show more . "

Yue wanted to laugh and cheer visibly how badass Mei Li is . Chen Zhong urgently stopped and wrapping Lu Yi Jie in bed sheets . Yue watched with Mei Li as they hurried to dress in their positions on the bed .

"No please, don't let me interrupt your fun . " Mei Li stopped both the people's nervous movements . "I'm only here to inform Chen Zhong before we go our different ways . "

Chen Zhong looked up and began to open his mouth to talk but was blocked by the hand Mei Li raised to signal him to stop .

"So," Mei Li's gentle voice did not waiver and Chen Zhong still hung from the previous passionate activities, was charmed by the slow movements of Mei Li's red lips . He would have not cheated if Mei Li merely gave him what he wanted . Mei Li was clearly more beautiful than Lu Yi Jie .

"I plan to rent out my apartment in the capital starting next month after my vacation so you should take care of your things before that . If you don't get it by the time I return, I'll have people throw it out in the dumpster . "

Mei Li turned away with a wide smile . Her back and the side profile of her face was what the cheating couple could see as she waved to the cheating couple, "you may continue . "

Chen Zhong, like being shocked by electricity, abruptly stopped Mei Li grasping her hands while Lu Yi Jie, who tried to stop him, was flung out of his grasp .

"Mei Mei, stop, please! Let's not decide things hastily . How about my parents? They already expect us to be married soon . "

Chen Zhong looked into the eyes of Mei Li . Hoping to convey his sincerity to stay with Mei Li .

At this moment, Yue grew angry . 'How dare this man use the longing of Mei Li to have parents! This is playing dirty!'

All the people in the room was surprised when Mei Li laughed softly like small bells chiming while picking up her phone and pressing things as if texting somebody .

"There, Message sent to your mother with a wonderful video of your lovemaking as evidence . " Mei Li place her right hand in her right cheek as her left hand supported her right elbow .

"Do you think me stupid?" Tilting her head to the right she continued, "I've already seen you dating someone at the Golden Pavilion at the Grand Center Mall in Beijing and your mother was with me . "

Chen Zhong took a step back in horror .

"Fooling me once, I can forgive . But fooling me twice means I'm letting you do so and giving you a chance to do it for the third time is never going to happen . "

Mei Li then crossed her hands and with her charisma made herself looking taller than the 6 foot Chen Zhong as she ended, "You really should continue the previous activities you were doing with Miss Lu so that Miss Lu's 'boyfriend' can also witness a beautiful scene . "

Yue started to loudly snicker as Lu Yi Jie blanched white . The events downing on her like a tsunami . The appearance of Zhao Yue was enough to know that the things that she has been doing were discovered .

"You never know, he might already be watching . This hotel is another business he owns, didn't you know that?" Yue followed as Mei Li left with the last words that put Lu Yi Jie into the slumps with Chen Zhong .

Mei Li left the room with her heart broken but her shoulders relax and a smile still present in her face . She was not willing to suffer and be a martyr for a cheating man . She may have lost a man but there are many men in this world . The said man was in a more poor situation than her since he lost a loyal woman .

"How did you know my brother was watching?" Yue asked Mei Li only when they were already in the elevator far enough from the hearing of the cheating couple .

"You goofing off at the camera was obvious enough . "

Mei Li's smile makes Yue melt in nervousness, "Sorry…"

Mei Li shook her head, "…not your fault . Your brother is also involved in this matter seeing as that woman was using his name . "

Yue notice the way Mei Li glance at the camera and knew how much Mei Li needed something to say to her brother . She was like a dog waiting for her owner to come back as she shyly glances at the black circular camera in the corner .

"If you have something to say to him, he probably is still observing us and the cheating couple at the same time… but it's probably the camera with these two that have the microphone . " Yue pointed towards the two guys trying to stay stoic at their conversation .

Mei Li glanced at the two men in black suits with a black earpiece in their left ears . Her head was not turned to the men but only her eyes were at the sides of her eyes observing the two bodyguards making them sweat a bit with a pause .

"Sir Edmund, your Mercedes has sinned against you but I, Sarah, had led my Abraham into his . Hoping for Sir Edmund to be lenient . "

And then the elevator sounded with a ding .

Mei Li left three people in the elevator totally confused .

While in the monitoring room, Secretary Bai watched the CEO smirked as he heard the sentence from the beauty .

"…Interesting . "