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Chapter 345
June 13, 20X2 (Saturday)
Various Places

Hao Ren turned back to see his father and the large Manor that he had dreamt of owning . He had strived to be the heir before, knowing that his background was not an advantage, so he worked harder than what was expected of him .
Hao Ren's mother was crying unceasingly at his side, gripping his right arm to stop him from moving, "Don't go . Don't leave me again! If you go, Hao Chen will inherit everything, and you would be left with nothing! The hard work that I have put on you to achieve what you dreamt of will be useless!"
He knew that his mother was not the best woman nor the greatest, but Hao Ren had loved her . Yet, listening to her ramble on and on about the money that they can't take annoyed Hao Ren . What was the difference between his mother and Ye Lan? Well, his mother at least knew how to stick to one man . . . or did she? Hao Ren shook his head while prying his mother's grip around his arm .
"I think Hao Chen would make an excellent CEO . Far better than the son that you raised, because Hao Chen has values that you and I lack . . . Mother . " Hao Ren commented while he went inside the car . He ignored the gasp that left his mother's mouth in disbelief .
"How could you ignore all the things I've done for you!" screeched Hao Ren's mother .
Hao Ren settled himself on the backseat, slamming the door close and ignoring all the high pitched babbling outside the car . When he looked up to talk to the driver, Hao Ren could not believe that Hao Chen was grinning at him with his hands firmly on the steering wheel .
"What are you doing?" Hao Ren asked, a bit afraid of what his little brother would do to him .
Hao Chen grin broadens as he replied, "The Manor that you will be going is top secret . I just don't let anyone enter there, so I am driving . "
Hao Ren nodded his head, remaining silent and merely staring in space as Hao Chen drive . It has been a while since the brothers had spent some time together with just the two of them . Hao Chen looked at the rearview mirror, once in a while to take a peek at his older brother . Hao Chen had heard Hao Ren's comment about him being an excellent CEO in the future . As much as Hao Chen would like to say that he didn't care, he can't because Hao Chen cared for the older brother that he used to look up too regardless of their situation in the family .
"Thank you, " Hao Chen finally managed to say the words that were on the tip of his tongue when he heard his elder brother's words .
Hao Ren knew what Hao Chen was referring to and just waved his hand to signal it was nothing that needed thanks . After a while though, Hao Ren broke the silence when he said, "Please, spare my mom . She has hurt you, but please, for me . She is my mother . . . "
Hao Chen chuckled, "I don't like to have revenge . I'm not the vengeful guy, but you don't have to worry about your mother . You can take care of her . "
Hao Ren's eyebrows raised in confusion . Was his mother coming with him?

Hao Chen smirked . The two brother's gaze met in the rearview mirror .
"Dad and I have already decided everything . You will stay out of the manor for three months to reflect on your actions, doing some help for Yang and me, and then come back to Hao Manor to be my Secretary and Proxy . " Hao Chen added, "Dad will take your right to inherit the company, but he will give you some shares . "
Hao Ren sat up as if the news had electrocuted him . He hollered, "And you agree with this?"
Hao Chen shrugged, "I did . I also asked Yue and the Zhao Family about their opinions, and everyone agreed with me . Family is family . "
"But . . . But I was such a dick?!" Hao Ren exclaimed .
The youngest brother shrugged again, "You were, but you also have talent and potential in business . Father and I can't let that waste away . "
"What if I do something terrible . . . Like betraying you?" Hao Ren's voice wandered . He almost choked in his words .
Hao Chen smirked, "You can try . I'm not the foolish little brother in the past . "
Hao Ren had more to say but was stopped when Hao Chen turned sharply in a corner, Hao Ren looked outside and realized that they were not heading into the outskirt of the city but going further into the city center . Hao Ren looked at his brother with surprise .
"Where are you taking me?" Hao Ren asked . Watching as Hao Chen drove beside a building made of glass, Hao Ren's eyes grew wide as the car's reflection changed from dark blue to pretty vibrant red .
"Did the car just changed colors?" Hao Ren shouted .
Hao Chen smirked . Arriving into their Warehouse, Hao Chen was amused with his elder brother's awed expression . When Hao Chen got out of the car, Hao Ren followed .
"Where are we?" Hao Ren asked .
Hao Chen spread his arms and welcomed his brother, "Welcome to the warehouse, the base of the five dragons from the underworld . "
Hao Ren almost jumped with fright, "What? I heard those guys are dangerous! What are we doing here?!"
Suddenly, there was a chuckle at his back . When Hao Ren turned, Zhao Yang and his secretary were standing amused at the sight of his fear .
Yang patted Hao Ren's shoulder and casually revealed, "I am pleased to know that you think I can be dangerous . Your little brother is the most dangerous of us . He's the one that deals with the mobsters . "
Hao Ren swore he was going to faint .