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Chapter 339
June 1, 2019 (Monday)
Hao Manor

Because of Ye Lan's death, Hao Manor has been a dark and gloomy place . The second wife had, of course, showed her ugly side and rejoiced in front of her son, making Hao Ren more depressed and angry . Unfortunately, Hao Ren still blames Yang for Ye Lan's death . Hao Chen had tried to reach out to his older brother but was meet with annoyance and distaste .
Because his Hao Ren was a moving black hole of negativity sucking up all the positivity in the Manor, Father Hao had tried to avoid his eldest son . With his avoidance, Father Hao had caused destructive thoughts on his second wife, which in turn made her son more depress with her lecture . Only Hao Chen was watching on the side, sipping tea again .
Hao Chen had whined about the atmosphere of the Manor to Zhao Yue multiple of times . Yue had immediately sprung action and brought more positivity on Hao Chen's way . Looking down on his phone, Hao Chen reread Yue's message, 「Mom, Dad, Big Brother, Mei Lin, and I will be coming to visit you guys . Mom said your father already approved for our family to have dinner together tomorrow . 」
Hao Chen had almost jumped in joy when he received the message, but he was a little worried that his elder brother might suck the good vibes away into his neverending gloom . What Hao Chen should have worried about is Hao Ren plotting something to Yang, but he did not know that Hao Ren could do something so crazy .
When the Zhao family arrived, Father Hao and Father Zhao immediately began talking as Mother Zhao ignored all tries of the second wife to have small talk . Mei Lin was helped, and lead by Yang to where Hao Chen was . Yue, of course, immediately greeted the elder before jumping into Hao Chen's arms without waiting for her elder's permission .
Hao Chen smiled at Mei Lin after his eyes bulged out as seeing the largest baby bump he had ever seen in all of his life . Mei Lin giggled when she noticed Hao Chen's awestruck look at her belly . Teasing her best friend, Mei Lin said, "My pregnancy is larger than most, but if Yue is pregnant it might not be as large as mine . I have the gene for twins you see, and the Zhao family doesn't . "
Yang burst out laughing as Yue, and Hao Chen became red . Yue's hands that were wrapped around her boyfriend had let go, making Yue stand awkwardly beside Hao Chen's side . Mei Lin giggled at their innocence . She and Yang had never been as innocent as they were . Yang was too perverted, and she was a closet pervert . Mei Lin admits to herself that she did not say no to Yang's advancement because she was indeed attracted to him even before they meet formally at the oldest cafe in Paris .
"How are you feeling this past few days? I heard you were the first one that discovered Ru Shi's pregnancy?" Hao Chen asked Mei Lin, hoping to change the subject, and letting Yue breathe her embarrassment away .
"She was developed superpowers along with her pregnancy," Yang joked .
Mei Lin glared and growled, "The only superpowers I developed is having you do everything for me . . . even walking!"

Hao Chen chuckled when the usually ruthless Zhao Yang tightened his grip around Mei Lin, brought her much closer than before, and pouted, "You know you love me and will do anything to satisfy me . Right now, I want your cuddles . At home, I have to fight two little monsters to gain your attention!"
Hao Chen laughed so hard that tears began to gather in the side of his eyes . Yue was doing the same within seconds . Mei Lin slapped Yang's chest gently and snarled, "Don't call our children monsters!"
"Nightmares, then . " Yang murmured underneath his breath .
"I heard that . . . " Mei Lin warned, making the other couple's laughter louden and worsen .
Father Hao was happy to see the Manor being lively again . His eldest son had not been behaving himself and was spreading negativity around . The servants' faces were also smiling as some have heard the previous conversation about kids and their penchant for causing trouble .
The sound of people woke Hao Ren from his deep slumber . Seeing it was the Zhao family, Hao Ren did not do anything first . When he saw Zhao Yang happily living his life while he was suffering, Hao Ren's anger awaken and grew uncontrollable . Blinded by his rage, he took a handheld knife that he kept on his nightstand, completely forgetting that he had a revolver . Thankfully, he did forget about it or else something worse might have happened .
Hao Ren looked at Zhao Yang as he went down to where the guests are, carrying the knife in his hands . Everyone took notice of his actions immediately . Hao Ren was not using his brain, nor was he using his morals . The only thing he could see was anger at Zhao Yang . All the emotions that he felt for Zhao Yang compiled together and made a fit of rage bigger than a typhoon .
Father Hao's eyes widen as he immediately reacted and tried to stop his son into running towards Zhao Yang, but was too far to reach him . Yang pushed Mei Lin towards his sister and calmly knocked the knife away from Hao Ren's hands with one chopping motion of his wrist, and bringing Hao Ren to his knees with a swooping roundhouse kick targeted on the knees .
Yang adjusted his shirt and said, "You are not a match to me before, and you are not a match to me now . "
Mei Lin swooned at how cool the man she had married . She was very lucky! Mei Lin wished she could drag him away for a deep kiss cause seeing Yang kick ass made her hot!