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Chapter 343
June 6, 2019 (Saturday)
Various Places

Days had passed by when Hao Ren had tried to stab Yang . Those days have been uneventful . Mei Lin wished it would always be peaceful, but she knew it was only the calm of the storm . The threat of the remnants of the terrorist was still evident . Mei Lin touched her stomach in concern . She did not want her children to be born in the middle of a great conflict .
"Are you feeling alright to come with me to Hao Manor?" Mother Zhao's voice disrupted Mei Lin from her thoughts that were beginning to frighten her .
Mei Lin turned to the side to look at her mother-in-law all dressed up like an intimidating executive before she asked, "What are we going to do there?"
Honestly speaking, Mei Lin did not want to go back there . Hao Manor was most likely still chaotic, and with her flaring mood swings, Mei Lin was a danger of bursting out into an angry mess . In fact, Mei Lin wanted to slap Hao Ren multiple times! How dare he try to hurt her husband!
Mother Zhao sighed, "Hao Chen will be showing all the evidence they have to Hao Ren . Yang said you might want to know about it since you were the one that was constantly being schemed at by Ye Lan . "
Mei Lin immediately perked up . Of course, she was going! Mei Lin would still go even if those words were not said by Mother Zhao . She had been so cooped up inside the Manor that if she was asked to pick up trash, she will just to get out from the boredom . They said only the unimaginative feel boredom . Well, whoever said that clearly was not pregnant, and have no servants that do everything for you . Unfortunately for Mei Lin, she could not even make her own bed because the servants don't want her moving about in fear of Yang's anger .
Mother Zhao had to contain her giggles as Mei Lin waddled out of the living room to her bedroom . Mother Zhao only burst out laughing when she was sure Mei Lin was out of hearing range . Seeing Mei Lin's body adapt to her heavy midsection, everyone in the Manor was amused at how her walk had changed . Mei Lin's beautiful slow walk now looked like a penguin marching in a band . Not even Yang could contain his grin whenever he saw Mei Lin waddle from one destination to another .
Meanwhile, in Hao Manor, Hao Ren was sitting at the center of the large couch that was facing the large flatscreen monitor . Hao Chen had gathered every proof that he could find . He had even asked Uncle Wu for all the things he had against Ye Lan, and he was shocked to see how big the compressed file that Uncle Wu sent . The hacker must have been saving this evidences for quite a while .
Father Hao was sitting with a giant frown on his lips . His anger on Hao Ren was still clearly seen in his eyes . The second wife was seated at the very end, trying to make herself as small as she could, afraid of the outcome . She did not know what Father Hao have planned to do with Hao Ren, and she did not know what she will become without her son as her shield .

Yang and Yue arrived early to help Hao Chen set up everything . Yue, in particular, arrived earlier than her older brother, bringing more Tea leaves and brewing it for everyone . When Mei Lin and Mother Zhao came, Hao Chen nodded his head and signaled them to sit immediately . Yang welcomed his mother and wife with a grin . Father Hao could only nod at Mother Zhao as the files that Hao Chen gathered started to play .
"Let us start from the very beginning . On a certain day, Yue Lan went into a random cafe and met this man," Hao Chen pressed a button to stop the CCTV footage . Mei Lin gasped when she recognized the man's face . It was one of the terrorists, possibly the leader!
Mei Lin's heart twisted in pain as she took a peek at Hao Ren's face . It was as if Hao Ren's life was sucked out off of him . His eyes were wide, and tears gathered at the edge, ready to fall . As Hao Chen continued to show every video of Ye Lan entering different condominiums and coming out with hair a little wet and sometimes new clothing, Hao Ren did not even bother to stop or wipe his tears away . Ye Lan had not also seen just one man, but numerous of men from different profession! How had he not noticed this?
When Hao Chen finished, Yang stood up and said, "The first man that she was with is a dangerous man . . . "
Mei Lin drowned out at the sound of her husband explaining about the terrorist group named, Arcadia . Mother Zhao was nodding and confirming everything that Yang said . Father Hao could not believe that Ye Lan was involved with someone that dangerous! The second wife was horrified that they could have been easily victimized by the terrorist group if not for the Zhao family and Hao Chen working in the shadows .
Hao Ren's body grew tired as if his heart was too heavy for him to carry . He felt as if he was being squished, breathing in deeper because it was as if his breath had been taken away . Hao Ren's hands shook, and he could not lift it up to wipe his tears .
To think he replaced Zhao Yang's friendship for a slut, how ridiculous! Now he knows why his father had not treated him the same . He was a fool- the biggest idiot in the world . Hao Ren had allowed himself to think using his dick rather than his brain .