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Chapter 335: 335
May 22, 20X2 (Friday)
The Hospital

Mei Lin's female gynecologist's footsteps were heavy as she trekked the white halls of the hospital . Carrying one large bond paper and six small pictures of the babies, the doctor walked with a purpose, but her shoulders were lowered and her lips being bitten in nervousness . Seeing Dr . Zhang Li Xi on the side of the corridor, talking to another doctor, the gynecologist almost screamed in relief .
"Dr . Zhang! You have to help me!" The gynecologist cried immediately, surprising the other doctors . Without waiting for any reply, the female doctor tried to explain her jumbled thoughts, "I was telling them about the babies . I found two babies, and when I asked about the gender, they did not want to know . When I found another baby, they won't let me speak! They think they have twins, but I know they have three, and they don't . "
Dr . Zhang Li Xi stared at his female colleague in surprised because of many things . First, it was the first time he had seen her so nervous . Second, it was the first to see her a mess . Third, Twins . Forth, but was actually triplets . The world renown doctor was glad that he was near the wall as he leaned his weight on it . Three Zhao children all in one pregnancy . Is the world even prepared to face two?! Dr . Zhang had not factored Mei Lin's genetics . He had expected the Zhao family's genes to produce one or two children as they have always had, but the Xue Family had branches and branches of children! If he remembered it clearly, it was only Xue Mu Lan's parents that were an exemption to the Xue family's baby boom .
"They went home thinking they had twins?" Dr . Zhang's narrowed eyes made everyone listening in nervously shuffle . The female doctor gulped, scared . It was her fault for being intimated with Zhao Yang when it was her job to deliver the excellent news accurately .
"CEO Zhao would not let me add more to the news . . . " the gynecologist said, weakly . " . . . he was scared too . "
Dr . Zhang Li Xi had wanted to reprimand his colleague, but he knew how intimating his friend was if one was not used to his presence . He too used to cower scared of Zhao Yang, especially when Xue Chang Min was also in the room . Those two men had an aura around them that made you want to bow your head, feeling like a peasant in front of them .
Immediately, Dr . Zhang Li Xi took his phone out and dialed Mother Zhao's number . She was the only person he knew in Zhao Family that carries her phone everywhere she goes . It did not take long for the former Lady Xing to answer his call with her enthusiastic news, "Li Xi! Twins!"
Sighing, Dr . Zhang Li Xi deadpanned after, "I know . . . and that's wrong . "
Mother Zhao hummed and said with a tone that told how pissed off she was with his words, "What do you mean wrong? Was the doctor in charge of Mei Lin's pregnancy wrong? She would be fired! Giving us all hope like this!"
Dr . Zhang Li Xi almost lost grip of his phone when Mother Zhao's voice started to louden . He hurried to pacify Mother Zhao and said, "No . What I meant was that there's not only two children but three! Mei Lin is carrying triplets . Yang would not let the doctor speak up, thinking that she was going to reveal the genders . "

"OH MY!" Mother Zhao's squeal finally made Dr . Zhang drop his phone . It had been such a thin and annoying high pitched sound .
Dr . Zhang Li Xi bent down to pick up his phone, and Mother Zhao's rapid-fire questions and demands could still be heard even if he did not put it on speaker mode nor was the phone near his ears . The female doctor was still nervously fisting her white robs . Everyone in the hospital knew Lady Xing . If there were someone scarier than Zhao Yang, it would be his mother . In the future, even Yang's mother would not be scary . Nothing and nobody was scarier than three Zhao Children with Xue Blood . Added to the fact, they were also part of the Bonaparte family .
Dr . Zhang Li Xi used to be excited about the baby, and he is still so, but at the same time, he knew it was not doing to be easy . Carrying triples was hard, but raising them would be harder, and instilling them morals while teaching them well was going to be the hardest part . Silently, the doctor prayed for his friend, Zhao Yang .
"What about the gender of the children?" Mother Zhao demanded to know .
"Didn't the couple wanted to wait?" The doctor cautiously said . He did not want to offend Mother Zhao, but he also does not want Yang to dislike him .
"They want to wait, but I don't . I want to know! I'm not going to tell them that I know, so tell me, " Mother Zhao exclaimed, not giving him an inch about the topic .
The doctor sighed as he flipped the white bond paper containing the information Mother Zhao wanted after taking it from the female doctor's hands . With wide eyes and shaking hands, Dr . Zhang Li Xi uttered, "Three boys . "
The world was so not prepared for these children .
Heck, he doubted he will ever be prepared for three boys at the same time . Dr . Zhang Li Xi had almost fainted as he imagined three Zhao Yang than three Mei Lin . Having mini Mei Lin was infinitely better than having one Zhao Yang .
Looking at the paper again, Dr . Zhang Li Xi almost clicked his tongue . No girl at all, not even just one!