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Chapter 325: 325
April 23, 20X2 (Friday)
Various Places

Mei Lin woke up even before the sun rose . Yang opened one eye to see her getting ready all by herself . Because she had been coped up and basically a prisoner of the Manor, Mei Lin was excited to go out even if it was her meeting Ye Lan . Yang was planning to go back to sleep but watching Mei Lin get ready as she shuffled from one skincare product to another and pouting as she had to wait sometime to apply the rest was entertaining for the CEO .
When their eyes meet as Mei Lin peeked at him through her vanity mirror, Yang was greeted with a broad smile that showed her bright teeth and parted her soft reddish lips into long upward rainbows of happiness . He could not believe how beautiful she was even without makeup . Honestly, she did not need her everyday skincare routine . She was already attractive than all women in the world in his eyes .
"Good Morning," Mei Lin greeted him, standing up to kiss his lips even if he knows he still had bad breath because of sleep .
"Morning," He murmured, softly, careful not to fully expose his pregnant wife with his morning odor since it might cause her to be nauseous again . "Why are you getting ready so early in the morning?"
Mei Lin giggled and said, "It's not early anymore, Love . The Jewelry Exhibit will start its showcase at nine am, and it's already seven thirty am or so . You have just one hour and a half to get ready . "
With raised eyebrows, Yang pulled Mei Lin back into his arms, making her head thump into his solid chest . Mei Lin struggled to get back up, but Yang's arms circled her like a cage . Yang hummed before he said, "We have to make some chaos . . . going on time is not making chaos . "
Mei Lin stopped struggling when she realized that fact that she had missed and pouted her lips, her lower lips protruded as her cheeks puffed up . Yang chuckled and murmured in her ears, "You are too used to being a good girl . "
Mei Lin knew that those words were meant to be a compliment to her, but she took offense on it and huffed while saying, "I can be a bad girl!"
Yang grinned, happy that her wife had fallen for his silly little trick, "Prove it . "
With those words, Yang and Mei Lin were guaranteed to be late for more than an hour as they began a new exercise routine that involved them being naked and rocking each other out into toe-curling pleasure . In Yang's opinion, it was the best exercise in the world, but what was most surprising was that Mei Lin initiated it as she positioned herself at the top .
An hour passed nine am, and Mei Lin was in the passenger seat of one of the most expensive cars in the world . Mei Lin did not know about it, but she knew that it cost Yang a hefty amount of more than twelve point eight million dollars to buy it, not included the shipping cost, taxes, and all those added expenses . There were only two people that owned this specific model in all of the city . One was Zhao Yang, and the other was Li Alexandre . There were still times were Mei Lin have to double take and swallow her shock .

Arriving at the venue of the exhibit, Mei Lin had large eyes wondering from the people to the building, and the opulence everything in the event . Yang helped her get out of the car as he usually does, but unlike any other day, Mei Lin noticed that he let the valet drive his car . With faces ready for causing chaos and going wild, Mei Lin and Yang entered with the most sluggish pace as if they were not an hour late . Every head turned to them once the doors of the showcase opened . Mei Lin's cream-colored dress was also one of a kind as a foreign designer had made it just for her in Mother Zhao's request . Yang looked all dapper with his usual tuxedo, of course .
"CEO Zhao! I did not know you plan to join us today . " Mei Lin recognized the man who talked- someone who the Zhao family had business with .
Yang's arm that was wrapped in Mei Lin's waist tightened a little . Mei Lin knew it was time for them to imitate Uncle Wu and strive to finish what Mother Zhao had tasked them with- to make a distraction or to be an annoyance . Anything to make sure that Ye Lan would get almost nothing after the jewelry exhibit ends .
Yang's fake and insincere smile was plastered like a warning sign as he replied, "My wife wanted more jewelry, who am I to get in the way?"
Mei Lin patted Yang's chest and drawled, "Good, love . Everyone knows the secret for a peaceful life is a happy wife . "
Taking Mei Lin's hand that patted him, Yang teasingly bit it on the side, making Mei Lin pout as she pulled her hands away . The man who had greeted them was astonished by the behavior of the usual silent CEO . It seems that the younger Zhao was the same as his grandfather and father . All were under their wives hands . Everyone eagerly watched them as they go about, looking at jewelry that Mei Lin could only afford if she sold more than two collections .
Seeing Ye Lan and Hao Ren at the side, fuming and glaring daggers at them, Yang and Mei Lin smiled at each other .
Let the chaos begin!