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Chapter 309
February 1, 20X2 (Saturday)
Hao Manor

As the doors of the manors closed after the last guest was confirmed to have already entered, Father Hao was preening with pride as his affluent friends surrounded Hao Chen . Surrounding Hao Chen were members of the Li family of the entertainment industry, the Xue family of the arms maker and a military family, the international Zhao family, and the world renown doctor . Just Zhao Yang and Zhao Yue, by themselves, were powerful enough but with the rest, Father Hao knew that these people would be unstoppable .
Seeing his father's eyes upon them, Hao Chen nodded a short farewell to his friends and took Yue to where the elder Hao was standing with a smile . "Father," Haor Chen greeted his father . Yue bowed with Hao Chen, bending her back to lower her upper body with a dazzling smile .
Father Hao's eyes looked at the woman in Hao Chen's arms and smiled, "Heiress Zhao, you have grown into a splendid woman . "
"Is that your way of approving of me as your future daughter-in-law?" Yue asked with a smirk . She let go of Hao Chen's arms before sticking her tongue out at her boyfriend and wrapping her arms to her boyfriend's father . Father Hao had not expected this unusual move from the youngest Zhao, but it was not unwelcome at all .
Father Hao could see the adoration in his youngest son's eyes as he looked at Zhao Yue .
With Yue's presence near him, the rest of the Zhao Family gravitated towards their location with friendly smiles . The eldest couple of the Zhao Family came up to their side and poked their granddaughter . Yue giggled and let go of Father Hao and latched herself to her grandfather .
Mei Lin and Yang came near them, together with their friends . The rest of the Zhao family also circled around them laughing and chattering about business or usual stuff . Father Hao could feel success and fulfillment with these people, not like the general atmosphere they had in Hao Manor when Ye Lan and his second wife was in a warpath to destroy each other which in turns destroys the family . Father Hao knew whom to trust the responsibilities of the family when Yue returned to latch herself in Hao Chen's arms and Hao Chen welcomed Yue regardless of his talk with his friends . Hao Chen and Hao Ren were both the same, they loved someone too much, but the difference between them is that Hao Chen loves the right woman while Hao Ren was blinded by his love .
"Look who is here," Ye Lan drawled, her arms linked with Hao Ren .
"The irrelevant trash is here," Yue mumbled so softly that only Hao Chen could hear it .
Hao Chen chuckled, put his hands around her waist, pulled Yue's waist to join with his hips, and whispered in her hair, "Your eyes should not see this kind of garbage . She's too horrific for your beautiful eyes . Be careful; you might ruin your eyesight . "
Yue could not help giggling out loud, making all eye turn to her . Looking like a deer in a headlight, Yue turned to Hao Chen to help rescue her .

Hao Chen grinned and spoke, "I'm just telling her that Ye Lan has been her future sister-in-law before and now too, just in another context . I told her that she needed to get used to the idea of having her as a potential sister-in-law because it seems that is all she might ever be . . . "
Yang, Dr . Zhang Li Xi, and Alexandre burst out laughing without control . The shade that Hao Chen threw was too golden to keep silent . Ye Lan and Hao Ren could be seen clenching their jaws and containing their anger as Father Hao's glare stopped them from physically attacking .
"Well, I have a ring on my finger, and Hao Ren and I are already planning our wedding . I'm not going to be just a prospect anymore . " Ye Lan replied . Li Nai Nai, who was with the rest of the people, watching the show on the sideline, rolled her eyes; as if a ring could stop a man from cutting the wedding off .
Ye Lan trailed her eyes to everyone's face before it landed on Mei Lin's stomach, "I see . . . You got pregnant quite quickly . Wonder if that's a legitimate child of the Zhao?"
Everyone's eyes widen in shock . Mei Lin raised an eyebrow of disbelief at Ye Lan's stupidity . Zhao Yue felt the blood in her veins boil . Hao Chen could feel her anger by her tightening grip on the crook of his arm .
"Fortunately, My sister and best friend don't like to open her legs to welcome investors in . She invites investors by making papers and papers of proposals and mailing it to them . . . unlike somebody else, who had to suck someone's dick off for a company that wasn't even doing well yet still thick-faced enough to show herself in this party as a fiance of a blind man . " Yue wasted no time and directly went straight to the point .
Hao Chen was grinning all the time . He loved Yue when she was strong and feisty like this .
Yue then ignored all the eyes of the people and took a glass of champagne on the side and spilled the contents on the ground just inches before where Ye Lan was at, their eyes connecting, and Yue snarled, "How dare you to liken your cheap ass to my expensive sister . I would have thrown the champagne on your dress, but this dress will be taken off and ruined by somebody else anyway . Tell me, do I need to expect a new video from you?"
Hao Chen grinned . Blunt and Badass Yue, who takes no shit from anyone, is HOT- hotter than her elegant and haughty self . Should he offer water to Ye Lan to apply to the burn?