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Chapter 300: 300
January 22, 20X2 (Thursday)
"So what is the reason you are here?" Dr . Zhang Li Xi had a clue, and he prayed that he was right .
Grandma Zhao and Aunt Qinyang were holding one child's hands on their right hand as they stood at the side, pretending to be the hospital decorations .
Mei Ling started immediately, "I want to know if I have a disease or something fatal . . . I have been sleepy most of the time of the day when I have already slept more than 8 hours at night . I get a bit nauseous in the mornings too, and it would often lead me to vomit . . . "
Chang as per his father's instruction listed his observation, "Mom has also been moody . She shouted at the door for blocking her way once and then cried after a couple of minutes of saying sorry . Mom also hated the odor of fish now . She used to like to eat them . . . and I'm not telling this to you because I think her stomach is weird . . . but her stomach is getting a weird small bump . It is either a large food pack, a baby, a tumor, a cyst . . . I hope it's a baby . "
Ling Ling nodded, "Please say it's a baby . "
"You are an airhead . " Dr . Zhang Li Xi said the first thing that came out from his mouth after Mei Lin and the kids had told him her symptoms of this so-called disease that she was so afraid of . Dr . Zhang Li Xi almost snorted when Grandma Zhao and Aunt Qinyang signaled him to stay silent and somehow, he realized that there might be a story behind all of this . No . He knows for sure that there was a funny and amusing story behind this hospital visit . Personally, the doctor wants the visit to be of good news, which was already evident when Mei Lin told him about her sickness .
Smiling widely, the doctor sat Mei Lin on the side and took a syringe from the nurse who was assigned to him . Dr . Zhang Li Xi saw the nervousness in the painter's eyes and said, "this won't hurt, I promise . "
"Why do I need to have my blood taken?" Mei Lin blurted out . She was not usually a fearful person but seeing it being handled by a womanizing doctor, and Mei Li was somewhat afraid .
"For a series of tests . . . " Dr . Zhang Li Xi trailed . Having fun with making the needle glint and refract the light of the room and into Mei Lin's eyes causing it to look menacing .
" . . . Like what?" Mei Lin bit her lips after she gulped her saliva, feeling her throat dry up with each passing moment . She had made fun of Yang when he was in the hospital and looked at her being more of a wimp than he did .
"Like pregnancy tests . " Dr . Zhang Li Xi deadpanned . Her symptoms where so easily distinguishable too! For such a successful and witty woman, she can be a bit of an airhead .
"Is it really pregnancy?" Mei Lin continued to bite her lower lips making it red and a little swollen now . She also continued her concern, "Why can't I just pee on a stick like everyone else?"
Dr . Zhang LI Xi sighed at the airhead woman and took syringe then putting drawing her blood faster than Mei Lin could voice out a word of complaint, making Mei Lin flinched at the silence of the room and her questions being diverted into nothingness .

As the blood was done being taken, the doctor explained, "The benefit of pregnancy blood tests is their sensitivity . A blood test can detect pregnancy within 1 day of implantation or even potentially less, and it is more accurate so . . . "
Mei Lin glared at the doctor . She would have appreciated if he had explained it before he took his blood and not after it is already done . Mei Lin would have at least more time to prepare herself or panic . . . Without any more hesitation, the doctor hurried to the lab after telling them to wait for a couple more minutes . The kids had distracted Mei Lin with their chatter . Aunt Qinyang was texting the new to people in the manor about their success as Grandma Zhao was sat on the side, feeling smug of her prowess in the field of persuasion by guilt tripping . It did not take an hour for the doctor to return .
"I'm an Uncle!" Dr . Zhang Li Xi exclaimed as the door slammed open . When his eyes meet the little children beside Mei Lin, he added awkwardly with his left hand on the back of his head, " . . . for the third time! I'm an uncle . . . again!"
Mei Lin had hoped for this result, but it still surprised her! She is pregnant! She will have another child soon! Oh, she needs to buy things too! The nursery has to be arranged also! First, she needs to tell Yang and the rest . Hurriedly, she opened her phone, called her husband and when Yang's voice spoke, Mei Lin shouted, "I am pregnant! I'm going to look like a whale!"
"You'll be a cute whale, nonetheless," Yang's reply made her blood boil instead .
"You stupid husband!" Mei Lin began to rant at her husband, "You are the one who put this . . . this thing inside of me, and you expect me to be cute and a whale? What if I am just a whale and nto cute? You will leave me, huh? You stupid Zhao Yang!"
Yang touched his nose . . . His calm and gentle wife has turned into a firey monster . Yet, he still stands with his initial belief, she was still a cute monster . Having her soft toned voice even when she is angry and ranting was hard to be scared of her . Mei Lin's voice was too lazy sounding to completely sound mad .