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Chapter 310
February 1, 20X2 (Saturday)
Hao Manor

"You bitch!" Ye Lan snarled . Hao Ren was also fuming on her side but was silent by the glare that Father Hao held . The second wife was only watching on the side, glad that someone was out to get at Ye Lan instead of her .
"I know I can be, and you?" Yue retorted, immediately . Grandfather Zhao patted his granddaughter's shoulder to try and contain her anger .
"Ignore her, Yue . It's better to be a bitch with a blunt tongue than a dishonest whore . " Mei Lin added . She had promised to be there at Yue's side for support; Mei Lin did not expect for Yue to be the first one to jump to her defense . This time she was going to be wagging her tongue and letting Yang deal with the consequences . Mei Lin had a reason for her outburst anyway . She'll just blame it on her hormones caused by her pregnancy .
The people on the side were now snickering after Mei Lin finished her worlds . Yang was still beside her, supporting her weight with his like a pole of security . The smirk on her husband's face told Mei Lin that he was enjoying the show, so she might as well make it fun for him .
Ye Lan's fist clenched, making her long fingernails dig into her palms . "Shut up! You just picked my second-hand thing!"
Mei Lin snorted as Ye Lan referred to Yang as second-hand goods . If anyone were second-hand, it would be Ye Lan . The hypocrisy in that sentence was enough to make a reporter giggle to high heavens .
"It's not my fault that you threw away a diamond while settling for a crystal . I don't like crystals; they are too inexpensive for me . . . I like diamonds, the larger, the better, right, love?" Mei Lin flaunted her rings and tilted her head up to Yang, purposely showing the large diamond necklace on her neck .
Yang's shit-eating grin was full of white teeth as he nodded and replied, "Of course, only for you, my dear wife . I'm sure you can ask my mother for the Xing Family heirlooms too . "
Everyone gaped at the mention of the last name of the last royal family . Mother Zhao nodded on the side with a smile that pampered Mei Lin . Father Zhao snorted, knowing full well that Mother Zhao and Qinyang were both enjoying Ye Lan being dragged down, which was why Father Zhao's arm was being held tightly between Mother Zhao's hands . The females in their family were far too ferocious and feisty . Seeing Grandmother Zhao doing the same to Grandfather Zhao and Aunt Qinyang with his younger brother, Father Zhao reconciled himself . At least he was not alone in being a whipped husband .
Li Ru Shi, who was watching at the side, decided that the show should end since it would end up to be bullying if it continued . Ru Shi took Mei Lin's empty arm opposite to where Yang was and said, "I can recommend you to a famous jeweler . "
Knowing what Ru Shi wanted, Mei Lin nodded and followed Ru Shi as they lead the rest of the family to a table for them to settle . Today was for a charity event, not for her to cause too much ruckus .

Once Yue turned her back to follow after Mei Lin and Ru Shi, Ye Lan took advantage of the situation and threw the glass nearest to her, as her mind was clouded with anger . Everyone gasped, some have even closed their eyes, scared of the gore that would result . Hao Chen acted fast to stretch his arms and letting his hand catch the wine glass, making the wine spill on his face as it spilled .
Once Yue turned to where she came from again, curious why people were horrified and angered, she saw Hao Chen stalking forward to Ye Lan's way and throwing the glass in front of his brother and saying between clenched teeth, "Control your woman or I will break her! You can mess with me, take my inheritance, be the heir for goodness sake, but hurt one hair of Zhao Yue and I will kill you, half-brother or not!"
The broken wine glass on the floor reflected the light that made Hao Chen's eyes glint with malicious intent . It was far from the easy going and usually smiling Hao Chen that everyone knew .
Yue sighed . Hao Chen could not easily be angered, but when it comes to her, one single wound was enough for epic proportional tantrums . "Chen, let's go . I want to eat something sweet . You promised to give me and Mei Lin cheesecake . " Yue called out .
Everyone watched as Hao Chen's glare mellowed that when he turned to face Yue, his lips already had his signature soft and gentle smile that was devoid on any malice .
Seeing the smirk on Yang's face, everyone knew where Hao Chen got that attitude from . Father Hao shook his head; Hao Chen was spending far too much time with the yandere Zhao Yang . What scared everyone was when Zhao Yang pointed at Hao Ren and tapped his fingers on his watch, signaling that Yang was counting Hao Ren's time .
Everyone made sure to stay away from Hao Ren and Ye Lan for the rest of the night . Because of this Li Nai Nai took this opportunity to mingle with high-class ladies and heirs, putting herself as the damsel in distress and an innocent lamb trapped from Ye Lan's schemes .