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Chapter 317
March 10, 20X2 (Tuesday)
Zhao Manor

Yang was sent to go to the dining room first because Mei Lin did not want Yang's playful help when dressing up the children . Everyone in the manor knew that Yang helping out means more work was going to be done . Mei Lin had no patience to deal with more work, so she shooed her husband away, woke up the children, and prepared them for the day . It was easy even if she had a large stomach, and the children were independent and reliable than Zhao Yang could ever be in the mornings .
Whistling, Yang went into their large dining room looking happy and satisfied, but inside his mind are plans of torture . He had not forgotten what he had heard from Elias and Mei Lin's phone call; it was still in the front of his mind, but when he was inside the room, Yang saw his father looking like he was staring into outer space- dazed and confused .
Yang tapped his father's shoulders and asked, "Is something wrong?"
"Your mother is not in a good mood today . Something happened . . . I'm still not sure what happened yet . Do you have any idea?" Father Zhao admitted as he gestured his son to sit at his usual place on the table, which Yang did with raised eyebrows .
Once again remembering the phone call early in the morning, Yang wanted to confirm, "Is it about Mei Lin?"
"You do know," Father Zhao said with eyes immediately narrowed down to glare at his son, wanting for information . Why was it that he was the last one to hear about details like these? He felt a bit incapable .
Being a tease, Yang could not help but gloat and joke to his father, "What will you give me in exchange for the information, old man?"
"I am your father," Father Zhao deadpanned . His oldest child was far too similar to his mother and wife . Feeling cheated, Father Zhao started to sulk .
"Not enough . . . " Yang voiced out but refrained from letting his snickers of amusement out . There are times that his father could be scary and tough, but when it comes to swapping information, he sucked at it too much that Yang could not believe how he scored his mother, Lady Xing . Mother Zhao had an information network higher than anyone of the Zhao family, and that's mainly because of her noble status and also because of the power that she held as a noble with government connections .
Father Zhao was baffled by his son, "You-" "Don't be fooled by your son, stupid husband . " Mother Zhao strutted into the dining room with a broad beaming smile . Father Zhao was confused . Hadn't she been frowning and annoying moments ago? Why was she smiling so broadly? Suddenly Father Zhao realized that she must have done something that caused her to be this happy .
Shivering from fear, Father Zhao did not want to know anymore . He weakly defended himself, "I'm not fooled!"
Mother Zhao settled on her seat, beside Father Zhao with a smirk . Her face showed a grin that was far too malicious for the children to see . Yang and his father looked at each other and did not dare say another word . Knowing Mother Zhao's temper, they knew it would not be safe if they did .

"I sent something on your phone, check it . " Mother Zhao informed Yang after a while of silence as she fiddled with her own device .
Curious about the truth on what drove his mother to be so annoyed, Yang read the message that he received with mixed emotions . He should have known it was the idiot Ye Lan that started the rumors . Now, Mei Lin was endangered of revealing her true identity as Miss M . The longer that Yang read the file, the sooner he realized that his mother had known Miss M's identity . Guessing by his mother's attitude, she must have known about it before he has . He should have known . No information gets pass Lady Xing .
"When did you know?" Sighing, Yang recognized his incompetence . He still has a long way to go compared to his mother .
"Know what?" Mother Zhao looked up and continued, "I know many things . "
Father Zhao rolled his eyes and murmured, "You know too much . "
"What was that, dear?" Mother Zhao faced him with a smile that told Father Zhao to zip his mouth and never say stupid things at all . There were no such things as too much information .
Yang was about to open his mouth when Mei Lin and the children together with Aunt Qinyang and his uncle burst into the dining room with hearty cheers as Ling Ling run towards Father and Mother Zhao to greet her grandparents before kissing Yang . Chang followed his sister on a sedate and relaxed pace with a new book clutched in his small hands .
Mei Lin sat beside Yang, placing her hands on his knees after she had settled the kids to their chairs with Aunt Qinyang helping out . She looked ahead and smiled at Mother Zhao . After his discovery, Yang gulped . How was he going to tell his wife that his mother had already discovered her identity as Miss M without incurring her hormone filled wrath?
Yang's worries were put to rest when Mother Zhao opened her mouth, "There was a rumor circulating about the validity of the paintings in your building . You may have to reveal your identity as Miss M to the world soon . I have already done something to the woman that started the rumors, but its better that you tell the truth to the world so your credibility will not be questioned again . "
Mei Lin blinked her eyes in shock before her mouth dropped in shock . No secret stays hidden long, especially when the person you are keeping the secret was Mother Zhao .