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Chapter 305
January 31, 20X2 (Friday)
Various Places

"We have an invitation," Grandpa Zhao broke the noisy chatter on the Zhao Family surrounding the circular table on the Dining room of the Manor . Everyone's eyes including the children's zoomed into the envelope that Grandpa Zhao showed up with his left hands .
"For what?" Mei Lin asked with eager curiosity . Ever since she had been confirmed to be pregnant, Mei Lin had limited ways to keep herself occupied . Everyone would start panicking if she ever went out without at least three Zhao family member at her side . She could not even pick up her children as everyone was afraid she would split into two
"Is that for the Hao Charity Event?" Yang asked his grandfather, already knowing the answer to his question . Hao Chen had, of course, already told him all about it even before the invitation was sent . Yang held back a snicker when he noticed Mei Lin glaring at him on his side like an angry cat with puffed out cheeks .
"They are bringing that back?" Uncle Zhao's voice was dripping in disbelief .
"It's just their way to gain the trust of the people again after that scandal . " Aunt Qinyang rolled her eyes .
"Well," Mother Zhao started, "If they are doing the Charity Event, it means that Hao Chen is going to be the official successor . "
Mei Lin raised her eyebrows in confusion . What does that mean? Just because of one charity event and it could already mean something that big? The world of the rich and famous is too vague for her .
Seeing the confusion in his wife's eyes, Yang leaned closer and whispered, "Hao Chen's mother was the one to start that event for Hao Chen to gain more standing in the Hao Family . For that event to be brought back means that the head is leaning unto Hao Chen rather than Hao Ren . "
"As if that old CEO Hao could do anything! If Hao Ren is going to be the successor, all relations between the Zhao and Hao family will be cut off!" Aunt Qinyang quipped while her jaw was clenched in anger . Her husband was on her side trying to calm her down with gentle caress on the back .
After a while of silence, Mother Zhao asked, "So, should we come?"
Everyone appeared to be hesitant . Yang would have gladly come to support Hao Chen, but he wanted more time to spend with his wife . Mother Zhao and Aunt Qinyang were fans of socializing, but they hated the present Hao Matriarch . The rest was hesitant only because if they knew that if they came, Mei Lin would jump at the chance to go with them . They realized how eager Mei Lin looked as she stared at the envelope with longing .
Honestly speaking, Mei Lin only wanted to go because she wanted to get out of the house arrest that her pregnancy as caused her . Jerome was on the side, eating as if he heard nothing . Inside his mind are immeasurable plans on how to better protect Mei Lin .
"I'm going," Yue said .
Everyone expected anybody else, but Yue would go . Mother Zhao's eyes widen as Yue got up after her two-word announcement and left the room with a single nod of farewell . Yue's work involved fame and staying in the spotlight, but she has never used the Zhao Family's name to present herself . She was known as Yue to the world, but by going to the event with the Zhao Family invitation, she was presenting herself as a member .

Knowing that there must be something that will happen in the event, Everyone was eager to go . Hesitation was gone in everyone's eyes . Mei Lin could barely contain her excitement . The pregnant woman murmured to her husband, "I think Yue and Hao Chen will make their relationship public with this event . "
Yang smirked . Of course, he knew what was going to happen in the event already . After all, he helped Hao Chen planned it, but he won't tell Mei Lin that, Yang wanted to see Mei Lin's reactions when it happens . Yang had to have a reward after suffering from her moodiness .
On that night, minutes before the day ended, Uncle Wu uploaded the news about Mei Lin's pregnancy as an anonymous writer on the net while also writing on another blog about the details of the scandalous videos of Ye Lan and talking about the probability of it being real and not edited as she claimed it to be . To add more fuel to the fire, Wu Tian Li had scattered the news about the charity event that would have these people in attendance, making it boom into a hot mess full of excitement .
"Ah, as long as I can cause Chaos, every hard work is rewarding . " Uncle Wu mumbled as he waited to see how the netizens would react .
As the clock struck midnight, the netizens were creating a ruckus, and the small campfire that was in the form of Ye Lan's scandals ignited into an apocalypse . Uncle Wu sat on his office chair like a throne of swords taken from defeated warriors . Feeling smug of himself, Uncle Wu had a smirk that rivaled the Cheshire cat in mischievousness .
Meanwhile, on a particular room in Hao Manor, Hao Chen was seated on his bed with his phone delicately cradled into his ears as he listened to the woman on the other side . Who cares about the chaos, as long as Zhao Yue is talking, nothing else mattered more .