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Chapter 347
June 13, 20X2 (Saturday)
Various Places

Chen Zhong did not know how to report it . He had never thought that he would be a spy, much less spy on a terrorist group! This life he is now living in had only been something that he saw on movies and read on novels . If he had known he would be a spy, he would have memorized how those people behaved and how those people reported to their real bosses .
Without caring for his grammar and speech structure, Chen Zhong started to write . He was glad that his father had been discovered as a spy because the person that he had thought as his enemy was the one saving the people .
Half an hour later, Uncle Wu received the email from an anonymous sender . Once finished with reading everything, he forwarded the contents to Zhao Yang and his friends, then to his eldest sister and Jerome Bonaparte . His hands shook with fear that was unusual of him . The Chaos bringer had felt that these future events would bring some people's end .
Zhao Yang was with his four other friends, talking and briefing Hao Ren about his tasks . It had been Xue Chang Min that noticed the email first since he had been in the middle of texting Mei Lin about her health and the health of his nephews or nieces .
Reading the message, Xue Chang Min immediately called the attention of his friends after, "Did you guys receive the message that Uncle Wu forwarded?"
Dr . Zhang Li Xi was the one to unlock his phone and read the message out loud, "Someone sent this for us, 'The Fool has planned to bomb some places . There is still no decision on which places but the bombs have already been procured . I advise everyone to limit the production of bombs or monitor where it is being sold . If you can, stop producing and selling it . They have planned to bomb many places, and they have limited ammunition for now . Prepare as much as you can . They plan to target crowded places, so start with those . '"
Hao Ren, who was not as experienced as the other men in the room with danger, almost vomited in nervousness when he heard the word bombing being mentioned . He had been just an illegitimate child before, so he never expected to be considered an heir . Hao Ren had never even dreamt of being part of an underground community that helped save people and at the same time, kill people if they crossed the line . No wonder Zhao Yang was fearless, if Hao Ren has to deal with these kinds of danger on a daily bases, he will develop some bones of steel a little insanity .
What Hao Ren was most awed with was Hao Chen . His little brother, the cute boy that used to follow him around, was calmly discussing letting his men scout around for clues and planting more cameras, and even kidnapping some of the terrorists to be replaced with an experienced spy . Hao Ren did not know how to react . He had been foolish to remain so stagnant, and these men had achieved more feat without even shouting it to the world . Hao Ren has so much to learn .
"We need to secure these five places," Alexandre commented . He raised one hand, spreading it for all the people in the room to see before he counted down, "First, Zhao Manor have Mei Lin and Zhao Yang . Both people their leader wants . Second, Hao Manor because Yue might go there and their leader hates people with Royal blood . Third, Xue Manor because everyone knew the Xue have Bonaparte blood by now . Forth, The hotel that Jean Bonaparte is residing . Lastly, The Embassy of France since the Bonaparte patriarch goes there every day . Those might be their target . "

Everyone agreed to Alexandre's point, immediately, but Hao Ren spotted a flaw on his words . Thinking deeply, Hao Ren murmured, "How can he even reach those places in the first place? I know those terrorists have spies but isn't Zhao and Xue Manor one of the most fortified homes in the world? If they could plant bombs there, they would have done it sooner . As your spy said, they plan to target crowded areas . How about Parks? Malls? Theaters?"
Everyone was wide-eyed as Hao Ren continued to think out loud, "No, if I were a terrorist leader, I would wait until the targets I wanted will gather in one place, or I can produce a large enough disaster that will lead my targets to gather . I could either make use of an opportunity or make an opportunity myself . Seeing as no events are going to be held soon, I think they will target someone close to us first and then ambush us if we let our guard down . . . They cannot possibly waste their ammunition if they think it would fail . . . Since their ammunition is limited, this is the only possible conclusion . "
Zhao Yang knew of Hao Ren's brilliant mind, they have been classmates in college, so he was glad that Hao Ren was finally using it . Hao Chen grinned proudly at his older brother as if welcoming him back to the reality that he had covered because of Ye Lan .