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Chapter 314
March 6, 20X2 (Friday)
Zhao Manor

Mei Lin, fully clothed, sat in between Yang's legs as she ate her cookies . Because she sat at the bathtub for more than two hours, Mei Lin felt weird and wrinkly . Her fingers were shaking as she ate her cookies . Her eyes look at the bags on the side of their bed . Mei Lin knew that it was not there before .
"What's in the paper bags?" Mei Lin asked after she had chewed every last bite of the large cookies in the large blue plastic container . Yang took one of her hand and rubbed it with his causing it to heat up .
"The things you wanted me to buy, I was late because I chose it as best as I could . " Yang did not want to brag, but he made sure that every article of clothing was created with the finest of materials . Only the best for his wife, of course .
Mei Lin tilted her head on the side and said, "I only wanted you to buy me cookies, though . "
It was then that Yang realized that his Uncle had played him . Slamming his palms to cover his face, Yang groaned in annoyance . Mei Lin craned her neck to look back at his reaction, curiosity coloring her pale face . Yang wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her towards him, making him gasp as Mei Lin's bottom trap his still half-hard erection . Mei Lin hid the smirk that was evident in her face when she felt the need of her husband . There was something fulfilling in knowing that even if she was big and her stomach was like a balloon, Yang still finds her sexy enough to be hungered over like a rabid dog .
Yang recovered from her inner monologue of trusting his chaotic Uncle and told Mei Lin the truth, "Uncle Wu told me you wanted a list of things . So he sent me to buy some kinds of stuff; I should have known he was pranking me . "
Mei Lin took her hand from Yang's grip and went to look at the things that Yang had brought for her . She was very what kind of things did her uncle made Yang buy for her that in turn made Yang spend more than two hours in the mall . When she opened one paper bag, Mei Lin knew what was under it just by seeing the brand name written on the boxes . Red colored her face and reaching towards the ends of her ears . Yang snickered at the side when he noticed her immediate reaction .
Mei Lin took every time to unravel every parcel . There were matching panties and bras, a corset, some camisole for sleeping, lingerie, and so much more; Mei Lin grew addicted to feeling the soft fabric of the things . The things were either made in silk and satin; Mei Lin had never tried wearing these expensive brands, so she was curious about it .
Without looking at Yang, Mei Lin took off her bulky conservative pajamas . First, she took off her upper blouse, exposing her bigger breast to air . Yang was thankful that Mei Lin's focus was on the things he had brought because the discomfort he felt with his hard-on was probably written on his face . Then Mei Lin pushed her pajama bottoms down, letting her slender legs out one after the other, teasing the man watching on the side with the exposed skin . Mei Lin picked the low necked camisole that barely covered her upper body and ended just a little above her bum .

Yang was frozen in his sit . He had expected her to wear it, but he had not expected that he would be given a show along with it . Of course, he would not say anything to contradict her actions . He was hungry for more .
Suddenly, Mei Lin turned to Yang and smirking at him . The CEO watched as his wife made a mess on the floor when she threw all the boxes and paper bags away, not caring where it would end up .
Yang tried to object, "What are you doi-"
Suddenly, Mei Lin walked towards the edge of the bed, the place nearest to Yang . She lifted the ends of her camisole with both hands and stopped Yang's words by pulling down the black seamless panties that she had worn .
"Wha-" Yang stumbled upon his words, "What are you doing? Lo-love?"
Yang's eyes widen when she spread her legs and saw not one single hair . His eyes looked at her pink folds and then to his wife's eyes, which glinted with so much lust and desire that made Yang's mouth dry with need . She had shaved . Did she shave for him? Yang gulped again . The thought made him wanton to her needs .
"Yang, take me . . . " Mei Lin begged .
Zhao Yang had never felt the best euphoria than when Mei Lin said those words . It was like being in a tight collar and being released in the wild . Yang walked to the bed faster than he had ever walked in his entire life . His hands worked like magic as he unbuttoned his shirt and took all remaining clothes from his body .
Mei Lin smirked as she whispered in his ears when Yang leaned down, "You need to treat me gently . Remember, I am pregnant . "
Yang instantly nodded and said with a voice thick with desire, "I can do slow and steady . "
Mei Lin's eyes widen when Yang did not get into the bed but remain standing as he left her right leg up, and going down at her fold . Since Mei Lin had cleaned it from every hair because she had feared that it might become a bush if she was in labor, Mei Lin was trying to learn how to shave it with a large belly . She had not realized that it would spark Yang to get down and lick her .
Suddenly, something warm was on her inner folds . Mei Lin moaned as that warm and wet thing gently caress her womanhood . Mei Lin felt all her senses heightened . When that warn thing tried to enter her, Mei Lin's moan grew bolder and louder . She could feel the smirk her husband had when she had screamed her named as that wet and warm thing entered the most inner part of her . It was small and not as tall as Yang's other assets, but it was a new sensation .
Mei Lin reached to dragged Yang's hair into her hands, forcing her husband to continue his machinations on her . Yang's erection did not need to be stroke; it had risen like the walking dead after hearing Mei Lin's moans and groans of her name .
"Take me," Mei Lin panted as she begged, "I want you not your tongue . "
Yang's smirk broadened, he stood up and teased Mei Lin' entrance with his thick rod, purring the words, "Say please . "
Mei Lin huffed and clenched the hairs at the back of Yang's head as she blew hot air while she said the words, "Please, husband . Take me!"
Yang's rod entered her folds without any more words exchange between then, and the bed made of extreme materials of steel finally rocked after more than a month of no passionate sex . For Yang, it felt like coming home . Mei Lin's body was always so welcoming for him .
Curious about the large round objects bouncing as he rocked his wife, Yang sucked on one of Mei Lin's breast . Seeing as there was still no milk, Yang was a little disappointed . Maybe on following months of the pregnancy . For now, Yang took himself out and buried himself again and again for the rest of the night .