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Chapter 323
April 10, 20X2 (Friday)
M&Friends Building & Zhao Manor

Yang's eyes wandered from one painting to the next . His feet were moving so slowly as he took time with memorizing every detail . This painting was how his wife sees him when they make love or even when they just hang out together . Mei Lin had drawn him too handsome like he was someone out of the world's expectation and another category of his own .

The reporters had finally gathered the courage to stare at the CEO's reaction . Although they can see almost no emotion, his eyes were filled with the heat that can melt diamonds . Once they see Mei Lin's red face that flushed immediately when they entered the room, the reporters realized why this room was kept secret .

There were paintings of Zhao Yang sitting on a chair, laying without any clothes on . There was Painting of the CEO's face in the middle of heightened orgasmic pleasure . Honestly, it was not something they should have seen . These paintings were painted explicitly for CEO Zhao's eyes . Suddenly, the reporters felt terrible for bothering the innocent painter . There must be someone out there trying to defame the painter . Now they have learned their lesson .

Most celebrities would have scolded them or at least throw tantrums and demands at them but not Zhao Mei Lin . She was calm when she faced them even with a large pregnant belly, and she was successful in proving them wrong . Mei Lin was not afraid of them because she has nothing to hide . It took the people that were gathered in the room a large amount of their pride and embarrassment to learn a valuable lesson .

Like a lion stalking its prey, Zhao Yang almost strutted towards his wife . In those seconds, it felt as if time slowed . The reporters felt as if they were watching a romance movie as Zhao Yang wrapped his arms around Mrs . Zhao Mei Lin's waist, pulling the petite woman to his side, bodies flushed together on the side .

The reporters could not hear what Mao Yang whispered on the painter's ears, but they could see how much the red tint on Mei Lin's face worsened . Everyone knew that it must be something inappropriate to write in their news anyway, so they left them alone .

Once the gathering was coming to a close, Elias went inside the room to quickly declare to the reporters, "Just to let you know . If I were having an affair between the two Zhao Couple, It would not be Mei Lin that I would seduce . It would be Zhao Yang . I am happily gay . Thank you very much!"

In support of Elias, Trisha came and shouted, "I do not have any affairs with the Zhao couple too! I'm scared of Zhao Yang, and I'm straight, so Mei Lin is attractive but not the right gender for me . "

The reporters went home on back to their companies with giant smiles at the scoop they just discovered . The Zhao couple was happily married, the rumored man in the affair was gay, and someone was spreading false rumors about Miss M .

Meanwhile, Yang's grip on his wife's waist could not be undone . Yang had even let one of their bodyguards drive them home as he chooses to be beside his wife . Mei Lin's face remained red throughout the day . Elias and Trisha were grinning and leering at her every chance they could, which worsen Mei Lin's red face, turning it into something ripe like a tomato .

Yang, on the other hand, was not paying them any attention at all . His eyes were staring into space, but his mind was may preoccupied with his wife . No, what was on his mind was ways to take his wife to heaven and back again as thank for her very pornographic gift of his person . He had not realized she could memorize details of him enough to paint a very vivid picture .

Mei Lin could still remember the heated words that Yang had whispered on her ears . "Wait for when we are home . I will take your every inch . "

The painter admitted to herself that she's excited about the thought of her every inch being taken . What would her husband do? It made her look forward to arriving home, but at the same time, scared if she could keep up or not . Her body began to crave for Yang's touch as her husband started to caress her right thighs with his right hand as his left hand was still holding onto her waist like a koala with its tree branch .

"Mom! Dad!" Chang and Ling Ling greeted them immediately once they arrived home . Mei Lin did not know what Yang will do to her, especially when the children were there and awake .

"Chang, Ling Ling, Can you go to your Aunt Qin yang's room and say that your mother is not feeling well after handling many reporters at once? Will you be a good boy and good girl for your Grandma Hunt?" Yang told them with a scripted and well thought off Iie .

like magic, the kids disappeared to Aunt Qin yang's room as Yang fetch his phone to call their Aunt . "Hello, Aunt Qinyang, would you take care of the kids for a while?"

