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Chapter 346

June 13, 20X2 (Saturday)

Various Places

"Let me get this straight . . . " Hao Ren started, "You want me to be here all the time to monitor some places of the city because of the terrorists?"

Yang nodded, "In shorter words, yes . "

Hao Ren stared at Hao Chen and Zhao Yang, "Why do you still trust me?"

Yang sighed, "I don't trust you . I am not blind enough to trust you again, but I am giving you another chance . "

Hao Chen chuckled, "He is giving you another chance because Mei Lin asked for your pardon . "

Still amazed with everything he has learned, Hao Ren stared at the stacked monitors on the wall in awe while mentally saying his gratitude to the pregnant woman . With time, there might come a time that Yang and his' friendship might mend even a little of what it once was .

"Alright," Hao Ren agreed immediately . This task was far better than staying someplace without internet and being bored all the time .

Nodding, Hao Chen explained, "There are guards everywhere here . You cannot go to some places, nor are you allowed to ask or sneak on those places . I am warning you . "


Hao Chen scratched the back of his head, unsure how to answer the question . How does one tell his older brother that there was a dungeon with live prisoners and rotting corpses?

Saving Hao Chen, Yang said, "Because amongst us there, it's not you with the bloody hands . Do you think controlling the world of the dark comes easy? It's not . Our hands are tainted more than yours can ever be . "

Hao Ren could not speak up after those words . He had, more or less, pieces why he was not allowed on specific places and he was okay with that . Hao Ren had learned his lesson from deviating on his purpose . This time he will concentrate on his task .

"Alright," Hao Ren offered his hand for a handshake . Yang stared at it for a while before slowly inching his closer .

When the two men's hands touched for a handshake, Hao Chen's grin broadens as he teased Yang, "I'm sure Mei Lin will be glad to hear that you followed her words . "

Yang rolled his eyes . When has he not followed his wife's words? Never . Mei Lin's words are Law . . . Most of the time . He has some say in their relationship, of course . . . Right? Yang touched his nose, feeling helpless . He felt as if he was deluding himself . He was the slave husband for a reason .

Meanwhile, Uncle Wu was on his office, setting some perimeter check on the cameras before he transferred one-third of the live security recordings to the monitors in the warehouse where Yang was . Because of his pilling schedule, Uncle Wu was glad that they had found someone to do some of his jobs for him .

At the same time, Mei Lin was innocently sitting on the bed . She had no power to get up from the bed at all . In fact, Mother Zhao had explicitly demanded that Mei Lin rest and sleep again . Mei Lin never knew how hard it was to carry twins . Of course, she never really thought that her twins were actually triplets .

In their hideout, a group of foreigners sat at the circular table . Only two locals could be found- Chen Zhong and Li Nai Nai . Both locals were seated on either side of David- The Fool .

"We have been silent far too long that I anticipated . This month, we shall spread the name Arcadia once more!" David slammed the table as he started .

Li Nai Nai was wide eyes at them, not as fluent at English as Chen Zhong was . Her eyes went from one speaking foreigner to another foreigner replying .

David and the rest of the members of Arcadia begun to plot, as Chen Zhong continued to stay and listen more, he grew horrified . He had joined Arcadia in vengeance for his mother, not knowing how deep in trouble it would get him . Chen Zhong knew it was late to regret, but he knew it had been the best choice to accept Zhao Yang's offer as a spy . He might die, but at least he will save some innocent lives .

"What do you think, Chen Zhong?" David turned to him to ask .

Chen Zhong surprised his shiver of fright and agreed, "I think it is a great idea, but we need to limit our targets . We don't have the necessary ammunition for bombing everywhere we want . "

David nodded at his words, grinning at his 'wise' words . Chen Zhong's hidden hands were clenched in anger . He had done many bad things, but he will never kill an innocent! Chen Zhong knew he has to tell these plans to Zhao Yang . He might not like Zhao Yang, but at least he knew Zhao Yang could do something . Hopefully, it wouldn't end in bloodshed .

Once the meeting ended, David dragged Li Nai Nai to his room . The other members of the group spread . Chen Zhong returned to his place, opening his laptop, ready to start his first report of spy work .