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Chapter 319
March 11, 20X2 (Wednesday)
Various Places

"So Miss M was actually someone near us!"
"It makes me proud as a fellow citizen that we have someone like Miss M . "
"I still can't believe that the New Mrs . Zhao is Miss M!"
"Do you think CEO Zhao knew about it?"
"of course! They have married, after all!"
"Is it the reason why the Zhao family accepted her so easily?"
"I don't know, but she's gaining more followers in her social media account, and some of the houses are rich and affluent people worldwide!"
"I don't care much about it, but Mei Lin is sure a strong and hard working woman! From being an orphan to becoming a famous painter and then marrying into a family that reeks of old money must be tough!'
"I'm more interested in her lowkey persona . . . most new money is a bit of a show-off, and I can't believe that she's also pregnant? "
"Yeah! She's going to be a mother soon! Oh! She's already a mother . "
"It's amazing at her to adopt too!"
"I've definably become a fan!"
"OMG! Me too! Did you know that someone started a fan page for her?"
" I didn't! I'll join now!"
The public has made so much noise about Mei Lin and her past that Ye Lan did not go out to face the world of gossip that she had help created . M&Friends Designs have slated to become famous because of the painter Miss M . Never in all her years did she ever think that Mei Lin and Miss M were one and the same! Now all her carefully made plans were useless . In every Social Media she checks, Ye Lan could find Mei Lin's name on the top trending topics . It pissed her off . She should have been the one to be Mrs . Zhao and become successful .
Ye Lan had kicked her good-for-nothing fiance out of their shared room after she saw Hao Ren wanting to have sex with her . The stupid man was not allowed to touch her after being unsuccessful in gaining the Hao family inheritance even win an unfair advantage . Hao Manor had drastically changed after the charity event happened . Father Hao and Hao Chen were always seen talking about business or Zhao Yue, which also annoyed Ye Lan .
Scrolling as one of her social media accounts, Ye can find some trolls in the comments of Mei Lin's photos and liked the short post, not realizing that to like, her account was needed and could be seen . The troll screenshotted the notification and uploaded the image while also tagging her . After a few minutes of scrolling into the vast expanse of the net, Ye Lan's phone began to grow busy as the Fans of Mei Lin saw the comment that she liked . On that day, Ye Lan dealt with many hate from the newly made fanbase, international & local, of Miss M while Uncle Wu was cracking in his seat in Y Building as he logged out from his troll account . He was just putting some drama on the comments to test the gravity of Mei Lin's fan's adoration towards their new idol .
When Yang went home from his work, Mei Lin was on her phone, pouting like a child . Immediately, Yang knew why he was asked to buy ice cream . She must have been reading comments about her . Approaching his wife with the same caution as one does with a ticking bomb, Yang made sure to heavy his footsteps and made sounds to signal his approach .

Mei Lin looked up and beamed a bright and cheery smile to him, causing the cautious man to almost stumble at the unexpected reaction . Taking advantage of her happiness, Yang stole plenty of kisses from her lips .
"What are you reading?" Yang asked with annoyance as Mei Lin's eyes concentrated at her phone than kissing him . What a blasphemous act! One should focus on the kiss! Kisses are meant to be done with passion and never half-assed!
"Reading more about Pregnancy and child care . I am determined to finish at least these books . " Mei Lin said while she opened a library full of online books and showing it to Yang .
Sighing, Yang stopped himself from touching his nose . Even after marrying Mei Lin, she still managed to surprise him . Just when he thinks he knows her well enough, he is proven otherwise . Lightly caressing Mei Lin's hair, Yang asked, "Did you see the chaos that Elias made on Miss M's official social media accounts?"
"Of course, I did . "Mei Lin snorted . Who in the right mind would miss the reason why she ruled all notifications her social media sent her? She had even blocked many accounts and contacts on her phone, which was irritating enough to be insistent even if she already said no .
"Did you notice how your fans destroyed Ye Lan?" Yang casually asked as he started undressing out from his business attire .
Mei Lin raised her eyebrows and shrugged . She did not want to deal with Ye Lan if she can help it . She doesn't really care about her as much . Only when Ye Lan was bullying someone she loves will she retaliate with savageness . Mei Lin tried to stay away from her social media accounts . She did not want to be affected with the inevitable hatred and jealousy, and at some time, she did not want to have a big head while reading all the praises .
Fame and influence was a scary thing to have, mainly when it is used to the younger generation who craves attention and yearns for affection . Being Pregnant, Mei Lin has no time nor patience to deal with the guaranteed drama .