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Chapter 32

November 5, 20XX (Monday)

Y Building, Beijing

For thirty-one years, Zhao Yang had achieved many things . He had been top of his class in every year, he had won awards in Wushu and achieved medals with Kung Fu, and he had also had a trophy in college for his team's win in Basketball . Currently, he is managing 5 business that is in the process of becoming one and is also acquiring another company… but those achievements paled in comparison at the video that he had just acquired from his mother .

Three days before, Mother Zhao had interrupted his meeting with numerous pictures and videos of the woman who was constantly in his thoughts trying different clothes . He had been shocked before but now the pictures had dominated his phone . Another photo of Mei Li had become his home screen's backdrop, another was his lock screen's background, another had gone to be the wallpaper on his laptop, some had been edited to compile every picture into a wallpaper for his desktop on his office .

For three days, every time he opens his gadgets, he would stare a little bit at the backdrop and proceed to do what he needed or if he was just bored, he would just stare at his phone and find himself thinking of Mei Li and that always makes him energized .

He shamelessly admits that he had used it for other purposes too; a reason that should not be heard by children and Mei Li . The young CEO had been satisfied with those pictures and short videos but he had not expected to receive a long video after two days had passed .

Yang sat on his office chair looking at the three secretaries under Secretary Bai brainstorming ideas for the building's makeover since he had acquired another IT company and merging it with his own, he had decided to buy the building that he had leased before because of convenience . Thus all of his old employees will be added with other employees from the other company making a bigger company as Yang the sole owner . These had created more things to do; more offices to be built, people to be assigned or reassigned, staff to be reviewed, status reports to be read, and so much more .

The greatest problem that Yang and his Secretaries were facing was the design of the interior . Previously, Yang had hired an interior designer but because of the large work on a short time and how time-consuming it was to do, the interior designer had asked Yang different questions he had no idea what to answer . What the hell does he know about what shade of white to paint?! He didn't even know that white had other shade or was the interior designer just pulling his leg?

Stressed and Frustrated, Yang shouted at his four secretaries to gather inside his office so they could decide for him because one more colour wheel of the same colour in his eyes, he would paint everything white like a mental institution! He briefly explained to Secretary Bai what was needed to be decided, handing him different papers with the design sketch and colours to choose .

Secretary Bai and the rest of his secretary had then hurdled on the sofa and couches in front of his desk looking and comparing colours when Yang's phone vibrated and upon seeing the sender being his mother, he instantly opened it hoping for more photos to relieve his stress only to see a minute and a half long video . He could see Mei Li's grinning face close up as the thumbnail of the video .

Momentarily, he observed his secretaries . Upon deeming them harmless, he clicked the large play button while adjusting his phone to landscape and pressing the volume up to hear the audio clearly amidst the chatter of his secretaries .

[Hello, my dear son… You might be asking how I'm doing, I am doing just fine but there is someone here losing your challenge . ] Yang saw his mother greet him and then at the end turned the camera to Mei Li who was sitting on a large sofa acting pitiful like a lost puppy .

Mei Li looked up to his mother asking [Do I really have to do this?]

[You have to admit your losses dear . Come on, you just have to say what I told you before . ] Yang snorted when he heard his mother's reply from the back of the camera . This must be about the issued challenge, Yang had checked the purchases from Mei Li's credit card and aside from three dinners and two breakfast in different restaurants, there was no sign of other activities that could make him bankrupt . His mother's card, on the other hand, was now totalling to more than a million dollars but that was fine since most of the dresses and things bought were for Mei Li and his family .

Foolishly grinning, Yang listened as Mei Li spoke like a robot who had been programmed to speak, [I've learned that my inability to spend money is not the problem but my thoughtless provocation to your dares is… because I lost, you may ask me to do anything upon my arrival in Beijing the next day within reason, of course . ]

Yang mentally thanked his mother; he was truly blessed with a wonderful mother, very supportive of his endeavours .

Next time, his mother should offer Mei Li on a plate for him to eat and he would gladly partake with delight .

The camera then turned to his mother, [I have also asked her to prepare and deliver your lunches in my stead so be nice to her, alright? I also remember that you are busy with the merger and the takeover so she can lend her help… that's all, we need to go and buy me another painting of Miss M!]

The video turned black as Yang sat up straight with wide eyes still pinned at his phone . Mei Li would prepare his lunches? Does that mean she would be the one cooking it? Can she cook? Yang remembered reading in her files before that she graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics .

His mother had really offered Mei Li to him in a plater . His mother is definitely the best mother in the world! Whose mother can send her future daughter-in-law for her son to do as he pleases so easily? No one else's but his Mother could be this capable!

When he looked up towards his eavesdroppers, he ordered them with the most serious tone he could manage despite the large sincere grin on his face, "You heard my mother, let Mei Li work on those . "

Secretary Bai ushered the other secretaries out after they had compiled the files back into Yang's desk, awaiting the famous painter's decisions . Yang could still hear the endless questions the rest of the secretaries had begun to ask Secretary Bai, who had wisely remained silent in fear for his life .

Yang started to arrange the small clutter in his desk . Such an important visitor will come the next day after tomorrow, he needed his office spotless .