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Chapter 313
March 6, 20X2 (Friday)
Various Places

Yang had not tasted the sweetness of her wife for more than a month now . To make it more specific ever since they had discovered that she was pregnant, he had not tasted the woman that made his life more fun and exciting . At first, it was because he was scared that it may harm the baby, but now, it might be safe to say that Yang was fucking scared of moody Mei Lin .
Yang had learned more about Mei Lin's attitude and how much scary she was especially when you get in between her and her food . To make matters worse; Mei Lin's ears had gotten so good with picking up his sighs of helplessness and nonverbal cues of frustration and turning the situation around to suit her needs .
Remembering the things that Yang had been forced to buy on his way back home, he shuddered . Looking at the clock hanging in front of him at his office in Y Building, Yang knew that any time now, Mei Lin would call for him to make him buy some food that she had been craving to buy . He remembered the words that his foreign friend had told him, and he was still eagerly waiting for the day when Mei Lin would call for him to satisfy her needs for sex .
As he expected, Yang heard his phone ring and vibrate on the table . Already by habit, Yang did not even look at the caller's ID as he answered, "What can I buy for you, today, my darling wife?"
"Wow, I didn't know I married you," Uncle Wu snickered, as he teased his nephew .
Yang did a double take on his phone and looked at the caller's ID, only to be disappointed when Garbage Man was seen . Yang rolled his eyes and asked, "Why are you calling me? You know Mei Lin calls me at these times . "
Uncle Wu grinned before he said, "Mei Lin and I were talking about something, and she wanted me to pass you something . . . I emailed you a list of things Mei Lin wanted you to buy . Good Luck, tonight, you'll need it . "
Yang had wanted to ask more questions, but Uncle Wu had already hung up . Sighing as he touched his nose, Yang stood up and took his credit card after printing the list of things that were sent to him, not even bothering to look at the contents of the things that Mei Lin listed .
It was only when he arrived in the groceries, that he read the list . He was shocked to find that the list only had one food and the rest were of things that were otherwise used for sex . The animal in Yang drooled at the thought . It was safe to say that Yang brought the chocolate chip cookies as fast as he could, and went to buy Mei Lin some bigger sized bra for her lactating breast . Oh, Yang could imagine how large his wife's breast had grown and how much it would spill from his hands if he cupped them . If he sucked, would he taste some milk now or was it too early?
Because he was so concentrated in buying the nighties, the camisoles, and the bras and panties for Mei Lin that Yang did not notice the time . When he was done buying all the things that satisfied him, the night has already come and the mall already ready to close .

Arriving home, Yang could not find anybody else in the Manor . He opened his children's room to find them asleep . Once he went inside his and Mei Lin's room, he saw a trail of roses leading towards the bathroom . Yang gulped, he loosened his tie in eagerness as he shed his outer coat faster than you can say sex .
Mei Lin was in the bathtub soaking herself while the jazz music played in the background . Yang gulped when Mei Lin beckoned him with one finger curling . He followed after her signal like a dog waiting to be feed . Yang allowed himself to be dragged into the bathtub; he allowed Mei Lin to pull him by the tie, making him splatter into the bathtub .
Once he was inside the tub, with expensive tailored suit still on, Yang leaned closer to Mei Lin, ogling her breasts . Mei Lin leaned into his ears, and whispering, "I love you . The way your voice sounded like it's caressing my skin, and how your scent just makes me drool for you is an amazing feeling . "
Yang gulped the saliva that pooled on his mouth . Mei Lin cupped her breast and bouncing it up before teasing Yang, "Do you want to eat me?"
Yang nodded fervently .
Mei Lin smirked and dragged yang by his tie closer, pressing her chest to his and drawing the words, "Are you craving for me?"
Yang nodded eagerly .
Mei Lin smirked . She kissed Yang's earlobes before she shouted, "Too bad, you made me wait for two hours in the bathtub! Give me my Chocochip cookies or No sex!"
Yang believed himself to be a civilized and intelligent man that's ruled with his mind than his heart, so when he stood up so fast to run to the kitchen in search for ice cream, Yang realized that it was his dick that had total control over him . Mind or heart, it does not matter . When a man needs it, he will climb a rainbow just to get some .
Now, where the fuck is that Chocolate chip cookies so he can fuck his wife, for goodness sake!