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Chapter 321
March 26, 20X2 (Thursday)
Zhao Manor

Mei Lin was just expecting silence and calmness after all the drama of her identity settled down . She just wanted peace while she was carrying her baby . Was that too much to ask? Yang and her children were darlings for her patience, though . They tried to occupy her with hugs, cuddles, and spoil her with neverending compliments .
Mother Zhao had also started to talk to her more about her paintings and plans of making other ones . Seeing Mother Zhao's deep interest in her work as Miss M was the best form of compliment she could ever receive . Feeling proud, Mei Lin was happy that the woman who had done so much for her liked it .
Because Mei lin had been feeling bad in the morning, Yang had not gone to his company as he did not have anything important scheduled today . Secretary Bai could handle everything for a day or two . His wife took precedence over anything, even money . For the whole day, Yang shadowed Mei Lin like a stalker in their own home . The painter did find it a little funny when Yang was trying to at like a bodyguard more than her husband .
Mei Lin was in the middle of trying the maternal clothes that Yang had bought for her when Trisha called, frantic and out of breath . When Trisha told them that they were already at the manor's entrance and waiting for permission to come inside, Mei Lin knew her to wish for peace was hopeful thinking . There was more gossip . Again . Some people just don't learn from experience . Mei Lin had heard from Mother Zhao that she was already punishing the person, who had started the rumor about her paintings . She had been curious about it, but when she saw the wicked glint on her mother-in-law's eyes, Mei Lin decided it was better to be ignorant .
Trisha did not bother to greet her when they meet . Contrary to her, Elias was following behind the hysterical woman at a sedate pace . Their contrasting attitudes always baffled Mei Lin because she knew how well the two foreigners got along with each other . Her company would not be as successful if her ant agent and her top interior designers were fighting like cats and dogs . Mei Lin realized that they both treated each other as brothers and sisters . Well, since Elias was gay, should Mei Lin say sisters instead?
"We have bad News!" Trisha hollered close to Mei Lin's ears, causing the pregnant woman to flinch away . Yang was watching in the side, curious .
Elias rolled his eyes and warned Trisha, "You are too loud . We are at Zhao Manor, remember that . "
Realizing her mistake, Trisha apologized immediately and tried to calm herself by breathing in and out as deep as she could, but Mei Lin could still see her hands shaking . The painter briefly wondered what news could make the easy-go-lucky Trisha be this nervous . Yang briefly wondered if they were terrifying as a family that a hysterical woman would calm down after being reminded of the place where she stood .
"So, what is this all about?" Mei Lin turned to her calm art agent for information instead . She knew that Trisha was still trying hard to be more of her usual self .

Elias sighed and answered with a roll of his eyes, "Someone spread ugly news about us having an affair . "
"What was that?" Mei Lin's eyes blinked, astonished with the stupidity of the people around them . Yang immediately thought of a certain annoying woman that was responsible for the first rumor that led to mei Lin's identity as Miss M was revealed . He had a feeling that she had something to do with this again . Yang made a mental note to ask Uncle Wu .
"They said that you and I are . . . . " Elias could barely get the words out from his mouth in disgust . He and Mei Lin together felt bad like bestiality and incest to him- Gross and something he would never to do . In fact, Trisha and Mei Lin were the girls that he will never dare to touch if he was straight, even more so that he is gay . He would prefer to contact men . Women don't have the right equipment for him to be fully satisfied .
"Lovers," Trisha said while airing quotation marks .
Yang snorted so loud that it surprised Trisha and Elias when they heard it . Of course, when they listened to the rumors, it was also their exact reaction . It was weird, for them, to think of Elias, the gay, would make Mei Lin, the confined pregnant and married woman, have affairs . The fact that Elias only liked men and Mei Lin was like a prisoner in Zhao Manor should be known by the people so their common sense would not slip like it is currently in now .
"So why is Trisha so panicked? There was these Kind of news about Dr . Zhang and me when he chaperoned me to the company before . This rumors shouldn't be an issue . " Mei Lin asked .
Trisha shuffled on her feet, twirling her thumbs as she nervously looked at the side while gulping and said with all the honesty that she was known for, "We fought that CEO Yang would be angry at Elias . . . "
This time it was Mei Lin that had snorted . She had forgotten how fearful Trisha was with Yang . Even when they had worked together for months before she was in charge of Y Building, Trisha never got used to Yang's Yandere smiles and his sadistic and sarcastic words .
The world may change, but some things remain constant, after all . It seems that Trisha was not scared of the paparazzi, but was frightened of Yang's reaction . Mei Lin almost burst out laughing . Trisha was too cute sometimes . As if Yang would believe something like that, after all, Mei Lin was a pregnant prisoner that Yang constantly exhausted Mei Lin with sex every night . There were no chances of Mei Lin going to somebody for more . She was fully satisfied and more in Yang's arms .
" . . . these rumors are starting to be annoying though," Elias muttered . "I am trying to reach the source, but I always encounter a block . "
Yang patted Elias' back and said, "Don't worry about it . Someone is already slowly working to have the source punished . "
Trisha and Elias did not miss the murderous look that Yang sent towards the window . They were correct in their decision to hurry and calm the beast, even if he was not angry at them now . It was always best to be on his right side . Better a suck up and survive than arrogant and die .