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Chapter 312
February 14-28, 20X2 (Friday- Friday Night)
Various Places

Zhao Yang likes spending his time with his wife and children . In fact, it relaxes him when Mei Lin was beside him . Well, it used to be relaxing . Now, it just stresses him . Mei Lin has had mood swings after mood swings, and cravings after cravings .
Although he was partly to be blamed at using his dick and injecting her with pregnancy serum, Yang needed some time off with dealing with his wife . Now, his workplace has become relaxing for him .
In the middle of a meeting of an international client, Yang's phone rang loud and vibrated hard on top of the table . Seeing Mei Lin's name on the caller's ID, Yang excused himself and took the call outside the meeting room .
"Hello, Love? Is there something wrong?" Yang answered his phone . The first thing Yang heard was Mei Lin's sniffling as if she was crying .
"Why are you crying, love?" Yang asked with his most gentle voice . One false move or word or even a hint of the wrong tune of his voice could spiral Mei Lin into epic tantrums and misunderstanding .
"I was watching a movie, and a dog died . Hachiko is so pitiful!" wailed Mei Lin . Because everyone was worried about her, Mei Lin was encouraged heavily by the Zhao family members to stay in the manor . Yang knew that Mei Lin was an independent woman and would do some paperwork that was delivered by Trisha Fuller, but most of the time Mei Lin was bored, especially when the kids will nap on the afternoon .
Yang sighed, making sure that his phone's microphone was covered before he reassured Mei Lin that Hachiko was probably happy to wait for its owner . Yang even told Mei Lin that Hachiko had lived its dog years loved and wanted by the people and its owner .
When Yang was returned to the meeting, the foreign businessman asked in English, "Your wife?"
Yang nodded and joked, "She's very moody, so I can't ignore her calls even if it's about a dog dying . "
The foreign businessman laughed out loud and nodded his head in agreement, "My wife was very moody too, but don't worry, she'll turn wanton for you soon . "
Zhao Yang was happy after the deal was closed . One, he had made friends and successfully closed the deal with their foreign partner and lastly, the news of most pregnant woman craving for sex motivated him to bear the crazy needs for now .
Before he left work and return home, Yang received another call from Mei Lin . Secretary Bai snickered when Yang sighed again before answering, "Yes, love? What can I do for you?"
"Yang, I want some watermelon . " Mei Lin's voice sounded whiny .
Yang helplessly touched his nose and said, "I will buy you one . I will be home soon . "
Secretary Bai and Yang had to stop in a supermarket to buy the said fruit . Just so Yang could satisfy his wife, he brought all the watermelon the supermarket had . Secretary Bai and the rest of his bodyguards had to help some sales attendant to carry the melons inside bulletproof cars .

When they arrived home, Yang had one watermelon clutched in his hands . Seeing Mei Lin beam a smile at him and walked fast towards him in welcome, Yang felt that it was the warmest welcome he had ever had . Waiting for his wife's hug, Yang was disappointed when Mei Lin took the watermelon in his hands and walked out, ignoring him completely . Not even a kiss or a peak in the cheeks was given . Mother Zhao was watching on the side and giggling at her son's disappointed look . Yang glared at his mother, which in turn made the woman laugh harder .
"Dad! There's watermelon! Let's eat!" Mei Lin's soft voice could be heard calling for Jerome Bonaparte . Yang sighed and told himself to have patience . There will come a time that Mei Lin will be playing in the palms of his hands . She'll be spreading her legs for him soon, and he'll be ready for it!
It was in the middle of the night when Mei Lin woke up, feeling an itch to eat something again . She turned to her other side to face her sleeping husband . Shaking his shoulders, Mei Lin said, "Yang, Wake up . I want Ice cream . . . "
Yang opened his eyes, turned back to look at the clock on his bedside and returned to face his grinning wife . He complained, "Mei Lin, it's midnight . "
" . . . but I'm hungry," pouted Mei Lin
"It's midnight . . . " Yang repeated . The absurdity of it all . Who eats ice cream in the middle of the night?!
"It's what we call a midnight snack!" Mei Lin huffed and puffed her anger, crossing her arms in front of her . Because she was wearing thin clothes, her nipples could be seen perking up at Yang .
Unable to resist the temptation, Yang raised his right hand and flicked Mei Lin's left nipple, causing the pregnant woman to gasp in horror, "Get out!"
"What?" Yang evaded the foot that Mei Lin used to try and kick him out of bed .
"I want Ice cream!!! Don't you love me anymore?!" Mei Lin angrily said, and then her eyes started to water . Yang's resolve to go back to sleep began to waver . Her tears were always his weakest points .
"Of course I do!" Yang insisted .
"then why don't you get me ice cream?" Mei Lin pouted, the tears still present at the edge of her eyes .
" . . . because it's midnight," Yang stated the obvious .
It was an uncomfortable silence that followed, only to be broken by Mei Lin's pouting word, "Okay . "
"Don't pout . . . " Yang wiped her tears using his thumbs .
Mei Lin turned her back to Yang, "I'm not pouting . "
"Come here and hug me?" Yang patted the space in between them that separated their bodies, making sure that Mei Lin heard it .
Remembering her ice cream or lack thereof, Mei Lin denied, "No! I don't want too!"
Yang almost let out a snicker in his amusement before he got up and went to get the love of his life ice cream . The fastest he can finish his task, the fastest he can go back to sleep . Mei Lin looked at her husband's figure and promised that once her hormones settle down, she will beg for his forgiveness .