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Chapter 333
May 2-4, 20X2 (Sunday - Tuesday)
Various Places

Because Ye Lan had vanished for many days, Hao Ren had searched for the woman everywhere; he had not slept well, nor had he eaten as much as before . Everyone could see that he had been so affected with Ye Lan's disappearance .
Hao Ren had thought of all the possibilities that could happen to his fiancé, but he never once thought of Ye Lan leaving him for somebody else . Father Hao had let him do whatever he wanted, but inside the worried father, he was grateful that the annoyance was gone from their family . The second wife had laughed so hard and cheered so loudly when Hao Ren had told his mother about Ye Lan .
Hao Ren could still remember the words that sprouted in his mother's mouth, "Good! At least the Manor would be clean and without pollution . It had been so hard to breathe her with that trash going everywhere!"
It was Hao Chen that had offered Hao Ren to look for some clues, which Hao Ren was thankful . Hao Chen already knew where Ye Lan was, and he knew that if Ye Lan will not return soon, she was likely to be death by the hands of the fool .
Meanwhile, in Xue Manor, Jean Bonaparte and Jerome Bonaparte were in the living room all by themselves . Chang Min and Mei Lin had left them after Jerome had asked . Jean was surprised when it had happened .
"It was a bad move for you to expose Mei Lin's situation everywhere . There are still remnants of the terrorist that were after me . They'll be going after Mei Lin . " Jerome said, tapping his fingers on the armrest of the couch .
Jean nodded, "Even if I did not expose her heritage, she is already a target guessing by the events that had happened . Elizar had told me all about her wedding . "
Jerome was silent for a second before he had finally managed to raise his head to look at his father eye to eye while saying, "Being associated with the Zhao Family is dangerous enough . Now, she has to deal with being associated with the Bonaparte family . "
Jean sighed, "Yes, but at the same time, she has the luxury of being supported by both families . Right now, as a pregnant woman, she needs the protection and the comfort we can give her . "
Jerome once again turned quiet . Honestly, Jerome had no intention to say those words about Mei Lin, but it had been the only ones that he could . His mouth would not let the words he wanted to say out .
Jean smiled at Jerome and said, "I will be going back to France soon . I know you still need time, and I can understand why . I have not been a father to you, but I want us to try . If you come back to France, please come and visit me . "
Jean handed Jerome cards with a personally written phone number on the back before continuing, "This is my contact number . I have already given these to Chang Min and Mei Lin . They have promised that they will stop by once in a while . I hope you will too . "
Jerome could not say anything else . He just nodded like a stiff robot in need of oil, but his hands shook as he held the card like it was made of glass .

Meanwhile, Hao Ren was running in I . A . I Interior design's building . When Li Nai Nai, Ye Lan's assistant, had called him, sounding scared and frightful, Hao Ren's heart jumped . Entering the CEO's office, Hao Ren saw Li Nai Nai standing on the side of the large desk that Ye Lan used to sit while watching it with sadness .
Hao Ren inhaled deeply and asked, "Did you find something?"
Li Nai Nai nodded her head, "There was a folder delivered in my door . I was afraid to open it, in case it was something dangerous, but I was hoping it would be CEO Ye since I think it is her handwriting in the address . "
Hao Ren has forgone all of his manners and snatched the folder in Li Nai Nai's shaking hand . Hao Ren could see how much the woman was shaking in fright . Of course, he did not know that Li Nai Nai's acting was on par with award-winning actresses . Reading through all the documents, Hao Ren could only see Ye Lan transferring all of her shares in the company to Li Nai Nai while Hao Ren will have Ye Lan's private possessions .
Hao Ren's eyes widen with shock . These papers were a will! No! Ye Lan could not be dead!
Li Nai Nai nervously shuffled and asked with a small voice, "What is it about, Mister Hao Ren?"
That day ended with Hao Ren crying in his bedroom while clutching Ye Lan's pillow . The next day came, and there was a buzz from the media as Ye Lan's body was discovered thrown in one of the garbage patches at the slums . Hao Ren's world crumbled into pieces . Seeing the holes caused by a bullet in her head, Hao Ren raged . There were not a lot of people that owned weaponry in the city, but there was only one person that was associated with Ye Lan and him that had carried guns every day- Zhao Yang . In his grief, Hao Ren's mind immediately jumped into conclusions, blind with rage and sadness .
Li Nai Nai was on her office laughing loudly at her good acting and excellent execution of her plans . When she had made the plan, David was grinning with approval . Li Nai Nai knew that Mei Lin was David's goal so Zhao Yang must be someone he did not like, so she made sure that Hao Ren would instantly jump into the wrong conclusion . Li Nai Nai had been saying make belief suspicions about Zhao Yang whenever she and Hao Ren met . Smirking, Li Nai Nai returned to work .