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Chapter 320
March 22, 20X2 (Sunday)
Various Places

Dr . Zhang Li Xi could not believe how big Mei Lin's stomach had become for being just five months in the Pregnancy . He noted to speak to her ob gynecologist to confine his suspicions . Seeing Mei Lin's stare, Dr . Zhang Li Xi rolled his eyes as he took the chocolate bar in the breast pocket on his white lab coat and gave it to the pregnant woman, who was eyeing it when they meet at the entrance .

Mei Lin had been a foodie before, but she knew when to stop and when to limit herself . After the confirmation of her pregnancy, Mei Lin could not bear to stop herself from eating more food that she previously taught was her limit . What was curious was not how much Mei Lin ate, but how Mei Lin had managed to stay skinnier than they expected her to be . Her food intake was more prominent than most bodybuilder, so they had expected her to balloon, and was amazed when she stayed almost the same . Only her stomach had bulge so widely, and she was way starting to waddle like a penguin .

"What did the doctor told you?" Dr . Zhang asked Mei Lin, hoping she would get his hint to know more . It was not every day that he gets to be an uncle .

Opening the doors of his silver sports car, the Doctor rolled his eyes when Mei Lin struggled to get into the low passenger seats . Zhang Li Xi did not have the correct patience to take care of a pregnant woman, but because everyone in Zhao Manor was busy . Yang had to hurry to take care of his business while Mei Lin wanted to visit her company and talk with Elias about her next collection, the doctor had to agree to be the companion, seeing as it was also his break after .

"She told me many things . . . Which one?" Mei Lin gently teased him after he was suitably situated on the driver's seat and was starting to drive .

The doctor visibly rolled his eyes at her, letting her know that he was not amused with her teasing . He did not appreciate jokes that hinders him from the knowledge that he seeks primarily if it is from his future nephew or niece .

Mei Lin giggled loudly as the car started to speed into the highways of the city, turning sharply in corners without much trouble . Mei Lin could see why Yang trusted Dr . Zhang Li Xi with her safety . He was a very fluid and calm driver . Suddenly, Mei Lin remembered how Elias drive . If she was to compare them, Dr . Zhang was a pro and Elias was the infant, who was put on a baby chair on the back for safety and never on the stirring wheel .

"You are much bigger than what I expect you to be at five months in . . . " The Doctor told, carefully minding his words not to be misunderstood .

Mei Lin could see where her companion was going with his questions, but she was in the mood to tease him . Grinning, Mei Lin replied, "She told me that I might have eaten too many watermelons . "

"Be serious!" Dr . Zhang Li Xi snapped, but his eyes showed the mirth that he was desperately trying to conceal . Who was not going to laugh at a pregnant woman referring to her stomach as a watermelon?

When they arrived at the building, Paparazzi were lined up in front waiting for them . Flashes of light blinded Mei Lin, which made her long for Yang's comfort . Her husband has always made sure to block the flashes with his hands over her eyes to create a shadow . She hates going out without Yang at her side .

"Mei Lin! come inside, hurry! "Elias was at the entrance, beckoning for them to run . Rushing, Mei Lin left the Doctor to fend off the paparazzi that gathered around him . At least the paparazzi had enough respect to leave a pregnant woman alone, but they were more distracted by the playboy doctor, who seldom goes into the limelight .

Once safe inside the building and sat on her office, Trisha and Elias began to pester her with her health, leaving the doctor stranded on the doorway at the office and weirded out with every question . Dr . Zhang Li Xi was a bit interested in the man who behaved like a woman, gossiping freely with Trisha Fuller and Zhao Mei Lin without hesitation .

Mei Lia, at five months, maybe a bit slow but she was not blind to not see he heated stare of the bisexual doctor towards her art agent . Elias, unfortunately, did not see it or else he might have already struck . Smirking, Mei Lin was curious about the future that awaited them . She noted to tell her husband about this . As she was thinking about it while answering the questions that were fired at her on both sides, Mei Lin felt a strong kick on her stomach .
"What the!?" Mei Lin jumped up in shocked, making the people around her surprised .
"What? What happened?" The doctor was instantly at her side, fussing in worry . Dr . Zhang Li Xi was afraid of angering Zhao Yang, but he was terrified if he enrages Zhao Yang and Xue Chang Min at the same time . He may have been their friend, but Mei Lin was their world . There was no competition .
"I felt a kick!" Mei Lin grinned, causing everyone to smile in happiness, and hands began to roam around her stomach, hoping to feel the movement of small life .
The doctor breathed a sigh of relief, but he was proud to know that he was the first one to feel the kicks of the children than his two friends . Dr . Zhang Li Xi finally has something that he can use to tease his friends .