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Chapter 303
January 30, 20X2 (Thursday)
Various Places

On the head office of the R&D department at Y Building, Uncle Wu was rewatching all the surveillance monitors of when he napped to make sure nothing significant had happened . His eyes were focused on four monitors while his hands busied themselves with typing records . It was a typical day for him .
Suddenly, a loud knock disturbed him . Wu Tian Li clicked his tongue as he realized who the person that knocked was . Such short intervals of the knock showed the inpatient of the person, and the loudness suggested that the person was confident and unafraid of him . Only one person came to mind immediately- Zhao Yang .
"What?!" Tian Li snarled . Having slept only naps for the last five years because of his insomnia, He did not like being disturbed . Tian Li might like his nephew, but he did not enough to allow Yang to bother him constantly .
"I need to tell you something- Code ML," Yang called out .
The annoyance in Tian Li's face disappeared in a matter of seconds . He pushed a button on the side, and the sound of the lock clicking open was heard before the door opened and Yang came inside in all of his handsome glory . Tian Li was pissed off again when he saw Yang grin at him . Yang closed the door, carefully looked around the room, and almost laughed at his thoughts because he knows something is going to happen soon .
"What?" Tian Li asked . Yang's grin taunted him as if the younger man knew something that he doesn't .
"Mei Lin is pregnant," Yang said while pushing random trash to the side to make way from the door to the table . Yang was parting the red sea of trash that gathered on the floors of the office . Yang briefly wondered if his wife could make his Uncle allow the cleaners inside the office .
"I know about that . " Tian Li rolled his eyes . That was old news . He knew Mei Lin was pregnant way before she had her checkup . No average person slept as much as Mei Lin did .
"There will be an event held by the Hao family on their manor," Yang informed .
Tian Li nodded, "I will set up more surveillance cameras there . "
There was a sudden awkward silence between the two as Yang continued to make a path while Tian Li just letting him do whatever as he continued to make some programs, reviewing, and scanning footage from last night . Tian Li was a bit curious why Yang was making a path instead of him just stepping on trash like most of the times that he comes into the office .
" . . . You should know that she is coming here to tell you herself," Yang told . His eyes staring straight into his uncle's eyes with lips smirking in anticipation .
Suddenly, somebody knocked three times before a soft voice called out, "Uncle Wu, Yang, are you there?"
"What?!" Uncle Wu bolted from his seat and immediately began to panic . He had no time to prepare for Mei Lin's arrival too! He should have not slept so many hours last night! He might have noticed Mei Lin being brought to the company and he would have cleaned!

"Why is she here?" Uncle Wu said while glaring at Yang, his hands moving to clean the desk hastily . When his eyes wandered into the makeshift path that Yang had made, he clenched his teeth . He should have known his nephew was up to no good .
"You won't let her in?" Yang changed the subject, and his thumb pointed at his back, to the door where Mei Lin was at the other side .
"Co-Come i-in . . . " Wu Tian Li called out . Yang snickered at his uncle's nervous stuttering voice . He had never seen his rebellious Uncle be this tamed . Not even when his mother was with him .
When Mei Lin came in, Tian Li was ready to explain his room but was awestruck as Mei Lin let five ladies in cleaning uniforms equipped with washcloths and sprays . Mei Lin did not even greet the two men on the center as she instructed the cleaners to do their jobs . Wu Tian Li's eyes slowly scanned Mei Lin and her stomach was more pronounced now than when she was checked at the hospital . It was an abnormally large belly for being still three months .
Only when Mei Lin was satisfied with the work of the ladies that she had brought that she turned to her father in all but blood and her husband, who were all staring at her in amusement and shock . Mei Lin smiled widely, she followed the path that Yang had made and hugged Uncle Wu even with a large table in the middle . It was an awkward hug, but she would never walk on those trashes on the floor . Mei Lin let go of the hug to stand beside Yang, leaning her frame to his side .
"What are you doing here?" Tian Li asked, happy that there was no lecture .
"Well, Yang told me about what you did with the videos . . . " Mei Lin trailed .
"What?" Tian Li continued pretending as if he did not know what Mei Lin was talking about, "I did no such thing . . . "
Mei Lin and Yang snorted together . The painter then rolled her eyes and said, "I was gonna ask you if you wanted to reveal my pregnancy to the world like a leak on the system like what you did with the videos . . . I know I cannot prevent the people from knowing and it is much better than hiding it where people are going to speculate . I know the trouble with the terrorist is still persisting, but it is much better that we are honest about it because I am not sure with this large of a belly at three months that I could even hide it . Unless I go out of the country to go into hiding which I will not do . "
Tian Li nodded without hesitation . Mei Lin smiled at him, broadly . Tian Li smiled back; he was not only spared from the lecture of the state of his room, but he was also asked to make chaos . Today was a good day!
Mei Lin, showing how pregnant she truly is, slammed her hands on his desk and started, "What have you done to this room? I told you before in the orphanage that you have to remain clean! Look at this room! How dirty it is and Look at you!"
Tian Li groaned, taking his glasses out to pinch the bridge of his nose in suffering . He knew he would not get away with it . Dammit, Tian Li hoped that Mei Lin's visit would not be an everyday occurrence .
"My office is an organized clutter . . . " Tian Li mumbled under his breath .
Mei Lin was like a mutated human with her pregnancy and heard the mumble, making her rants longer and louder . Yang was at the side looking amused and happy that for once, he was not the one being lectured .