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Chapter 306
February 1, 20X2 (Saturday)
Zhao Manor

Seeing the bulge in her stomach, Mei Lin sighed . Yang was on their bed staring at her, waiting to spectate at her moodiness once again . Mei Lin had gone from excited to sad in mere seconds as she realized that her bulging stomach could easily be seen in most dresses that she had in her closet . Although she was not hiding the fact that she was pregnant, Mei Lin just wanted to hide the fact that she looked fat with a round tummy . Yang, on the other hand, did not care . As long as Mei Lin is happy, she can wear whatever she wants, but it was amusing to see her face vary from one emotion to the next .
Seeing her husband doing nothing and already dressed up without any effort, Mei Lin huffed in annoyance, "Come here and help me pick something that isn't too bad to the eyes!"
Hearing the persistent demand of his usually gentle wife, Yang stood up and crossed the room and into his side of the large walk-in closet that they share . Picking the large box that he had his mother bought for this specific event on the last moment to gift Mei Lin, Yang smirked as he slowly handed it to his wife .
Looking like a bubbling fish, Mei Lin's eyes also widened . When Yang pushed the box into her hands, Mei Lin had to carry it with both of her hands . Opening the lid after untieing the ribbon on the front, Mei Lin felt her eyes water when she saw what was inside .
"Did you buy this just for me?" Mei Lin asked, choked up with tears . Yang did not show his amusement but seeing Mei Lin go from happiness, sadness, insecurity, confident, and then crying in thankfulness all in an hour was the most amusing thing he had ever spectated in his life .
"Try it on," Yang said as he pushed Mei Lin's bathrobe down, making it cascade into the floor .
Mei Lin's breath hitched when Yang's hands gently teased her nipples with a slight touch . Seeing Mei Lin's euphoric look at him, Yang continued, "You might not like it on you, so try it on before you start crying in gratefulness . Mom bought it when I told her that you might need some gowns that will not obviously show your pregnant belly . "
Glaring at Yang regardless of the tears that pooled at the edges of her eyes, Mei Lin pouted, "You had this on your possession, and you still watched me try on dresses after dresses, knowing I won't like them on me?!"
Yang remained silent . Telling the truth would cause his death and saying excuses would also lead in the same route, so he chose neither . Honestly though, Seeing Mei Lin's beautiful pregnant body turned him on far too much than he expected it to do .
Minutes later, Yang found himself escorting his wife to his younger sister's bedroom . Seeing his tie and Mei Lin's gown matching in color, Yang smirked at his mother's fashion sense- very classy even if it's a little corny . Once in the familiar door, Mei Lin shooed Yang away, entering the room without a single knock . Surprisingly it was not locked at all .
"Wow . . . " Mei Lin's voice drifted off as her eyes stared at Yue's silhouette . Zhao Yue was gorgeous, and she will undoubtedly be the most stunning in today's event, for sure! Wearing a red backless floor-length ball gown with thin spaghetti straps and her hair put into an updo that showed her sophistication and poise of her noble upbringing, Yue looked like a glorious queen .

"Do I look alright?" Yue smirked at her best friend turned sister-in-law .
"Alright?!" Mei Lin screeched wildly, clasping her hands in front of her as her eyes continued to gaze at Yue's form . Mei Lin could not pull such a dress with her short stature, but Yue made the dress as her accessory rather than the gown covering her presence .
"You are STUNNING!" Mei Lin praised while giggling like a teenager, "I can't wait to see Hao Chen's reaction when he sees you in this dress! He is going to drool!"
Hearing Mei Lin continued on and on with praises of her dress, Yue laughed . It's not every day that Mei Lin's excitement would get the better of her and completely replace her usual calm persona, but then again, Mei Lin was a moody pregnant wreck .
"Chen and I do not want to hide these feelings we have for each other anymore," Yue trailed after a while, disrupting Mei Lin's praises .
Mei Lin smiled, patted the back of Yue's clasped hands, and told, "I know . I've seen you guys push and pulled, teased and bantered, fight and make up, and I know how long you guys have truly waited for this time . You guys happened even before Yang, and I did, and I am in full support of you two as long as you are happy . . . you know that, don't you?"
Yue nodded with a smile that made her red cherry coated lips pop . Mei Lin's eyes began to water again . Damn her hormones!
Yue dabbed a tissue on Mei Lin's eyes and said, "Let's go . "
Mei Lin nodded and followed after, tissue on hand just in case her waterworks will flow again . Looking at Yue in front of her, Mei Lin could not help but think that Yue was going to war in her red dress . As if she was a princess ready to step into a new country to marry and become the new Queen .
Mei Lin readied herself for battle too . She will be at her best friend's side for support . Mei Lin was ready to take someone's head off if something unnecessary will happen . Better yet, Mei Lin will let Yang and her father take the head while she will sit down and eat . Yeah, that's the most exceptional plan for her .