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Chapter 342
June 1, 2019 (Monday)
Hao Manor

Once everyone from the Zhao Family left, and the doors of the manor closed, Hao Chen and the second wife witnessed how Father Hao's smile turned sour . The second wife especially was surprised to see Father Hao this angry . She and Hao Ren had always been the one he favored, so she never realized that one day, his anger would be directed at any one of them .
Even if she was a bad mother, she still cared much for her son . The second wife bent her legs, and for once in Hao Chen's life, he finally saw her beg, "Please, darling! Have mercy on our son . He still has much to learn . "
Father Hao did not even bother to stop and talk to her . His stride towards Hao Ren's room was firm and with a purpose . Hao Chen has never seen his father this livid at anyone, so even this was a first for him .
The second wife stood up and hurried in front of Father Hao, blocking him from moving forward while saying, "Please, my love, think about how we have raised Hao Ren . He was a good kid . . . That . . . That woman blinded him!"
Father Hao had to stop to avoid collision with his second wife . Hao Chen believed it was a bad idea to block his father's path, but he merely watched . He loved his elder brother, but he needed to be thought a lesson . Attempted murder was still punishable by law .
Father Hao growled, "He let himself be blinded by a woman when he should have known better . I cannot blame him for that since he took it from me . I married you, didn't I?"
Hao Chen almost clapped with glee as the second wife recoiled back from Father Hao's touch on her hair as he uttered hurtful words . The hatred that Father Hao had harbored became apparent in his face as he threatened, "Get out of my way, or I will throw you out . I was blinded with your act of innocence and deceiving me with compliments for my ego, but unfortunately for you, I've seen the woman behind that mask of yours . You're no innocent . "
The second wife started wide-eyed, unable to move away from her spot, scared by the husband that once coveted her body . It was the first time she had been treated so low by Father Hao .
"Get, " Father Hao growled .
"Out, " Father Hao lifted his hands .
"Of my way!" Father Hao's hands cupped his second wife's chin and pushed her to the side . Hao Chen almost pitied his step-mother as she staggered to stand . He had also been pushed by her the same way when he was young, and the ugly side of him was happy that she could experience the things that she had done to him especially since his father did it .
It only took them about a minute to walk towards Hao Ren's room that he once shared with Ye Lan, but it had been one of Hao Chen's nerve-wracking moments in his life . It felt as if they had walked for an hour . It was like torture- slow and painful .
Once they entered Hao Ren's room, Father Hao expelled his anger by kicking the things that were littered on the floor- beer and wine bottles . Hao Chen flinched when the sound of glass echoed in the room . The man that was hunched on his bed looked up at their father . Hao Ren's face showed no other emotion than confusion . For a long time, Hao Chen felt pity for his older brother .

"What do you have to say for yourself?" Father Hao asked for an explanation .
When Hao Ren ignored Father Hao while staring into space, their father's anger worsen . Hao Chen could not stop his father from punching his older brother's arm, making him thump into his hard headboard .
"I thought you many things!" Father Hao roared, "But I never thought you to murder!"
Hao Chen almost smirked a little, as one of the big bosses in the underground world, his hands were more bloody than his older brother, but he was not about to reveal that fact .
Father Hao gestured for Hao Chen to go out . Honestly, Hao Chen wanted to know what his father will do with his older brother, but at the same time, he didn't care much . As long as Yue was his, nothing else matters .
Hao Chen hurried out of the room, hearing his father and Hao Ren arguing . The second wife was still where they left her, standing and scared .
Suddenly, Hao Chen received a message from Yue that brought a smile on his lips, [I bought more tea from England . I know you have been saving some of the tea that I gave you . . . you can drink it all, I will give you new tea leaves tomorrow . ]
Hurrying to his room, excited to have more tea from Yue, Hao Chen's worries about the chaos in Hao Manor vanished . Just as he was about to start brewing, another text from Yue came that made his smile widen, [ . . . remember, I'll be here when you need someone . ]
Hao Chen's happiness was through the roof because he has a heroine in the form of an angel named Zhao Yue .