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Chapter 324
April 11, 20X2 (Saturday)
Zhao Manor

The news that came from the reports, who Mei Lin had invited to see her private gallery, had nothing but praised for her . The general public was once again full of praise for her . Her fans merely rolled there eyes and started to gloat about other people's blind trust in the media .

Newspapers had front pages with titles of, "The Zhao couples, so in love " or "eating dog food from the hands of a famous painter and a CEO" or things like "False Rumors: an effort to destroy Miss M?" and "Someone is out to get Miss M . " These kinds of reports and news sold copies everywhere . Because Mei Lin also has many international fans, reporters and the media profited much from her, which made her the darling in their eyes . She was not even rude to them as most people with fame and power had .

Mei Lin and Yang could care about their opinion any less . The two was still on their beds, snoring, still tired from their actives last night . It was fortunate that Mother Zhao had knocked on their doors and continued to shout at them to wake up . Jerome Bonaparte could be heard on the background agreeing with every word .

"Get up, You two! We all need to talk!" Mother Zhao hollered like her lungs were more massive than her whole being .

Yang and Mei Lin refused to move from Her previous location as it was comfortable and warm, but Mother Zhao knocked loudly again and demanded, "Get up or else I will burn those Pornographic paintings! Mark my words! There will be hell to pay if you two are not with us for breakfast after ten minutes . I am counting!"

Mei Lin and Yang's eyes opened like the walking dead . The two quickly untangled their limbs together and hurried to clean themselves from the smell of passionate lovemaking . They had to shower together in a rush . Once Mother Zhao says and demanded something like that, and they don't follow, there will be a far worse fate than what she intends .

Once they were in the dining room, the children greeted them with innocent smiles, but the adults were full on frowning . They smiled sheepishly at them, already have a hint on why they were frowning . It was between their intense activities last night, or it was because of the paintings that everyone was sure to know by now .

Jerome had a deep scowl on his face as he said, "Art comes in many forms, shapes, sizes, and mediums, but those paintings, as evident on the pictures from the reporters, that it was borderline pornographic! I did not teach you art to paint something that only a husband and wife should see!"

Mei Lin pouted and said, "I was not planning to show it to them . They were the ones that insisted . We have tried to lessen the rumors of the affairs, but nothing had worked, and I know that showing it in a controlled setting was better than it being seen by thieves . "

Yang's left arm circled Mei Lin, letting her know that she was right beside her every step of the way even if it was facing his family . Grandfather Zhao looked at them with laughing eyes as Grandma Zhao was hiding her smirk with great amusement . The children were surprised that there Grandpa Jerome could speak so loudly at their mother .

Mother Zhao sighed and said, "Sit down and eat . I get why you did it, but you could have at least warn us about it . "

Mei Lin shuffled on her feet in nervousness . How was she even going to say or warn her family that she painted her husband with memories of them having sweet and passionate sex? It was just an impossible thing to do and embarrassing! Yang guided Mei Lin to sit on their usual seat with a gentleness that was unusual for the ruthless CEO .

"I need you to do me a bit of favor . . . "Mothe Zhao said after they finished their breakfast .

Looking at each other, Yang and Mei Lin could not believe the words that Go on sprouted out from Mother Zhao's mouth . "Ye Lan and Hao Ren will be attending a Jewelry exhibition soon, and I want you two to distract them . Your father and I need to discuss the future of Hao Chen and Yue's relationship with the Hao Patriarch . . . and having Ye Lan there will hinder our discussion . "

"You are using me? This will not come free . " Yang smirked at his mother . Mei Lin smacked her head . Her husband was far too annoying, sometimes .

Snorting, Mother Zhao replied, "Aside from it will be helping your little sister in the long run, I can pay you with information . Ye Lan is using the foreign investors that will be arriving with the jewelry exhibition and profiting from them . If you can stop her, you stop the money flow of the terrorist . Now, which would it be?"

Yang grinned, "I can cause as much ruckus as I want?"

When Mother Zhao nodded without hesitation, Yang grinned at everyone in the table . Mei Lin felt as if there was going to be something interesting that will be happening soon . If her husband was going to be having fun without restrained, then she will follow after him and do the same . It would be nice to let loose and be the annoyance once in a while .

Father Zhao shifted on his sit with nervousness . Zhao Yang was one of the most show off of the Zhaos, second only to Aunt Qinyang . Who knows what he was going to do?! Father Zhao hoped that it wouldn't be as grand as him purchasing every jewelry on display .

Oh, well . . .

Who was Father Zhao to judge? He had done the same for Lady Xing, who was now his beloved wife before they had gotten married!