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Chapter 304: 304
January 31, 20X2 (Friday)
Various Places

Ye Lan walked into her office at I . A . I . Interior Design while looking smug and pleased with the event that will be happening soon . Li Nai Nai could feel the excitement radiating on Ye Lan's face, making her almost roll her eyes in annoyance, but she refrained from doing it because she knew that Ye Lan would make a massive one-sided scene .
Ye Lan looked at her lower subordinate and confidently said with her nose stuck up, "There will be a charity event in Hao Manor where many high profiled businessmen and nobility will be in attendance together with most of their families . I have to take this opportunity to spread the word of I . A . I . Interior Design!"
Li Nai Nai turned around to face the door instead while she pretended to sneeze as the rolling of her eyes could not be concealed anymore . She HATED Ye Lan because Ye Lan took their company from his father's hands using lust and sex, but also because Ye Lan made Li Nai Nai's life inside or outside work harder . Li Nai Nai had always been the spoiled heiress of the company . Once Ye Lan took office, Li Nai Nai had to lower herself to be an ordinary employee . At the same time, Li Nai Nai was somewhat grateful for Ye Lan kicking out Trisha Fuller because now, she was the only award-winning designer left in the company thus all the work was left to her, so her name was starting to become more famous than before .
Honestly, Ye Lan should have been someone under Li Nai Nai . The only thing that made Ye Lan more successful compared to Li Nai Nai was because Ye Lan was more prone to opening her legs and had found a guy stupid enough to accept such scandalous behavior . Li Nai Nai should have aimed much lower when it comes to guys . Maybe, she wouldn't have to beg and go along with Ye Lan's foolish ideas of vengeance .
"What's wrong with you?! If you have a cold, then get out of the office! I can't have you inflecting me especially with the charity being this close to being held!" Ye Lan voice snapped Li Nai Nai out of her sarcastic and ugly thoughts about her boss .
Immediately, Li Nai Nai made excuses while using the name that Ye Lan liked so much to hear, "I am sorry, CEO Ye . It was just a passing sneeze . Pardon me . "
Ye Lan's eyes narrowed . Li Nai Nai diverted the talk into something that she knew Ye Lan would instantly latch into, "What will you be wearing, CEO Ye? Will you be shopping alone for the dress? How about your jewelry? Since most affluent families will probably be there, you need to show your capability through your fashion especially when we deal with designs too . "
Proud of being indirectly called capable regardless of it being lip service, Ye Lan started to answer the question and expounding on all details whether it be little or not . Li Nai Nai mentally patted herself at the back for dispelling the demon's expected tantrum . Ye Lan was the Narsistic bitch you can easily persuade with talks about themselves .
Li Nai Nai half-heartedly listened looking as if she listening with awe and jealousy . She interjected some words of, "Wow," "That's amazing," "I wish I could be there," and the classic, "I am so envious . "

Ye Lan was basically riding the momentum of Li Nai Nai's fake eagerness . Feeling so proud of herself that Ye Lan, to show her superiority, said, "Come with me . You can help me advertise I . A . I interior designs . "
"What?" Li Nai Nai's eyes widen . Although she could see the benefits of going to a charity event studded with powerful and influential people, Li Nai Nai doesn't want to deal with Ye Lan more than necessary .
"I need you to be at my side . I have a plan; you might as well help me with it . " Ye Lan pointed her nose up into the air like a naughty child . Li Nai Nai almost groaned in frustration . Without an option, Li Nai Nai could only nod her head in agreement . Faking a smile, Li Nai Nai started her onslaught of words to show her gratefulness to Ye Lan regardless of her real feelings .
Ye Lan started to plot something for the woman that had become the new Mrs . Zhao . Li Nai Nai had to control her snort when the plan was revealed; it was such a simple plot that she was surprised that a CEO could come up with it . Feeling pity for her boss and knowing the embarrassment that it would bring them should they fail, Li Nai Nai started to add some details . Li Nai Nai wanted Ye Lan to fall, but she does not wish to herself to go down at the same time .
In the middle of their planning, Li Nai Nai realized that Ye Lan was really easy to control with the right words to whisper in her ears . Ye Lan's narcism was her downfall . Li Nai Nai was starting to enjoy being the shadow of this self-proclaimed queen . The only thing that Li Nai Nai needed to do was to plot her way our of Ye Lan's grasp without causing her reputation as an innocent bystander in her father's affairs and her status as one of the leading interior designers in the country . With small Ye Lan's brain is, Li Nai Nai knew it was going to be easier than she used to think .
Li Nai Nai could already taste the sweet nectar of revenge in her tongue as she continued to pamper and praise Ye Lan . Women are scarier than devils, sometimes .