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Chapter 308: 308
February 1, 20X2 (Saturday)
Hao Manor

Everyone was looking at Hao Chen as he separated from his father's side and brought bodyguards to help deal with the paparazzi and fans that surrounded CEO Zhao Yang and his wife . Father Hao had always favored Hao Ren over Hao Chen, but as he saw Hao Chen getting along well with Zhao Yang, Father Hao felt prouder of having Hao Chen as his son than he had felt for his eldest .
Seeing Zhao Yang point towards their car, everyone in attendance stood up straighter . The paparazzi were curious and excited at the same time . They have seen the elder Zhaos arrive before CEO Zhao Yang and his wife, so they know that there was only one Zhao family member that usually do not go out together with her family but remained in the spotlight as a model- Zhao Yue .
Hurrying to the car and opening the door, Hao Chen was greeted by a stunning woman in red, lounging in the car seat like a prima donna . Hao Chen's smile broadened as he offered his hands out for Yue to take .
"You took your sweet time getting here," Yue greeted her savior with a glare . How dare this man make her wait in the car so that he can give these people a show . To be honest, she did not approve of being showed off like a prized possession- like a trophy, but then she remembered that once she did think of being Hao Chen's trophy wife as long as she was the only woman . Yue had immediately agreed to his plans and shrugged everything off, but it did not mean she was going to sit still and act like a trophy wife .
"I'm sorry that you had to wait long," Hao Chen commented with a blinding smile .
Father Hao watched with shock as the youngest Zhao of the current generation peaked her lips to Hao Chen and wrapped her left hands to Hao Chen's waist, leaning all her body weight for his youngest son to support . Glancing at Hao Ren on his other side, Father Hao sighed with frustration as Ye Lan was on the other side of his oldest son, fuming and looking like the green-eyed monster that sprouted from the dirtiest swamps .
Father Hao tapped Hao Ren's shoulder as he warned, "Cause one more trouble today, and there will be hell to pay . "
"What?" Hao Ren immediately turned defensive, "I did not do anything!"
"Keep it that way," Father Hao pointedly looked into his eldest son's eyes and then allowed his son to follow his gaze towards Ye Lan as Father Hao continued, "And keep your wayward wife to your side . You don't want her to look for more men she can suck dry of future as she did with you . "
Father Hao ignored the protests that Hao Ren continued to prattle . Seeing his second wife in front, looking at him with malice, Father Hao sighed again . There was also another woman who sprouted from trashes, and he had been too blind with the notion of love to see her real attitude . Father Hao could feel his shoulder sag with unease . He knew that this event was not going to go as he had planned, but he'd be damned if he did not salvage the mistakes that he had did .

The paparazzi went nuts when Hao Chen and Yue showed their public display of affection . Seeing how lovingly Yue leaned into Hao Chen and how Hao Chen guided Yue so gently to Zhao Yang and Mei Lin, everyone knew there was something more than friends between the two . Reporters and other people began to compare Hao Chen with Hao Ren, but they did not dare to compare the woman in their side . Everyone agreed that there was no comparison to Zhao Yue, especially not Ye Lan .
"Miss Yue! We had thought that you would still be in Japan? Aren't you doing the cover of their famous teen magazine?" a reporter asked while shoving a small black handheld device near Yue's mouth .
"I had to come back early . I would not miss my elder brother and best friend's good news even for a cover in a magazine . " Yue responded like a seasoned veteran in red carpets . Mei Lin blinked with astonishment from the side . Yue rarely let others see this calm and elegant manner she had .
Hao Chen chuckled on the side and joked, "So you did not come rushing home to accompany me to this event? I feel hurt . "
Yue promptly gently slapped Hao Chen's chest with a pout of her lips, making Hao Chen's chuckles turn into laughter .
The reports went silent for a few seconds as they registered what they have seen and heard . Suddenly, the onslaught of questions came one after the other .
"Are you Dating?"
"When and where did you guys start?"
"Is this official?"
"How did you guys start?"
"Please, tell us the story of your romance . "
As the people's attention was on Yue and Hao Chen, Yang leaned closer to Mei Lin and wrapped his left hand to her waist . Pulling her gently, Yang made sure that Mei Lin was still safe and warm .
"What are you doing?!" Mei Lin squeaked .
" . . . Putting my hands on your back?" Yang answered with a tone that showed his hesitation .
"Not that hand! Your other hand, you dumbass!" Mei Lin snarled .
Yang looked down and saw his right hand on her right breast . He gulped down the fear that was on the tip of his tongue . When he had pulled her closer, his other hand tried to steady her, but he had not expected that it would land on her breast and not her arm .
Mei Lin pinched the skin on his arm hard . Winching, Yang did not regret it at all . For him, it was a happy accident .