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Chapter 315
March 9, 20X2 (Monday)
Various Places

Ye Lan hated her life . She did not like the results of the meeting that Father Hao had held . Her fiance would not get the inheritance, meaning Hao Ren was just a useless man . After getting the back support of David, she should be ready to leave Hao Ren and focus on the foreign man, but Ye Lan knew that David would kill her if she separated from Hao Ren . She was the spy for the Hao Family just as they had agreed upon, so she had to suffer this family a little longer .
Yet, she was still not satisfied . Unknowing of David's unhealthy fascination of Mei Lin, Ye Lan had made a move that would make David angry at her without knowing it . Ye Lan did not realize that David wanted Mei Lin so she had finally made a plan that would hurt Mei Lin and her company . Ye Lan contacted the spy that she had planted, a man named Dan .
Taking her phone out, Ye Lan dialed Dan under another made up name . Once the ringing of the phone stop and the phone was answered, Ye Lan immediately said, "Have you found something dark and could potentially ruin her business?"
"Naturally, the business was done legally . I found no loophole to destroy the business . " Dan was hesitant as he answered . He liked working for Mrs . Zhao and Trisha . Elias was a fun and energetic guy that brighten up their boring life . If he could choose, he would differently select them, but The Fool has his family's location, so he had to do these things regardless of it being bad or good .
Ye Lan growled the next words out from her mouth, "Find me something that can be used or else I will tell David to kill every single one of your family!"
Dan stood still on his feet and forced himself to make something up, "Well, I have been working in here from the beginning, and there is still no sign of the famous painter Miss M . Maybe the paintings that are displayed here are fake?"
"What do you mean fake?! Elias is the person behind Miss M, and I would not be surprised that he is that painter!" Ye Lan shouted out, rattling her office with her loud and booming voice .
Dan flinched at the irritating sound that bombarded his ears . He sighed and continued his bluff, "Well, there is really no loophole in their business . I can't find anything wrong that can destroy it unless there would be no customers that avail their services . "
In truth, Dan had found so many loopholes . Mei Lin has only one investor- herself . If anything were to happen with her, the business would topple . The company also does not have the needed foundation to stand by itself yet, and it was still dependent on the money that Mei Lin provides . Dan could have told Ye Lan about these points, but Dan like Mei Lin first before Ye Lan . The only reason why he worked for David was because of the threat for his family, if not for those . Dan's loyalty would have been in Mei Lin's favor .
Ye Lan ended the call with a frustrated huff of hot air . Li Nai Nai was behind Ye Lan the whole time and was studying how stressed and desperate Ye Lan was . She had also heard more things that she should not have . Who is this David that made Ye Lan so fierce and fearless? Li Nai Nai wanted to associate herself with the said man too . She wanted the same fearlessness as Ye Lan had, just not her stupidity . Li Nai Nai also realized that she could take this desperate Ye Lan and pushed her out of her way .

Li Nai Nai slowly approached Ye Lan and said, "I have a suggestion for you, CEO Ye . It depends on you if you want to follow it or not . "
Ye Lan was desperate enough to lend her ear to Li Nai Nai without hesitation . With this thoughtless move, thus started Ye Lan's downfall . Once you start playing with fire, you will surely get burnt . In Ye Lan's case, her fire was in a form of a handsome foreign man named David, The Fool .
At night, Ye Lan started a rumor on the net about the validity of Miss M's painting in the building where M&Friends' Designs . A small post as long as it was linked to a famous name would scatter like wild decrease with the same rate . It was on that day that Wu Mei Li's name became known as a Fraud on the internet as more people began to hate and bash at Mei Li, saying things like she was undeserving of being Mrs . Zhao .
Once Uncle Wu, who was always on the net, saw these posts about the hate directed to his adopted daughter, he was livid . He hacked the net and searched the IP address of the source and discovered it without effort . Feeling unforgiving, Uncle Wu decided to involve someone sure to kill Ye Lan's reputation without a second thought- his sister .
In the middle of the night, while mother Zhao was asleep, her phone rang a bit displaying a notification that showed a red file, indicating that it was something important . Now, Uncle Wu plans to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show that was sure to happen once his sister reads his message . Nobody is scarier than a mother in a warpath for blood .