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Chapter 326: 326
April 23, 20X2 (Friday)
The Exhibit

Because Zhao Yang doesn't usually come to events such as these, people around them were in disbelief . Mei Lin tried not to let the stares glued at them to bother her . They came to cause chaos, and Mei Lin knew all she needed to do was follow her husband's lead, and all will be well .

The famous painter looped her hands to her husband's right arm, forcing Yang to let go of his tight hold on her waist . Yang did not say anything against her movements and let her do whatever she wanted . The fact that his arms were slowly swallowed up by her breasts was honestly the main reason why, but she didn't need to know that .

"Excuse me, I am Sally Devon, the one in charge with the auction that will be held after the showcase . " a foreign blonde woman with pretty blue eyes said as she greeted them politely .

Yang said nothing, acting taciturn as he usually does . When the blonde woman offered her hands for them to shake, Yang merely looked at the hand and ignored it . Mei Lin had to shake it on his stead hastily .

"It's nice to meet you, Ms . Devon . I am Zhao Mei Lin, his wife," Smiling, Mei Lin said .

Finally getting the attention she had wanted, Sally Devon smiled in reply and continued with her purpose, "I would like to inform you that the auction will start soon and we will be starting at the necklaces portion on the right side . "

"Alright . " Mei Lin nodded and added, "Thank you . We will browse for a while until then . "

Sally Devon, as a foreigner, could not fathom how a successful painter, who seems so gentle and kind, would be with a CEO rumored to be ruthless and without patience for mistakes . She and the rest of the staff of the exhibit did not miss how the wealthy guest reacted when they entered . With their reaction alone each on alone, Sally could see who was at the top of the food chain .

Without any hesitation, Yang dragged Mei Lin away from the blonde and leading her from one jewelry to the next . There were diamonds of may shape and size, precious stones, and pearls that were made into pieces of jewelry being displayed . It was Mei Lin's first time to see this many expensive jewelries all in one place . Shipping these priced possessions must have been a pain to do .

"Do you see something you like?" Yang's voice was a little louder than it usually was, which made Mei Smink in knowing .

"I see many things that I like, but Mother Zhao had more . " Mei Lin replied, keeping her face as normal as possible .

"Mom had decades of collecting them, and Dad likes to give her jewelry as gifts . "Yang explained .

Mei Lin pouted, "Why don't you give me those kinds of pieces of jewelry?"

Yang grinned, "We are here, aren't we? I'll buy you all the jewelry that you want . Tell me which, and I'll do the bidding . "

Rolling her eyes, Mei Lin could not make out if her husband was acting or telling the truth . As they wander from one piece to the next, a big announcement came from the speaker, "The auction will start now . Anyone interested in buying earrings, please come to section A . "

Testing Yang's words Mei Lin dragged her husband to the auction with a grin . Once they arrived, Ye Lan and Hao Ren's eyes were zoomed at them . Yang mentally patted his wife for being such a lucky goddess . Now they can start making more chaos .

The auctioneer stood beside a pair at earrings that had large emeralds cut like a teardrop with small diamonds framing the edges . To test Yang, Mei Lin said, "I want that . "

"We will start the bid with fifty thousand dollars . "

Yang raised his hand without a single hesitation and called out, "One hundred dollars . "

All eyes widen as Yang bid, multiplying the value times two without care nor hesitation . The auctioneer nodded, an asked, "Anybody else?"

Everyone was too afraid to big against Zhao Yang that the room was so silent without any sound but their heavy breathing . Yang's presence was like a five hundred ton boulder in their shoulders . Only Mei Lin was grinning .

"Will you really buy everything I want?" she asked her husband, unknowing of the thoughts of the people around her .

"Of course! I am ready to buy everything if that's what you want . " Yang's words made everyone in the room nervously shuttle in place . The newly married Zhao couple were too in love!

"That would cost billions! "Mei Lin hollered in shock, saying the words that other thought in their minds .

"Just a month salary for me . Mother and Father permitted me to spend some of their money for you so you can go wild . " Yang said with a smile of amusement . Mei Lin's miser self must have been waging war inside her, but because they were supposed to be acting, she did not say anything against him . Smirking, Yang congratulated himself for his small victory .

The auction continued without Mei Lin setting Yang out to bid . The rest of the people were glad that they could bid as usual . It was when they started to bid on the jewelry set that had the most tensed auction for the day .

"This earring, necklace, and bracelet set will start at five hundred thousand dollars . "

"Five hundred fifty thousand," Hao Ren's hands rose up as he spoke .

Remembering their purpose, Mei Lin turned to her husband and said the words the people around them have been praying not to hear again, "Yang, I want those!"

Automatically, Zhao Yang rose his arm and bid, "One Million Dollars . "