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Chapter 327
April 23, 20X2 (Friday)
The Exhibit

When everyone heard Yang's words, they could not help but complain internally . Hao Ren was now visibly gaping at him . Ye Lan gritted her teeth, feeling annoyed . Mei Lin's stoic face did not show the inner monologue that she was spouting off in her head . Smiling, Mei Lin tried to act as if one million dollars did not hurt her miser's heart .

"I-is there a-anyone willing to-to bid? Going once?" the auctioneer had to compose himself as fast as he could but still ended up stuttering in his shock . He had been doing auctions for years, but he had never met anyone like Zhao Yang .

Hao Ren, although not the heir, still owned some percentage of the company's share . He knew he should not be as extravagant as Yang but doesn't mean he can't afford to splurge once in a while . Raising his right hand, Hao Ren stopped the auctioneer and said, "One million and five thousand dollars . "

Everyone gulped, nervous . All most all of the local guest knew about the events that took place years ago between Hao Ren and Zhao Yang, so they knew they would be witnessing something interesting, if not entertaining .

Ye Lan was silent before as she was marveling the dress that Mei Lin wore . She knew it was from one of the expensive couture Italian designers she liked . Mei Lin's dress made her more envious than any of the pieces of jewelry on display . If she had not chosen Hao Ren, she would have been the one wearing such dresses .

Yang smirked, raised his hand again, and called out, "Three million and fifteen thousand dollars . "

Everyone's eyes almost bulged out of their socket as Yang multiplied the previous bid by three . How can they even compete with such a man? They can't . Silently, everyone pleaded for mercy to all Gods they knew .

Hao Ren hesitated to raise his hand again . He had only some shares in the stocks . Ye Lan's pride was continuously being hit . She hissed at her useless fiancee, "Can't you win it?!"

" . . . We need to spend our money wisely," Hao Ren whispered back, taken aback with Ye Lan's entitled and spoiled attitude . She used to be so innocent and caring before .

Ye Lan scouted, annoyed, "Then let me bid for myself!"

Hao Ren stopped her immediately . His pride has also taken a hit as Ye Lan began to show dominance while mumbling about using her own money . He raised his arm again and called out, "Three million and five hundred thousand dollars!

Yang shook his head in disappointment, but Mei Lin could see the mirth in his eyes, "Fourteen Million Dollars . "

Again, Everyone was in disbelief . Zhao Yang raised every bid by two, then by three, and now he rose the previous offer to four times! Now, many ladies prayed that Mei Lin would not like anything that they want or else they will go home with nothing! There was no winning against Zhao Yang's power or wealth .

Both Hao Ren and Ye Lan froze like a statue . They knew Zhao Yang was rich, but it finally drowned on them how large the gap was between them . Mei Lin was still on Yang's side, smiling now because of how domineering and shameless her husband was . Deep inside her, Mei Lin calculated how many paintings she had to sell to get to the same level as Yang . Once she realized that she might never reach it with just being a painter, Mei Lin vowed to work harder on her company .

Leaning closer to Yang, Mei Lin whispered, "Fourteen Million Dollars for such a necklace? I'm not sure I like it anymore . It's not worth it for me . "

Yang grinned, "If you like it, I'm alright with spending a billion . If you like it, even a stone is a diamond in my eyes . "

Feeling mischievous, Mei Lin grinned back with a flushed face, "Just a billion? I want more!"

Gazing in Mei Lin's eyes, Yang turned to the auctioneer after and said, "What are you waiting? You heard my wife, and she wants me to spend more money on her . "

Mei Lin gripped Yang's arm tightly because her legs had turned into jelly at how shameless Yang was for making her the reason for his craziness, but they caused chaos, alright . The people around them were gossiping and looking at her with envious eyes . Everyone could see Ye Lan gritting her teeth in frustration .

Yue had better appreciate the distraction that Mei Lin did . Hopefully, Mother Zhao's talk with Father Hao concerning Yue and Hao Chen's relationship was doing great because Mei Lin's heart suffered attacks as Yang bid like crazy . What was she going to do with all these precious jewelry? At least Mei Lin has something to give to future daughters, daughter-in-law, and future granddaughters .

"Can you tone it down a bit?" Mei Lin whispered to Yang's ears when they have already spent more than five hundred million dollars .

Yang's grin widened as he answered, "It's fun . More entertaining than buying brand new stuff, for certain . Maybe I'll join auctions more often . "

Mei Lin did not miss the nervous whispers and shuffling of the people around them . She poked Yang's chest with her pointer finger and pouted, "If you spend more time on auction houses, I would be alone at home, missing you . "

Yang laughed after kissing her forehead, "Alright . I will behave . "

The rest of the woman was jealous of Mei Lin, but at the same time, they were grateful . They wanted what Mei Lin has, but they don't trust themselves to control Zhao Yang like the painter could, so they prayed for mercy in the form of Zhao Mei Lin .
Mei Lin was later surrounded by ladies asking her if she liked a piece of certain jewelry and some have even requested Mei Lin if they could bid the jewelry they wanted as if Mei Lin owned it already . Finding it amusing, Mei Lin did not let Yang bid on anything those ladies liked which angered Ye Lan as Mei Lin released the leash she had on Yang when Hao Ren bid for something Ye Lan wanted thereby blocking Ye Lan from getting anything she wanted .

Once the day ended, Mei Lin gained more jewelry and know more daughters and wives of business giants in the country . Without realizing it, Mei Lin had done what Ye Lan was planning to do in the first place . Yang mentally patted himself . He executed his plans, flawlessly . Yang wondered if Mei Lin would realize that all was just his elaborate plan to slowly integrate Mei Lin's standing as his wife while having fun at Hao Ren and Ye Lan's expense . Ye Lan was fuming when she went home; she had not won anything . Even if they combined her money, Hao Ren's, and some money that David provided her, she could not match Zhao Yang's wealth .

In Hao Manor, Father and Mother Zhao was smiling as Father Hao had agreed with everything they told . Hao Chen and Yue are listening on the side . The second wife was fuming . The support of the Zhao family guaranteed Hao Chen's standing as heir .
Yue smirked and teased Hao Chen in front of everyone, "So, Father Hao already agreed that if you cheat on me, I'll destroy you . "
Hao Chen chuckled, "Your big brother and Mei Lin would destroy me first before you could . "
Everyone laughed when Hao Chem wilted as Yue drawled, "I'll pick up the chopped pieces of your body then . "
"No help from my girlfriend at all," Hao Chen mumbled . Everyone laughed louder .
Father Hao looked at the tea that was on his son's side, untouched . It seems that Hao Chen liked to drink tea if he did not want to be in a particular situation . Father Hao may have ignored his youngest son, but he's working on it .