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Chapter 336
May 23, 20X2 (Saturday)
Zhao Manor

Mother Zhao, as revenge for her son not taking her with them for the checkup, said nothing about the triples . She had, of course, told Jerome Bonaparte and threatened her enemy to cut his balls if he ruined her fun . Jerome had wanted to defy Mother Zhao anyway, but when the stupid woman subtly mentioned some pictures of Xue Mu Lan in her hidden collection, Jerome sacrificed Mei Lin for those pictures . Mei Lin was a strong woman anyway, and he would help take care of the children if she gets too tired . Those pictures were something he had been coveting for a while now . Jerome had to grab this chance!
The rest of the Xue family had no idea about it, only Jerome and the elder Xue couple knew the three boys . In secret, the Xue couple gave both Chang Min and her older twin sister's baby things . It was a relief that those things were made of wood and could easily be repainted and reused for the new generation . They had been saving those furnitures for Chang Min and his future family, but Chang Min had expressed his wish to be single . In fact, Chang Min had told his grandparents that he would make one of Mei Lin's twins as his successor, so the Xue grandparents did not even hesitate to give the furniture to Mother Zhao for secret keeping .
In the morning, Mother Zhao hastily hid half of the pair of the things that were sent, and only let the others see Chang Min's old things . Mother Zhao felt smug and delighted for having successfully deceived her family . Grandpa and Grandma Zhao knew about it, but they too had followed after Mother Zhao's plots . Uncle Wu only knew about it after he had read the files, but when Mother Zhao had told him of her plans, Uncle Wu laughed and approved immediately . Anything that caused this type of chaos was always okay for him .
"Grandma, if the babies will be girls, does that mean we have to share the same room? Won't my room be cramped? How about we put my tea table outside to make room?" Ling Ling sweet voice offered a suggestion that was too cute and thoughtful .
Aunt Qinyang awed at Ling Ling while Mei Lin had to pat his daughter's head and comfort, "The Manor is large, love . If they grow up, they will have their own rooms like you . But after they are born, they will have to stay together with your father and me . "
Mother Zhao laughed inwardly to herself . She almost snorted too . Mother Zhao could only imagine her son carrying three children on his arms and putting them to sleep, only to be peed on and pooped at . It was painful to hide her amusement at the thought . Soon, her son will know why she stopped having children after having two .
"So, we don't have to share?" Chang asked .
Yang grinned at his oldest and teased, "They might borrow your books though . . . "
Chang rolled his eyes at his father and said, "Babies can't read . "
Mei Lin giggled as Yang was forced to silence by the youngest boy in the table . Chang was starting to copy Yang's sarcastic and sharp retorts, and there were times that Chang did it better than the original . It was always amusing to see Yang shut up because of the same technique he used to make other people shut up . Oh, how the tables have turned .

Mei Lin looked down to her side when Ling Ling tugged on her sleeves and asking, "Will you make them hurry up? I am excited to meet them . "
Mei Lin giggled, "I can't do that, love . They will come out when it is time for them to come out . Hurrying them would put them in danger . "
Ling Ling nodded with a serious face . She did not want to endanger her siblings!
Chang titled his head, and tugged on Yang's sleeves asking the question that make all hands on the table freeze, "How are babies made anyway? I read that it takes an ovary and a sperm . How can you even get sperm into an ovary? Ovaries are inside a girl . . . did Dad perform a surgical operation with Mom?"
Seeing the adult's disbelieving faces, Chang continued to speculate, "But, Dad is not a doctor . He is not licensed to operate . Are making babies illegal? What if Dad is put into prison?"
It was Grandpa Zhao that had burst out laughing first . Yang touched his nose, helplessly . He just knew he was going to be touching his nose a lot these in coming days . When Yang felt Chang tugging on his sleeves again, Yang could not help but curse inwardly . Why did they have to adopt the brilliant and exceptional kids? Hopefully, the twins were going to be kind and gentle like their mother .
Chang asked again, "Dad, did you perform a surgical operation? Did you study medicine too?"
Yang patted Chang's head and said, "I will answer your question after you gain some years . You are still too young to know . "
Chang pouted, "There is no age limit for knowledge!"
Yang huffed and exclaimed, "There is an age limit . I just made one!"
"Unfair!" Chang hollered with a glare .
Ling Ling ignored her brother and father and whispered to Mei Lin, "Since the twins will share with you and dad soon . . . Can we sleep with you two for now?"
Mei Lin smiled, "Of course, love . You are always welcome to stay in our room . "
Chang interrupted them as he shouted for his mother, "Mom, Dad just told me that he would take my books if I continued asking him . "
Mei Lin sighed . She has to deal with three children: Chang, Ling Ling, and her husband . Soon, he will have to deal with six children . Yes, sometimes Yang is also included in the count .