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Chapter 332
May 2, 20X2 (Sunday)
The Hideout

Li Nai Nai could not count how many hours had passed . With her eyes covered, there was no telling if it had been only half a day or a week . For her, it felt like an eternity . Tied and unmoving on the chair, Li Nai Nai had experienced the horrific fact of urinating on her underwear . Her jaw was already tired of being forced open as a large piece of cloth was stuffed into her mouth to silence any pleas from her . Li Nai Nai knew that whoever was behind Ye Lan was someone powerful, but she didn't stop to think that it would be a monster too .
Suddenly, there were continuous sounds of something hard hitting the wall, followed by a rough sound of Ye Lan's frantic voice, "Ah!"
"No! Please!"
"Mercy, please!"
"David, I beg you!"
Suddenly, the banging sound stopped . Li Nai Nai wanted to know what was happening desperately . She craved and wanted the blindfold taken from her eyes . It would have been amazing to see Ye Lan being punished so heavily like that .
"Do not call me by that name! You do not deserve such privilege . " The deep and harsh tone that the man called David, who held them prisoner, made Li Nai Nai shiver . There was something eerie in his voice .
Li Nai Nai flinched as the banging sound returned with force, and this time, it was not stopping . Whatever the man was doing, Ye Lan had stopped speaking his name as she only screamed and begged for mercy . Although she wanted Ye Lan punished more, Li Nai Nai was afraid that if the man were finished with Ye Lan, then it would be her turn .
There was a momentary silence for a moment before the growling sound of a man's annoyance broke it and the same man's deep voice demanded, "Why did you do all those things to Wu Mei Li?"
Because some of her senses were deprived, another was heightened . Li Nai Nai could hear how previously the man had uttered Mei Lin's name . Not just any name, but her name as an orphan .
Sniffles and crying echoed into the walls and ringing into Li Nai Navi's ears . Ye Lan must be using her acting skills again, but the effectiveness is doubtful, especially if dealing with a monster that clothed himself in the skin of a man .
"I just wanted her to taste the suffering that I have . . . "
David snarled, "You are not worth one fourth compared to her!"
Li Nai Nai was curious now . It was clear how David was smitten with the now Mrs . Zhao, who was also part of French nobility . There must be a connection . Li Nai Nai knew that if she figured it out, it might be her way out .
Harsh hands ripped the blindfold that obstructed Li Nai Nai's vision, causing the light to blind her momentarily . Once her vision cleared, Li Nai Nai was shocked to see Ye Lan's forehead was blue with bumps and blood trickling down her face . The monster must have banged Ye Lan's forehead at the wall!
"You . . . " The man gripped her jaw with one hand, forcing her to look up . The man continued, " . . . I know you are the one that encouraged this stupid woman to do those things, hoping the Zhao would end her for you . "

Li Nai Nai's eyes widen . The man had seen through her thoughts and elaborate plan as if it had been child play . Was she that predictable?
No, she wasn't . The man was just a monster .
Li Nai Nai was sure the man had more experience with manipulation than she was . This kind of man was attractive but very dangerous . . . just the way she wants it . If she can't taste Zhao Yang in the remaining days of her life, she'd rather die with this monster inside her .
David almost pulled his hands away from the grip on Li Nai Nai's jaw when he saw the ecstatic look of euphoria in her eyes as if she was going to orgasm . David had dealt and had met many kinds of women . Some of these women also had a thing for bondage, but not like Li Nai Nai . She looked like she craved to be roughened by him, which in turn made him want to do nothing to her .
Ye Lan's soft cries turned quiet . She slowly opened her mouth and said, "I promise to do better . I won't listen to her anymore . "
Li Nai Nai's euphoric look vanished and was changed into shock as Ye Lan pushed the blame of her . She might have suggested the plans, but she was not the one who acted on it! Ye Lan's mewl of forgiveness silence as David approached her .
Li Nai Nai watched in eagerness . She knew that Ye Lan was going to suffer . Laughter almost spilled from her mouth but was stopped when David took a small gun hidden on his black boots and shooting Ye Lan's head five times . The first shoot had immediately made Ye Lan dropped dead on the bed where she was tied, the four bullets that were sent after had been overkill .
Li Nai Nai gulped as David turned to her, gun still on his hands, "You will live . You will handle the company and send the money here!"
Nodding immediately, Li Nai Nai was relieved that she could still see tomorrow . She could not believe her luck! Not only did Ye Lan die, but she would also receive the company, and be on this handsome man's control . Li Nai Nai was almost crossed eyed as David started to rip her clothes .
"Do not touch Miss M," David's command echoed like a broken record on Li Nai Nai's mind, in the background was the sound of fabrics being torn . Li Nai Nai gave her body without hesitation . Turning her head and seeing the corpse of her previous boss, Li Nai Nai wondered what Mei Lin did to attract a monster like this man .
Moments later, David was on another bed in a different room, using Li Nai Nai's body as his source of warmth and relief . David had never seen someone crazy enough to lean in after every hard and uncontrolled slap from his hand . Nevertheless, David's mind was still ringing about the news that he had heard . Mei Lin was of noble blood and had been abandoned . . . just like him . For David, nobody else could fit him better . They were practically made for each other .
Coming inside Li Nai Nai's body, David cried Mei Lin's name with a passion that drove Li Nai Nai to anger . Li Nai Nai could now understand why Ye Lan had hated Mei Lin so much . Not only did Mei Lin stole Zhao Yang, but she had also taken this man's interest and unwavering want .