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Chapter 329: 329
April 30, 20X2 (Friday)
Various Places

In a small private aircraft with French military jets following behind and leading forward, Elizar was sat on a leathered chair in a suite like interior, looking forward to the older man in front of him with reverence . He could not believe that he was traveling together with a noble, amongst all noble, a Bonaparte too!
"How was he?" Jean Bonaparte said, breaking the silence that everyone was under, surprising Elizar to almost jump on his seat .
Elizar had to think for a few moments to get what the Bonaparte patriarch was trying to ask him . With a broad grin, Elizar spoke, "Your son is a sadistic hot-head, but he loves fiercely, and he loved until forever . He never once looked at another woman, nor did he ever craved another woman's touch even after years of Xue Mu Lan's death . "
Jean hummed, tapping his fingers on the leather armrest on his side as he responded, "He took on Commander Alfonsi's traits . The commander had ever only loved one woman in all of his life . It is a curse to all who had Alfonsi blood . My Alexa, Jerome's mother, had only ever loved me even when I betrayed her and married another woman and ever fathered a child . Noble blood, like mine, is nothing compared to a true and steadfast heart like an Alfonsi . "
Elizar was floored . He had never expected someone with noble blood would downgrade themselves to uplift another . It had always been the other way around!
Jean Bonaparte tolled his eyes and snarled, "Close your mouth, that's just unattractive and inappropriate . I expected better from a friend of my eldest son!" Jean haughty complained, pushing his nose in the air .
Elizar was even more floored . Jean had proven him wrong and right at the same time . It's weird to see and be in the presence of such a contradictory man . He was wise in his years, you could see it in his eyes, but he was also proud and obviously ruthless enough if provoked . Elizar has only met one man, who was very contradictories in actions and words and emotions . The other man was Jean's eldest son- Jerome Bonaparte .
It took them hours of being in the private plane to reach their destination, Elizar had slept like a pig, but Jean Bonaparte had been too nervous about meeting his son and grandchildren that he could not even close his eyes in peace . Everything, from disembarking, traveling by car, meeting the French Ambassador, doing media coverage, was a blur to the old Bonaparte . When he was done, There was already no time to go to Xue Manor, where he thought Jerome was staying . Jean Bonaparte slept that night while dreaming of finally reuniting with the family that he had let go .

On Zhao Manor, Mother Zhao hurried into the living room, ignoring all dignity and grace . Her elegance vanished as she stumbled into the room where Jerome was with the children, carrying in her hands her trusted cellphone . Banging the door open with force she did not know she possessed, Mother Zhao or formerly known as Lady Xing exclaimed, "Jean Bonaparte is in the city! Jean Bonaparte is here!"

Jerome froze . His hands that were about to reach to tickle Ling Ling stopped midway . Jerome stared at the woman that he had shared many fights with and snarled, "Jean Bonaparte would not leave his beloved France!"
Mother Zhao rolled her eyes and sneered, "Well, you are wrong! He is here!"
Mother Zhao pushed the news article that her younger brother sent her into Jerome's hands and scrolled into the pictures . The children sat silently on the side, exchanging curious glances .
Ling Ling tilted her head to the side, her little buns making her chubby cheeks more prominent as she asked, "Who is Mister Jean Bonaparte? Are he and grandpa Jerome relatives?"
Jerome looked down to meet Ling Ling's eyes and said, "He is nobody special . "
Chang hummed and stated something obvious, "He is a Bonaparte, and you are a Bonaparte . . . That seems pretty special to me . Isn't it like us being Wu like Mom before she married Dad?"
"NO!" Jerome exclaimed, immediately . All of the small hairs at the back of his head stood up in annoyance . Mother Zhao could see that Jerome was very much affected by his biological father's arrival here in the city where he used to hide away from him .
Mei Lin came into the room breathing heavily, her large stomach being held by her two large hands as support . She looked like she was carrying a large watermelon . Mother Zhao would have laughed if not for the scared expression on Mei Lin's face . Jerome instantly grabbed Mei Lin and pulled her to lean on his weight as she tried to even her breathing from the frantic run .
"You shouldn't run like that . . " Jerome said, worried . Mother Zhao mentally applauded Jerome . His mind might still be in chaos, but he still managed to put his daughter's safety first . At least Jerome learned from his mistakes in the past .
Moments later, Mei Lin stared up to her father's eyes and said, "Big brother Chang Min has been calling you . "
"I left my phone in my room," Jerome cursed himself for being careless . If he hadn't, Mei Lin wouldn't have run like a madman was after her . It was a dangerous thing to strain herself, especially with how large her stomach was compared to a normal seven-month pregnancy .
Mei Lin exhaled, deeply, before she dropped the bomb, "Brother Chang Min asked the two of us to go back to Xue Manor for tomorrow . Someone by the name of Jean Bonaparte would like to talk to us . Is he family too?"
Chang and Ling Ling were looking at Jerome the same way Mei Lin was . Mother Zhao expected Jerome to cave in with his anxiety and stress soon, but he didn't . Jerome merely looked up at the ceiling and said, "He is my biological father, your grand-père, and the kids great grand-père . "
Mei Lin would have been jumping with joy at the mention of a family member, but seeing how unhappy her father was, she restrained herself . Mei Lin looked at Mother Zhao, hoping for an explanation . Mother Zhao merely shook her head and motioned her to hug her father . Mother Zhao was watching on the side and noted that the hothead Jerome had now mellowed out . He would have reacted bad and thrown a tantrum before, but now, he took the truth without any complaints and ever let himself open to her daughter . When Mei Lin's arms circled on her father's weight, Jerome had to blink away the tears that gathered in his eyes forcefully .
There are times that we long for tomorrow, but sometimes we don't want it to come, and there are times where we are desperate enough to pray for time to stop even knowing that it won't .