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Chapter 338
May 30, 20X2 (Saturday)
Various Places

Being heavily pregnant, Mei Lin could not go to every place she wanted nor could Mei Lin do what she craved to do like go shopping for baby clothes without bodyguards surrounding her . The painter had tried to shake her bodyguards once, but with a large belly, she could not even run one meter without fearing for her life . Because of the increase protection, Mei Lin settled herself for receiving guests and making them come to her instead .
When Li Ru Shi, one of the best woman in the world, had suggested they shop for baby things . Mei Lin immediately agreed, but she had also voiced out her grievances of not being able to shop properly without guards or being mobbed by people asking for photos and selfies with her . Li Ru Shi only laughed loudly and sneered, "What do you mean? I'm an award-winning actress . I know what you feel the most! I have so much to teach you!"
Because of the conversation, Mei Lin was awestruck when Li Ru Shi came to Zhao Manor the next day, followed by hundreds of hundreds of cars . With a broad mischievous grin, Li Ru Shi exclaimed to her close pregnant friend, "If you are wealthy and famous, you don't go to the mall and shop . No, the designer goes to you and bring the shop!"
Mei Lin's jaw dropped as designers from large brand names came out of the cars, with assistants carrying branded baby clothes . Mei Lin had thought she had seen it all, but apparently, there are still so much to see in the world of the rich! Honestly, Mei Lin did not want to see more . It was such a weird feeling to have other people work with every flick of her wrist . She was used to being the one working .
In the living room of the Manor, every neutral baby clothes were hanged, styled, and somewhere even in baby mannequins . Mei Lin browsed through all the clothes with Ru Shi snipping and commenting about fashion and Mei Lin's lack of fashion sense even as a painter .
"Why don't you tell me what to pick instead of commenting every chance you get?" Mei Lin pouted at the older girl . Ru Shi used to be cherry and like an older sister, but now, she was just as moody as Mei Lin . The pregnant woman was curious about Ru Shi's state, but she could not find the right time to ask .
It was Ru Shi that notices Mei Lin opening her mouth and closing it again in hesitation . The actress called out the painter's behavior, having seen her doing it multiple times, "What do you want? It looks like you want to ask me something, but chicken out?"
Mei Lin clutched the cute blue onesies as she spoke without looking at Ru Shi's eyes, "You seem moody, are you okay?"
Ru Shi did not talk for a while before she said, "I haven't been feeling well for a while . "
Mei Lin grew concerned immediately, "Did you get yourself checked? Dr . Zhang Li Xi is always in the hospital . You can go there anytime . "
Snorting, Ru Shi shrugged and changed the subject . Mei Lin almost wanted to tear her hair in frustration . Is this how Yang felt when she was hard headed about having herself checked for pregnancy? Mei Lin found herself appreciating her husband more . She does not know why people are scared of Yang; he was a softy in her books .

Mei Lin could not just keep her suspicions to herself, so when she went to the bathroom, she dialed Yang and said, "Call Alexandre and tell him to drag Ru Shi for a checkup! She said she had been feeling unwell for a while! What if she is pregnant?"
Yang looked at his employees and halted their meeting, softly replying to his frantic wife after, "Mei Lin, just because you are pregnant does not mean that everyone is also pregnant . Maybe Ru Shi has flu?"
"Just tell Alexandre!" Mei Lin snarled, voice loud enough for Yang to make him pull away from the speakers of his phone .
"Yes, I will do it now," Yang complied immediately . He really does not want to argue with Mei Lin, especially when there are not one but two children in her belly . Oh, if only Yang knew it was not just two kids but three sons .
The employees in Y Building already knew that if CEO Zhao's wife calls, not even million dollar deals could compete . Some people complimented their CEO, but some were a bit disappointed to know their perfect leader was not as flawless in real life . The employees in the meeting heard their CEO calling his friend, another affluent person in the city, and telling him what Lady Zhao had told their CEO to say .
After the day was finished, Mei Lin and Yang were in their bed . Mei Lin was looking smug and happy that her suspicions about Ru Shi being pregnant were a hundred percent on point . Yang pinched Mei Lin's cheeks as he said with a sigh, "Alright, I was wrong, and you are right . "
Mei Lin grinned and kissed Yang's lips . Her pregnancy gave her superpowers in deduction, and she has deduced that Yang would give himself to her if she caressed him a little bit . Slowly, Mei Lin's hands trailed down and entered Yang's boxers . The CEO's eyes blazed with hanger . His wife was playing fire again!
Yang was about to rip Mei Lin's silk camisole when Ling Ling's voice stopped them, "Mom, Can we sleep with you and Dad again?"
Yang and Mei Lin stared at each other in dismay . Groaning, the two young parents canceled their hot and passionate night for another family night again . Yang planted his face on his pillow, thinking of all things disgusting to soften the hard rock in between his legs . Children were cute, but they were professional cockblockers .