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Chapter 316
March 10, 20X2 (Tuesday)
Various Places

The first thing that Father Zhao saw as he woke up was his wife sitting in bed and fiddling with her phone . It was not her normal behavior . She would have only taken a peek at it before going to bath herself, so he knows that whatever it is, it must have been important, "What are you reading?"
"The stupid guy sent me something . . . " Mother Zhao told his husband, not really focused on answering the question as her eyes read the message with rapt attention .
"Stupid guy?" Father Zhao mumbled to himself in contemplation . Who was that guy? His wife called everyone that disagrees with her stupid, and it could be anyone .
"My stupid brother," Mother Zhao rolled her eyes as if her words were the most obvious thing in the world . Father Zhao scratched the back of his head in helplessness . Seeing his wife was occupied by the message, Father Zhao took a bath to give her more time . Once he was done, he went out of their bathroom fully cloth and ready to go to work, but he did not expect to see his wife fuming in anger .
Naturally, Father Zhao asked his wife, "What happened?"
"Someone wanted to make a ruckus that could potentially smear the image of our daughter-in-law! If it's a ruckus she wants, then it's a ruckus she gets!" Mother Zhao sneered . Her phone still in her hands .
Father Zhao sighed . Did someone have a death wish this early in the morning? Only three people would make his wife crazy with protective instinct, Yue, Yang, and Mei Lin . Now that Mei Lin is pregnant with her grandchildren, Father Zhao knew his wife would stop at nothing until the one involved will be torn apart and spat into pieces .
Seeing her husband's thinking face, Mother Zhao smiled at him and said, "The children are probably up, now . Go and help them, for me?"
Father Zhao nodded without hesitation . He knew that she would be making important phone calls and would rather not have distractions beside her . His wife, the Lady Xing, had always been easily distracted by his handsome face, which Zhao Yang inherited, but before he was going to allow his wife all the freedom of destroying someone's life, Father Zhao pulled her closer and gave her a toe-curling kiss that made the noble's eyes flutter in embarrassment .
"Good Morning, wife . " Father Zhao drawled .
Father Zhao hurried out of the door . Just as he closed their large doors, Father Zhao could hear a light thump of a pillow hitting wood . He smirked as he went around the Manor like a cat that had the canary for breakfast .
Once Mother Zhao had made calls of her contacts, I . A . I . Interior Designs had the busiest day of all of its time . Li Nai Nai and the rest of the employees were beyond frustrated that they have ever been since the release of the infamous videos . Many customers were calling them and withdrawing from their services with reasons that span in different directions . Some would say that they don't need the renovation, some would say it was because of financial support, others would say some hairbrained excuse .

It was because of a particular caller that Li Nai Nai had an idea on who was behind this mass pull out of their services . The client had told her, "You guys have offended someone that you shouldn't have . "
"Excuse me?" Li Nai Nai asked, wanting to know more, but the client has already hunged up .
Li Nai Nai immediately bolted out of her cubicle and into the CEO's office, "CEO Ye, there was a call that hinted me of something . "
"What?!" Ye Lan was not in the mood for talk . Her company has started to decline ever since the scandals, but it had never been this bad before .
"Some client told me that we had offended someone we shouldn't . . . and the only person I can think of right now is Wu Mei Li . " Li Nai Nai said . She also did not like the result of their little scheme to make gossip to ruin the reputation of said woman .
The Zhao family must have heard of their deeds and did something at the back . Her father had countlessly warned her about the Zhao family's power, and she knew that it was done by an elder rather than the younger Zhaos . Since the majority of the younger ones that pulled out stated about their parents told them to do it . If this continued, Li Nai Nai would have no job to do . Ye Lan gritted her teeth in anger at Mei Lin . She needed to do more to Mei Lin than she had done before . Ye Lan officially hated the woman .
On Zhao Manor, Mei Lin was woken up by the sound of her phone ringing . Her hands reached to answer the phone and put it on speaker phone . She could not even say hello as Elias' serious voice cut her off, "There is a rumor that is circulating everywhere, right now, and it involves Miss M . Apparently, there is someone that questioned the validity of the paintings we have in our collection . "
Mei Lin snorted, "The idiocracy of it all . "
"Agreed . I will try and settle this, but if not, you may have to reveal your identity . From your time in France to the present . " Elias warned . Mei Lin agreed immediately . She had only hidden because she did not want the fame, but marrying Yang had already given her too much prominence than even her status as Miss M mattered none .
Yang's eyes were closed, but his ears were listening and memorizing every word . It seems that something had happened . He needed to know who he was going to kill for trying to hurt his wife .