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Chapter 311
February 1, 20X2 (Saturday)
Hao Manor

Father Hao was far too furious at Ye Lan and for Hao Ren, who did nothing to control his fiancee and letting the classless woman lead her to destruction . It was fortunate that Hao Chen was fast enough to catch the wine glass that would have caused so much injury for the Zhao Heiress and would have sparked the anger of the Zhao Family once again . Father Hao knew how far and how much power the Zhao family had in their disposal, having experienced it personally when Hao ren betrayed Zhao Yang for Ye Lan, and he would not let it happen again, even if he had to cut off his eldest son .
Hao Ren needed to learn that his actions have far more enormous consequences . It was also his fault for spoiling Hao Ren to be this entitled, but it was not his fault for Ye Lan's pathetic behavior . For the rest of the night, Father Hao avoided looking at Ye Lan and Hao Ren because every time that he did, his anger would resurface . Father Hao had even slapped his second wife's hands away from his arm when she tried to sweet talk him . He was glad that the evening came to a close with nothing else happening .
Hao Chen dragged his father to say goodbye to his friends and letting his father tell his thanks and farewell to the elders of the Zhao Family . Father Hao did not expect for the eldest CEO Zhao to come up to him and said, "Yue likes your youngest boy a lot . She usually does not come out baring the Zhao Family name, but for your boy, she did, and that tells us more than any words could . If she comes here in your manor, I hope that you will take care of her as we do . She has been spoiled rotten by us, so give her some leeway . "
Grandma Zhao, the famous figure of the real estate industry in the city, took Father Hao's hands . "I know your mother, and I have carried you as a child . . . There are times where you disappointed your mother and me, but I am sure that you can move to pass these wrong decisions that you have made and try to be better . " Grandma Zhao continued, "You have ignored Hao Chen, and now that he is older, his potential is outstanding that even Yang has no words but compliments for him . Be fair, now . Don't let your present wife, cloud your judgment again . "
Father Hao could feel the tears on the edge of his eyes . Having been reminded with his late mother, Father Hao bowed his head, knowing what he was going to do when everyone was out of the manor and only he and his family were left . After patting his back, Father Hao bid the Zhao enders and their family a short goodbye .
They were stunned when Mother Zhao, or famously known as Lady Xing, went back to the place she once stood and said to them loud and clear, "My daughter is still a noble even if we do not rule the country anymore . If I know that she is being treated as lowly as my friend, your first wife, was being treated, I am going to skin you alive before putting your heads into the gates of your manor . "
Hao Chen and his father nodded immediately . They were speechless as the Lady walked away and took a seat in the car as if she had not threatened to murder anyone .

Hours later, Father Hao invited five lawyers to bear witness as he wrote his will . Each lawyer was from different law firms so nobody, his second wife, will have ways to cheat her way through it .
After it was done, he gathered all his family members in his office . His second wife was sitting on his right side while Ye Lan and Hao Ren were seated in the front, occupying the loveseat, and Hao Chen was brewing tea again . Father Hao remembered how much his first wife had loved tea only because of the tea set that she collected .
"I have decided who I will have as an heir," Father Hao informed everyone, eyeing the tea that Hao Chen poured in his teacup . He realized that there was an extra cup .
Ignoring the gasps and chatter on his left side, Father Hao leaned into the bottom of Hao Chen and asked, "What are you drinking?"
Hao Chen looked up into the eyes of his father and said, "Yue gave me this Chamamoille Tea mixed with some green tea leaves from Japan, she said that I have to share it with you . "
Father Hao almost snorted when Hao Chen was hesitant to share it with him, but the father was far too curious about the tea to give way for Hao Chen . Once Hao Chen handed him the cup, Father Hao sipped the tea like how he remembered his first wife sipped the tea .
"Who are you going to name as your heir?" the second wife eagerly asked, hoping the favor was with them .
"Hao Chen is the legal heir . His mother's fortune contributed more to this company than you did . " Father Hao sipped his tea after he told his wife with a snarl, causing the woman to silent and widen her eyes .
"Ye Lan, if you cause more ruckus in this household, you will be dragged out . If Hao Ren will choose you than this family, then he is welcome to leave . In fact, you are all adults now; you are all welcome to leave . . . except Hao Chen, he needs to be trained as the next successor so he cannot leave . "
"Yue likes this Manor, so I'm not going anywhere . " Hao Chen replied .
The three people started to voice their concerns, their hurt, and their grievances . The second wife has even begun to use her womanly assets to Father Hao . All of them were ignored . Hao Chen sipped his tea .
"Will Yue be coming here in the Manor in the future?" Father Hao asked Hao Chen . Yue was a very splendid young woman; bright and feisty .
Hao Chen glared at his father and possessively said, "She is my woman!"
Father Hao laughed and sneered jokingly, "I will settle for her being my daughter-in-law . "
Hao Chen blinked and reassured his father, "She will . "
Hao Chen and Father Hao sipped their tea in unison .