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Chapter 344
June 6, 2019 (Saturday)
Various Places

Hao Chen stared straight at his older brother, "Do you believe us?"
Hao Ren could not answer . Why wouldn't he believe them? The videos were far too many, the time was on point, and the people that his late fiancée was with were also people he had recognized as her friends . What a load of bull! He should have doubted Ye Lan even a little! Friends! Hao Ren continued to berate himself .
Seeing the flashing hurt and pain in Hao Ren's eyes, Father Hao was glad that his oldest son had finally seen some reason, but the crux of the moment was still not addressed . When Father took a peek at the former Lady Xing, Father Hao saw how unsatisfied she was, and he knew why .
Father Hao let go of his anger and calm said, "Ye Lan's actions may have been evil, but it does not excuse your attempt to kill someone!"
Poor Hao Ren had to process falling in love with a slut, being a fool, and now have to take account of the consequences . Hao Chen shifted nervously on his seat . What can they do to punish him? With all these pieces of information, and the thought that he was stupid enough to trade a bright future for a woman who did not value him, wasn't it sufficient punishment? The mere thought of his actions made his regret larger than his pride .
Mother Zhao nodded gratefully at Father Hao . As a mother, she wanted to instill life lessons to Hao Ren . With the way he was now, Hao Ren was still not ready for responsibilities . He needed time to reflect .
Mother Zhao then turned to Hao Chen, "I remember your mother had a small villa at the outskirt of the city . Why not let Hao Ren stay there for a while? He needs time to process the magnitude of what he has done . Reflect on the consequences and plan what he needs to do . "
Hao Chen nodded . He had not wanted that villa touched since he had planned to give the Villa to Yue once they married, but because it was his future mother-in-law that asked, he was forced to comply .
Hao Ren was horrified, "Are you going to exile me again?!"
Mother Zhao sighed, "We had not exiled you . You came back, didn't you? If we wanted you banished, you would have never been able to set foot on this city again unless done so illegally . "
Hao Ren shut up, immediately . He had forgotten how overbearing Zhao Yang's mother was . He turned to his father, eyes asking for help . Father Hao merely ignored him in favor of nodding to Mother Zhao and showing his approval .
Mei Lin was listening to the whole thing while rubbing her stomach . She had been eagerly waiting for her children to start moving around . Although she can feel them moving around within her, they still have not moved enough that Yang could feel them with his hand .
Seeing the decision was already final, Hao Ren could only nod his head in agreement . Hao Ren may have known about his actions, but he had not seen the complete picture yet . His mind instantly blamed Ye Lan, but his actions were not Ye Lan's . His actions were his own . Although Ye Lan played a large part, he was still the deciding factor . Hao Ren needed to learn to take accountability of his actions .

In Yang's car on their way home, Mei Lin was happy that some chaos in their lives has settled . It was sad that it needed Ye Lan's death for the Hao Family to mend . With her heart soft and still easily swayed, Mei Lin even though Ye Lan did not deserve to die . Yang, on the other hand, cared not .
Suddenly, midway to their destination, Mei Lin gasped so loud that Yang stepped on the brakes in reflex . Worried, Yang unbuckled his seatbelt and fussed, "What? What happened?!"
Mei Lin's hands reached to her stomach and caressed it . Yang but his lips . Was there something wrong with their children?
Suddenly, Mei Lin's furrowed brows lighten up, and her frowning lips are turning into a smile . Excited, she claimed, "They moved! They kicked my side!"
Yang sighed in relief . He was about to drive again when his brain registered what Mei Lin said . Hurrying to touch his palms on his wife's stomach, Yang waited for the kick, completely forgetting that they were still on the road .
On the other car following behind, Mother Zhao and Yue were just as concerned when the driver stepped on the breaks fast enough to make them fall forward .
Mother Zhao immediately rushed out and went to Yang's car knocking on Yang's car window, and frantically asking, "Yang! Mei Lin! What happened? Is everything alright? Did something happen?"
Yang rolled his window, and with a grin, he said, "The babies moved!"
And in the middle of traffic, Mother Zhao and Yue waited for the children's kick, not caring about the disruption that they have caused . Only when the police came to warn them that they have finally moved . The Zhao family present couldn't care less . The babies have moved, kicked, and they were healthy!