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Chapter 328
April 26, 20X2 (Monday)
Various Places

The bright rays of the sun illuminated the pale skin of an older man sitting in the indoor living room filled with open windows of varying sizes . A familiar man sat in front of the older man, who was sipping tea as he listened to a man named 'Elizar,' the man he planted to help take care of his son while he was still hiding, reported everything .

"So the reason why he wanted me to recognize Commander Alfonsi's name as a painter was because of his youngest daughter- the one we put in an orphanage at Beijing?" The older man with a beardless chin, lighter brown eyes, and an uncanny resemblance with Jerome Bonaparte's facial structure . On his side was a younger blonde with blue eyes, who also looked so much like Jerome .

"Yes, her birth name was Xue Mei Lin, later changed into Wu Mei Li by Wu Tian Li, and is now Zhao Mei Lin," Elizar told the Bonaparte patriarch, careful with his words . Everyone knew how easily angered he could be .

"Wu Tian Li? Isn't he the direct male descendants of the Xing family?" the young blonde asked .

"Yes, he was the one who forfeited his life of freedom for exile, so his name and inheritance from the royal family are cut and void . Everything was said to be done for the sake of his older sister," Elizar confirmed .

"Ah . . . Lady Xing, the woman that made grown men quake in their boots . I still remember her, vividly . " Jean Bonaparte nodded with a smile . He knew about Lady Xing and her power in her own country, and he knew her intimately because of his daughter-in-law, who was Lady Xing's best friend .

"Lady Xing's son, the Zhao billionaire, is now your granddaughter's husband," Elizar said, surprising the elder noble . Honestly, Elizar would not be this vocal if Jean Bonaparte had not demanded him too, even going lengths to do it in front of his livid wife . Elizar could see the anger on the Bonaparte Matriarch, but when the Bonaparte heir expressed his wish to know more, the lady of the house turned silent .

After days of fighting in the sizeable French Manor, The Bonaparte family have finally agreed to recognize Jerome Bonaparte's family as an extension of their family . Mainly because of Mei Lin marrying into the older royal family of Xing . Jean Bonaparte could care less what his reason was as long as he could get to know the family that he left behind .

"Dad, I will be here and take care of the issues and also stay with Mom . You should go and bring the family here . " the blond said . He was Jean Bonaparte's second son and heir named Julien .

Jean Bonaparte looked at Mizar and said, "we will go tomorrow . Pack your bags, and I need you as a guide . "

Meanwhile, in Zhao Manor, everyone was gathered to have dinner . The kids had a blast playing with their grand Aunt Qinyang and planning pranks with their grandfather, Jerome . When Mei Lin and Yang came home, the kids were buried in a makeshift fort of pillows and blankets in the living room with Mother Zhao taking pictures of them .

"Thank You!" Yue fawned over Mei Lin as she caressed the painter's large stomach, "Did I mention that I love you so much?"

Yang scowled and started complaining, "And what am I? Chopped liver to be thrown in the side? I did more chaos than Mei Lin!"

Yue rolled her eyes and acted as if her brother was not even in the room, making Mei Lin's giggle more noticeable . The shaking of her shoulders was a tale tell signs, but with small sounds passing her closed mouth, Mei Lin had a hard time controlling her amusement . The rest of the Zhao family members with the children and Jerome laughed louder than before .

Yue dragged her chair closer to Mei Lin's side and whispered, "I heard you have now expensive pieces of jewelry? Can I see?"

Mei Lin rolled her eyes . She knew Yue would ask about those . After all, Yue was more interested in fashion compared to her . Agreeing to her friend's demands, Mei Lin nodded after a short while .

Yang having heard a little of his sister's words, told, "Don't give one to Yue . She has far too many pieces of jewelry that haven't been worn yet . "

Yue defended herself while pouting, "A girl has to be always prepared! I can wear them soon! The right event or day hasn't come for them to be showcased out and about!"

Everyone was having the best quiet and calm days . They did not know the whirlwind that was heading their way . It seems that more truth will be revealed . This time, it will not be just Mei Lin's problem, but the who Xue family and the secrets they have been hiding .

Remember, secrets will never remain hidden if anyone who knew it is still alive .

On a particular hideout, David was lazying around as he browsed through the news and reports from his spies . His eyes narrowed at the list of things that Ye Lan had been doing . David was perplexed . Ye Lan may be cunning, but she usually doesn't do anything using the media . Ye Lan cared too much of her image to do so . There must be someone manipulating Ye Lan .

David clicked his tongue . What use was a puppet if it had two masters?