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Chapter 341
June 1, 2019 (Monday)
Hao Manor

Because of Yue's words, Father Hao looked at his youngest son in a new light . Hao Chen still chose to do more for the family even when he was made as a spare and had been forgotten about in favor of his older brother .
When Hao Chen saw his father's proud gaze at him, he looked down at the floor, uneasy with the stares . The second wife stood beside Father Hao, looking like a nervous wreck . Hao Chen wanted to roll his eyes . There were two reasons why he begged the Zhao family and saved the company . One; it was his mother's wish . Two; he needed the company to qualify for Yue's hand in marriage . It was not because he cared for the family . In fact, the family could burn, and he would have watched if not for those two women in his life .
Yue stared at Hao Chen with her nose wrinkling in disgust, "Go and wash your face . No . Take a bath . I won't kiss you until you do it . "
Hao Chen's confidence deflated immediately . Feeling sorry for his friend, Yang ruffled Yue's hair before he said, "Be nice to Chen . "
Yue scoffed, "I am nice! I just want him to be clean and tidy . Right, Mei Lin?"
The pregnant woman raised her hands and surrendered, "I know nothing . "
Yue gasped . She pointed at Mei Lin and dramatically exclaimed, "My best friend has betrayed me for a man!"
Mei Lin gigged as she retorted, "That man is your brother . "
Yue covered her ears and turned her head to the opposite side, "Still betrayal!"
Smirking, Mei Lin drawled, "I see . . . does that mean that you don't want to touch my stomach if the babies move? You don't want to be the cool aunt now because Hao Chen is here and you two can make babies of your own? Aren't I the one being betrayed, love?"
Yang grinned, as his wife turned the situation around . Yue's mouth gaped open . Her face blanched and whiten with horror . Mei Lin had learned his eldest brother's shamelessness! Pouting, Yue surrendered, "Fine . . . You, guys, are bullies!"
It's incredible how easily Yue lifted the dark atmosphere with a couple of bad jokes that poke fun of her brother and the situation . Hao Chen was staring at Yue like a love-struck fool . He had always been his heroine, and even now, she still managed to make his gloomy life into sunny days .
Hao Chen tried to comfort Yue, but Yue evaded him while saying, "Go shower . . . I was kidding around not kissing you because I do want to kiss you, yet I still want to kiss you when you are clean and tidy . . . Is that so much to ask?"
Hao Chen nodded and left the room without hesitation . He would do anything for Zhao Yue, his girlfriend and hopefully someone who would spend the rest of his life . Father Zhao chuckled when Hao Chen dragged his feet into taking a shower as Yue pointed for him to go .
Father Hao burst out laughing when his son was gone to take a bath as his darling girlfriend had insisted him to do . Mother Zhao was proud of her children . They handled the matter very well . Both were calm and had not let their emotions take control in the heat of the moment . She complimented herself for doing a rather great job of raising her children . It was vain of her, but she was just that impressed with her children .

The dinner commenced without glitched or bad situation . Hao Chen received the kiss on his cheeks when he went into the manor's dining room with new clothes and a bit wet hair . He must have hurried to shower and dress so the guest would not have to wait long for him .
Yang could not help but think that Hao Chen will be under Yue when they married . In the middle of Yang thinking about Hao Chen and berating him a little for spoiling his sister too much, Mei Lin asked Yang while pointing on some chicken and pork meat near the youngest CEO's reach, "Yang, give me some of those, please . "
Yang's body responded like a well-trained slave and did what it's master's bidding without hesitation . Suddenly, Yang's thoughts about Hao Chen being whipped stopped as the realization that he, too, was whipped made him a hypocrite . In the middle of dinner, everyone as shocked when Yang touched his nose looking helplessly at his food, not knowing what kind of realization did Yang had .
Hao Chen and Father Hao enjoyed themselves for the rest of the dinner . Yue was the main reason why the dinner still was as successful as it had been even after the attempted murder by Hao Ren . Father Hao was grateful to the youngest Zhao, and he could not wait to have her as his daughter-in-law . Father Hao was glad his second wife was staying silent and quiet . Everyone acted as if nothing was wrong, but all of them knew that once the Zhao family leaves, Hao Manor was going to be a wreck .
Before leaving, Yue hugged Hao Chen tightly, whispering in his ears, "Don't stand on the shadows anymore . I'll be here to support you as a Zhao family member or a simple model . "
Hao Chen kissed Yue's forehead goodbye and whispered back, "I can stand on my own, but I am glad that you are willing to help . "
"Anything for you . . . "
Hao Chen smiled . He would do anything for Yue, and he was happy that she felt the same .