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Chapter 322
April 10, 20X2 (Friday)
Various Places

"Thank you for coming here today . " Mei Lin said to the gathered crowd . With a large pregnant belly, Mei Lin faced a few paparazzi with Yang on her side for the best support she could ever wish .
Two weeks ago, Mei Lin and Yang had not expected the rumors of Mei Lin's affairs to spread like fire quickly, paparazzi and reporters continue to burn every attempt of calming the public that the Zhaos did with more speculations . The only good thing that came from the rumors was that Yang spent more days with Mei Lin in case she gets too worried and worked up . Nevertheless, everything else was alright . Her pregnancy was great, and her morning sickness has vanished . The problem that she is currently facing is her heightened sex drive . Yang used to tire her a lot, but now, it seems that it's starting to switch .
After days of letting the rumors of the affair die down on its own, they were surprised when another talk started to circulate . Every one now thought that the secret room hidden on her company building was for her and Elias' use . When Mei Lin heard this rumor, she laughed so hard that tears started to brim on her eyes .
Yang had to support Mei Lin so she would not fall from her chair with her boisterous laughter . He was curious if there was even a secret room, to begin with . Trusting his wife, Yang did not say anything that showed his want to know more .
Because the rumors and gossips continued to grow as days passed Mei Lin was forced to do something about it . She had thought of the best way possible that she could open the secret room for everyone to see, so her reputation will be safe, while not enraging Yang . Mei Lin knew that if she were to show the public what was inside the room, Yang would go hysterical if pictures were to be taken .
After days of planning with Yue and Ru Shi through the phone, Mei Lin had finally sent an invitation to different reporters and Media outlets . She had also made Yang stay with her on this day, so everything will go back to the peaceful days that she called it was .
The fans that had continued to support her was glad that she was finally going to be addressing the rumors that always question her morals and ethics . Mei Lin was delighted that even if she was plagued with hatred by many people, there were still fans that continued to believe in her .
"If Miss M permits, why not show what's inside your hidden room . " One of the reporters said, excited for the knowledge that was inside the room . Yang was on Mei Lin's side just as excited if not more excited than anyone . Mei Lin had hinted that it was only a room full of paintings, apart from that, Yang heard nothing more .
Mei Lin was about to open the door, but she turned around to ask, "What if it's all my unfinished work that I do not want to be photographed?"
The people looked at each other with determined gazed . Any news about Miss M would be eaten up by the public, so anything at all was good enough . Even if they can only be allowed one photo each with their cameras inside, it was enough to sell for a hefty prize .

"Then we will leave our cameras out . " one reporter insisted .
"How about only one or two shots?" another one tried to gamble .
"Yeah! Just a peek into the room . " a desperate reporter shouted from the back .
Mei Lin sighed in frustration . Yang was silent at her side, and he, too, was curious to what was inside the secret room that he had not realized was even present in the building . The knowledge that he did not know something this big about his wife made him fearful of being rejected and abandoned .
"I will agree with it as long as my husband agrees . The paintings you will see is his, anyway . "
Yang's head tilted up in surprise as his eyes widened when his brain processed her words . Suddenly, the determined reporters were not so determined at all . Facing Mei Lin was loads easier than facing Zhao Yang .
Grinning wildly at the people that seemed to evade his gaze, Yang told his wife with a nod, "I will be here watching . If they misbehave and take photos of every art pieces, they will answer to me . "
With a nod, Mei Lin opened the white flushed door and into the hidden room that many people were dying to see .
It did not take long for everyone's faces to turn red . Everyone but Mei Lin avoided Yang's eyes, but they were curious about his reaction, so they took peaks at the CEO's face once in a while .
It was anti-climactic to them, but it must have been a surprise for CEO Yang because the walls were full of almost pornographic content of the CEO . The reporters, journalists, etc . finally had an inkling of what it was like to marry an artist who could embed every found memory into painting . . . including memories of making love . Red decorated the faces of the reporters .