"Of course, is everything alright with Mei Lin? Did something happened with the reporters?" Aunt Qinyang asked, worry evident in her voice .

"She just feels a bit under the weather . I will let her rest without distraction for a while since it's been a while that I have a break; I think I will join her for a nap . '' Yang said, lying with ease .

Mei Lin was on the side gaping like a fish out of water . She could only stand, unmoving, as her husband effortlessly made excuses after excuses so that he could have sex . A hungry and desperate man was a force to be reckoned with, after all .

Gulping the saliva that pooled her mouth, Mei Lin's quickly slipped dress was ripped into pieces . Yang had tried to take it off, unbuttoning every button, but once Mei Lin was starting to moan within the kiss that his mouth and tongue were working hers with into a complicated dance . Yang lost all patience and simply pulled and shredded the blue dress into pieces with his bare hands .

"Yang, be gentle!" Mei Lin shouted as her husband pushed her into the bed, making her back thumped into the mattress, loudly .

Yang did not reply, but he grinned so broadly that it shoved all of his teeth . Mei Lin gripped the sheets as Yang kissed her perked pink nipples and doing the same with the other one . Slowly, Yang's hands traveled south and starting to explore her famine folds, making her arch her back, leaning it flushed towards Yang's solid chest .

"Do you like that?" Yang whispered at Mei Lin's ears, making her cheeks flushed with the blood of embarrassment . Yang's voice that cracked with desire and laced with lust was the most attractive quality she found .

"Just take me . . . " Mei Lin whimpered, hot with need .

Yang smirked, "Oh, I plan to take my time . "

Mei Lin's loud moan echoed into the room as Yang leaned down into the throbbing heat of her core and licking, playing, sucking, and doing things that made her eyes roll to the back of her head with glorious hot pleasure .

Frustrated with how slow Yang was being, Mei Lin jerked herself up, causing Yang to be surprised . Taking advantage of his lowered guard, Mei Lin yanked Yang's tall and thick rod and trapping him with her spread legs . Yang's eyes widen as Mei Lin guided the erect manly organ into hers and tightened her legs, making him slam into her most intimate place .

Yang had rocked her to the heavens especially when his mouth begins to wander everywhere it could; from her shoulders, collar bones, neck, nipples, breast, toe, lips, ears, forehead, hands, arms, with eyes that stared straight at her . Mei Lin started to rock and met the rhythm that Yang had begun, like a dance .

It had been one of their most exceptional lovemaking to have ever happened . Yang had pulled in and out so many times, and he had lasted much longer than he usually does . Mei Lin was almost crossed eyed after they were done . Feeling the fluids of the aftermath of their desires in between her legs, Mei Lin tried to clean it away with tissues, but Yang's grip on her waist was so tight that she doubted that he would let her move around .

Suddenly, Yang's little junior had grown bigger again and entered her while they were spooning . Mei Lin gasped so loud that she as scared the people outside must have heard her . Yang smirked, "We aren't finished yet . "

Mei Lin whimpered as a new sensation, filled her body as Yang's manhood reached places it had not reached before . Trying new positions was scary, a little, but damn was it delicious . A drool slipped into the side of Mei Lin's mouth as she moaned again when she felt him touch the part that made her wits leave her brain . Yang forced Mei Lin to face her and delivering a wet and sloppy kiss as his hips continued to pleasure her opening . Yang's other hand supported her stomach, careful of his movements .

When the next morning came, two people were very late to wake up and wet patches decorated their linen sheets as their body stank with sex and all the aftermath it caused . Mei Lin's white skin was littered with kiss marks as Yang's backs had scratches from her sharp nails . Nevertheless, two people's sexual appetite was satisfied, and the pregnant woman couldn't be anymore happier .