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Chapter 31

November 2, 20XX (Friday)

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Mei Li's eyes were wide opened as she looked from the left then to her right with obvious awe . The streets were filled with high-end brands like Prada, Armani, and so much more . The tiled floor looked too pretty to be walked upon and the high glass ceilings made the place lighter and airy which was in contrast with the dark signs go each brand .

Remembering her position, Mei Li frantically searched for her companion who was nowhere to be seen .

"Over here!" Mother Zhao called her over, waving her right hand . Mei Li gulped when Mother Zhao entered the store, Prada . Mei Li remembered this was an expensive store .

"You have to try this one!"

Upon entering, Mei Li was immediately bombarded with Mother Zhao's enthusiastic grin . The saleslady beside her smiling in amusement .

"Why?" Mei Li asked eyeing in surprise the 6 figures written on the price tag .

Mother Zhao noticed the girl scrutinizing the tag and tsked, "Oh this girl! if you keep this up, You're going to lose that challenge you issued with my son!"

Mei Li pouted for a while before bashfully admitting, "I've admitted defeat long ago .

"Then I'm buying it for you! you need a dress for the formal banquet for Yue's birthday!"

Mei Li tried to delay, "But-" "No buts! Although I'm buying you a dress to ask you a favour . "

Mother Zhao had employed Yue's tactics, knowing Mei Li will continue to deny her . Sometimes, Mother Zhao wishes that Mei Li could be a little extravagant and dependent .

"Of course, what could I do to help?" Mei Li's hesitant reply showed how much she cared .

Mother Zhao stopped herself from awe-ing like a fangirl watching a drama, Mei Li was such a good girl! "Since you will stay at the manor for a month, can you deliver the lunches I've made for Yang? I always deliver my husband's and my son's lunch but because they work in different places, I'm always late with Yang's thus making him eat late also . So help me with Yang's?"

Mei Li stood silently while her face contorting in pain at the thought of meeting the annoying smile of Yang's . The painter's eyes gazed upon the hopeful eyes of Mother Zhao and instantly Mei Li's resistance melted like ice on a summer day . Mei Li briefly cursed herself, she needed to toughen herself, especially towards Mother Zhao and Yue . The two women knew how to play her in their palms .

"Alright," Mei Li agreed with a sigh while taking the pink textured duchesse dress into the fitting room with the sales lady as her guide . She prayed for time to go fast since she knows that once she enters this fitting room, she won't be stepping out for a while .

True to her expectation, Mother Zhao had continuously handed her dress after dress . She would try a dress on, show it to Mother Zhao; if she nodded, Mei Li would then turn while Mother Zhao videos her before changing into another dress but if she shook her head, Mei Li would just change into another dress and then repeat .

An hour had already passed when they exited the store, Mei Li carrying two bags of clothes and shoes Mother Zhao bought for her . The Miser in her had winch in pain when they had paid while Mother Zhao was carrying a conversation about fashion with another saleslady without a care in the world .

'I've learned my lesson, I will never try to take up challenges in concern with money… and to think this is just the first store . ' Mei Li thought to herself with gloom . She had already lost even before she had issued the challenge . Just the thought of carelessly spending money while children suffer in hunger at different orphanages in China made her sad and unable to continue so she let Mother Zhao drag her from one shop to the next .

Meanwhile, in Beijing, Yang was seated on the top chair listening to an employee proposing her project when his phone vibrated continuously . At first, he paid it no mind and when it stopped for a while then vibrated again after a couple minutes, he glanced at his phone . He saw two messages, he then read the senders name and discovered that it was from his mother . He put his phone back to its place, if it was important, she would have called .

And so for 10 minutes, his phone was busy with texts from his mother popping on his notification feed, distracting the employees around him . His employees had tried to be subtle but Yang could notice the curious side glances of his employees to his cellphone .

With an audible sigh, he took it away from the table . He opened one of the messages, only to find himself surprised by the image that popped up like an unexpected perverted ad carrying a virus that can affect your computer's performance . His fake grin instantly turning shocked with eyes wide open and lips slightly parted . His employees were surprised by his reaction, that was proven by the gasp that was heard coming from a dramatic employee on his right .

Zhao Yang did not care who was watching him . The only thing important right now was the phone in his hands with the picture of a petite woman with light brown eyes wearing a black short strapless form-hugging dress that emphasized her ample breast . The woman in the photo had actually posed with one leg in front of the other, right hands on her hips, and her body tilting a little right emphasizing her natural curve . Yang covered his mouth with the pocket square in his left breast pocket, hopefully, he had not drooled because this picture was drool-inducing for the CEO .

Yang dazedly looked at the rest of the messages that he had ignored only to see different pictures and some even videos of Mei Li trying different clothes . She had looked tired but Yang had noticed the gentle smile she gave at the camera on the videos . The Wu Mei Li he had known in Paris would have never shown him this side of her . Yang thank God for his understanding mother, he could see a side to her he didn't know because of his mother .

The CEO had sat dazed at his phone when Secretary Bai interrupted, "CEO Zhao, Madame's card has been used in a Prada Store in Milan . "

"Approve every purchase my mother makes for this week… also Mei Li's . " Yang said stills scrolling in his phone looking and saving the images and videos, unknowingly his employees were listening in shock and confusion . Who was this Mei Li that could make their scary CEO react like a human?