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Chapter 302: 302
January 28, 20X2 (Tuesday)
Zhao Manor and Hao Manor

It was another ordinary day in Zhao Manor . Yang and Mei Lin were walking towards the kitchen as Mei Lin had begun to crave for something to eat, just not anything that smelled like fish . Yang was beside Mei Lin ready to protect her if anything sharp or dangerous came near her . As they walked, Mei Lin's stride was small and lethargic, she did not feel like getting up the bed, but her stomach demanded food . Of course, her husband had volunteered to call for food, and she could eat on the bed, but she knew that if she agreed, she could not leave her bed anymore .
The Zhao family have been triple times more protective of her as if she was made of the thinnest paper! She was not allowed to go up or down the stairs without someone beside her monitoring . Mei Lin could not even lift a stack of 2 inches paper by herself because it was deemed heavy enough! The Zhao family take protection over and top!
Suddenly, Mei Lin stopped .
"What's wrong?" Yang immediately asked, his concern colored his voice . He panicked as Mei Lin looked as if there was something wrong with her and the annoyance in her face was evident .
"I need to pee . " Mei Li said after a short while of hesitantly shifting from one leg to the other . Yang watched with a broad grin and had laughter in his eyes as Mei Lin sprinted towards the nearest bathroom . Seeing Mei Lin wobble in her step, Yang's smile vanished, and worry replaced it .
Hurriedly, Yang caught up with his wife using giant strides while saying, "Be careful!"
"I'm pregnant, not disabled!" Mei Lin started complaining when Yang caught up to her and then stabilized her with his hands . Yang let go of her when he deemed her safe enough, which made Mei Lin roll her eyes in frustration . The Zhao Family treated her as if she was a baby who could do nothing but sleep and eat! It grated her nerves beyond sanity!
What they did not know was that Jerome was watching on the shadows also on guard for Mei Lin's safety . The Bonaparte had even made sure that no obstacle would hinder his daughter before her every move . He embodied over protectiveness like a second skin .
If only Mei Lin knew that it was Jerome Bonaparte that had commanded the maids to help her with every little thing . Jerome had also briefed Chang and Ling Ling about the importance of protecting their mother, and the Jerome could only smile when he gained two cute little soldiers eager to help in any way . Chang had even suggested methods on how they were going to distract their mother to stay in bed when her stomach is much bigger . Ling Ling was happy to volunteer using her cuteness to protect her mother, so she agreed with everything that she heard . Mother Zhao, who was listening in, merely shrugged and let them be . If Mei Lin found out, she will be there with popcorn to see the show of a pregnant woman enraged with her father .
Meanwhile, on Hao Manor, Ye Lan was on the bathroom trying to fix herself up, putting makeup as natural-looking as she could . She was scheduled to meet with David again later, so she needed to make herself as pretty as she could . She was about to go out of the bathroom when Hao Ren knocked and said from the other side, "Father wants us at his office . He needs to tell us something about an event . "

Ye Lan perked when she heard that news . She dropped the makeup products on her hands and hastily opened the door, poking her head out as she asked, "What event?"
Hao Ren smiled at her and answered, "The Hao family used to hold charity events, Father is bringing that tradition back . "
"Does that mean that many people will attend?" Ye Lan asked eagerly . More people means more possibility to gain more connections . The power of networking is something she does a lot . She went out of the bathroom and grabbed Hao Ren's hands, dragging the man to his father's office . At least Hao Ren's family is good for something .
Ye Lan was not satisfied with Hao Ren at all . She now realized how wrong she was when she choose Hao Ren than Zhao Yang . If only she knew how powerful the Zhao Family is, she was regretful of her choices, but it has already been done . She cannot change anything even if she has so many unmet needs . Hao Ren's prowess in bed was mediocre . He has not much money nor does he have much influence, and he also has a demon mother . If Hao Ren can't provide for her, then she will provide for herself using his family . It's just for gaining more connections anyway . Nothing too bad .
Hao Chen and Father Hao raised their eyebrows in surprised as Hao Ren, and Ye Lan entered the office without knocking, causing them to stop their conversation about the charity event's guests . It was Hao Chen that suggested this move to appeal to the masses and the investors again . This Charity event will have the prominent people that Hao Chen called his friends . He was also proud to organize this event because he planned to ask Zhao Yue to be his plus one . Having Yue on his side for all the people to see would discourage Yue's other suitors, so Hao Chen was ecstatic for this event .
Father Hao shook his head at his oldest son . Hao Ren had grown up mannerless, and a disappointment especially with his unfortunate choice of a partner . He sighed and felt his age as a growing headache fostered as Ye Lan spoke, demanding more information about the event . Father Hao prayed that this woman will not ruin anything .