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Chapter 337

May 23, 20X2 (Saturday)

Zhao Manor

In the large bed, Chang and Yang were wrestling like animals . Yang still teasing Chang to take away his books, and Chang horrified at the thought of having less or no books at all . The linen of the usually immaculate bed has gone array, pillows were thrown into the floor, and the white sheets duvet was crumpled and looked like it had seen war .

Mei Lin was pissed just looking at the mess the two boys where making, but seeing the concealed smile in Chang's face, she let them be . Chang had been the most matured of the two, and he had never allowed himself to be playful in the orphanage, so to see him let go and be carefree made Mei Lin bite her tongue from lecturing them .

"Mom," Chang could not receive answers from his father, so he turned to the only other person that knew- Mei Lin after their wrestling match exhausted Yang into a puddle of mess laying on the floor . Chang's footsteps towards Mei Lin echoed into the room, leaving behind a panting Zhao Yang .

The pregnant woman turned her head and hummed, "Yes?" Mei Lin's hands still combing Ling Ling's hair . The little girl was starting to fall asleep with her touch .

"Did dad perform surgery with you? Did he let Uncle Dr . Zhang do it?" Chang's questions were asked with innocence and curiosity packed together into a killer package .

Yang was horrified when he heard Chang, imagining Mei Lin, and his friend doing 'surgery' so Mei Lin could be pregnant! Just a thought enraged the demon hiding inside Zhao Yang .

Mei Lin flicked Chang's forehead and said, "There are times where your curiosity will be the death of you . Have you not heard that curiosity killed the cat?"

Chang crossed his arms and replied, "But satisfaction brought it back! Cats have nine lives too!"

"But you're not a cat . You don't have nine lives," Mei Lin deadpanned . Yang was on the bed amused with how easily she could make Chang run around in circles with her words . Mei Lin's hands were combing through Ling Ling's hair, untangling every bit of messy out of it .

Chang pouted, "I just want to know . . . "

Mei Ling sighed . Having a child was tiring, but having a brilliant child was even more exhausting . She knew that if she does not answer and give him something that would satisfy his curiosity, Chang would want to ask other people . Mei Lin's one hand let go of Ling Ling's hair in favor of poking Chang's forehead as she answered, "We did not do surgery . Your father and I made love . To make love legally, one must be married, love each other, trust each other, and have each other's consent . "

Chang titled his head, "You and dad made love to get the sperm into the ovaries? What does making love entails?"

Mei Lin shrugged, "Making love occurs naturally to a married man and woman . It is kind of like a dance of some sort by people who love each other so much that they are willing to be with each other for the rest of their lives . "

Chang nodded, "So For the sperm to go inside a woman, this making love has to be done? If only husband and wife can perform this dance, and make babies, why are their babies in the orphanage? Did some husband and wife dance badly that they don't want the babies they made?"

Mei Lin's hands stopped . Chang's questions were not just about making babies in general; it was about how people made babies but still want to throw them away . Mei Lin dropped down to Chang's height, struggling a little with her large belly . She stared at Chang straight in his eyes and said, " . . . there are times that people who are not husband and wife make love, without thinking of the future babies that they could make . People are forgetful and dumb, sometimes . "

Chang became silent for a while . He agreed without hesitation about people being dumb . If they know to make love might make babies, why do it in the first place? Silently, Chang vowed to make love only when he was married as his mom and dad did, so he was more ready and would not leave another child in the orphanage . No child deserved to grow up thinking he or she was not good enough .

Mei Lin was glad to see Chang nodded his head, and headed back to where Yang was . The CEO was looking and listening to them with a broad goofy smile, his eyes twinkling in mischief . Once Chang was near the bed, Yang reached out to Chang's shoulders, picking his up easily, and starting another wrestling match that consisted of tickles on the stomach, and rubbing Yang's stubble filled chin on Chang's cheeks, irritating the young boy .

When the night darkened more, the two kids were cocooned in between their parent's warmth . Ling Ling already asleep beside Mei Lin . Chang, who move the most in his sleep, was beside Yang so that Chang would kick Yang instead of him accidentally kicking the babies .

Chang looked beside him, surprised to see his father's face near his, with eyes wide open . Yang patted Chang's stomach and said, "go to sleep . "

Chang snuggled more to Yang's embrace while muttering, "Can I go to school soon? I want to learn more things to protect my siblings . "

Yang has been surprised continuously by Chang, and he knew it was easy for a brilliant kid like Chang to qualify for school . He nodded, "I will consult your mother, and grandparents first . If they agree, then we will send you to school where ever you like . "

Chang slept peacefully that night . He was filled with warmth and could go to school without hassle . To an orphaned boy, these were more than he could ever dream .